Make an unforgettable statement with the Volvo XC40

Innovative, compact and powerful, the Volvo XC40 is a thrilling ride. Bold design, exceptional storage, and advanced technology set these Volvo cars apart from the crowd. The compact size of the XC40 makes it perfect for navigating an urban environment. At the heart of the XC40 design is a focus on the driver, and even the technology in this model has a natural feel. You can find Volvo cars for sale on Auto Mart.

front view of the volvo xc40

Image source: Volvo South Africa website

The outstanding design of the Volvo XC40

Another reason to find these new cars for sale is that they boast a stylish and practical exterior design. An elevated ground clearance enhances visibility and safety. Big wheels and tyres contribute to the awesome capabilities of these models.

The interior of the XC40 is illuminated to create a welcoming ambiance. Exquisite details and premium materials embody authentic Swedish craftsmanship. Exceptional storage means that there is room in the XC40 for everything you need to take with you. Its simple design features door bins, which are big enough to accommodate laptops, and you’ll find another handy storage area under the centre armrest. Loading your vehicle is simple as the XC40 boasts a power-operated tailgate. For additional convenience, this model is equipped with a foldable load floor that is easy to remove. You can create extra space for luggage by using a button to fold the rear backseats. You can opt for a panoramic roof to make the most of natural light during the daytime. LED lights are also optional for the interior and they enhance the elegance of the dashboard as well as the door panels.

The Volvo XC40 advanced technology

The Volvo XC40 boasts state-of-the-art technology which is designed to support your busy lifestyle. A highlight of this model is its touchscreen and its HD driver display. Voice control makes it easy to adjust settings without removing your hands from the steering wheel. You can listen to all your favourite songs in the XC40 while the innovative air-ventilated woofer offers you a high-quality audio experience. If you want to take the quality of your audio up a notch, opt for the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System.

inside the volvo xc40

Image source: Volvo South Africa website

Cutting-edge safety

Volvo cars are renowned for their exceptional safety features, and the XC40 is no exception. This model is equipped with City Safety, which is like having your own co-pilot to help you out. Whether it’s a vehicle or pedestrian, the safety system detects objects in the road ahead and alerts you if there is any danger of a collision. If you don’t respond, it will brake automatically to decrease the chances that a collision occurs. These new cars for sale are also equipped with Run-off Mitigation, which supports the driver by keeping the vehicle on track. If this system senses that your vehicle is veering off course unintentionally, it uses the steering and brakes to get you safely back on track.

Volvo XC40  performance

Another reason to find Volvo cars for sale is that their performance inspires confidence. The elevated seating position and minimal interior design enhance the exceptional ride quality that the XC40 has to offer. The agile handling, as well as the responsive steering, put the driver in control. Travelling in the city is more relaxing than ever with the XC40. You can activate Pilot Assist, which automatically maintains a consistent speed and a constant distance to the vehicle in front. This feature also helps to guide the car so that it stays in its lane. All-wheel drive technology improves traction while maintaining an efficient fuel consumption.

Now that you know more about the benefits of driving an XC40, you can find Volvo cars for sale online. The Volvo XC40 delivers an exceptional ride quality as well as advanced technology.

Make an unforgettable statement with the Volvo XC40
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Make an unforgettable statement with the Volvo XC40
Innovative, compact and powerful, the Volvo XC40 is a thrilling ride. Find out more about this Volvo SUV on the Auto Mart blog.
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Auto Mart
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