Evoke the right emotions with the Alfa Romeo Giulia

Turn heads with the powerful, exclusive, and stylish Alfa Romeo Giulia. With its Italian design and innovative technology, it is easy to see why these new cars for sale are so popular. Alfa Romeo cars are renowned for their premium quality and the Giulia is no exception. Its luxurious interior and thrilling performance set these vehicles apart from their competition. If you are looking for an exceptional ride, find an Alfa Romeo Giulia for sale on Auto Mart.

new giulia

Image source: Alfa Romeo website

Alfa Romeo Giulia overview

Since its inception, Alfa Romeo has developed a distinctive and authentic approach to manufacturing cars. This auto manufacturer is renowned for engineering cars that balance style with passion, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia is no exception. These iconic vehicles combine Italian design with state-of-the-art technology. Their bold stance on the road, along with their dynamic performance, set them apart from the crowd. At the heart of the Alfa Giulia is a commitment to the needs of the driver. With a 5-star Euro NCAP rating, the Giulia delivers superior protection.

Premium exterior of the Alfa Romeo Giulia

These Alfa Romeo cars are designed to captivate your attention from the moment that you set eyes on them. Every aspect of the Giulia’s design is crafted to accentuate its authentic beauty. Not only is its exterior design aesthetically appealing, it also contributes to the exceptional performance that these models deliver, and its muscular lines emphasise the excellent aerodynamics of this model. The exterior of the Giulia combines the distinctive Alfa Romeo design with the latest style developments in the automotive industry. Its V-shape emphasises its exceptional power. Model options include the Giulia and the Giulia Super. The Giulia comes with 5-spoke aluminium 16” alloy wheels while the Super takes it up a notch with 17” aluminium wheels.

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Image source: Alfa Romeo website

The Alfa Romeo Giulia exclusive interior

Another reason to find an Alfa Romeo Giulia for sale is that their driver-centric cockpit complements their exceptional ride quality. Its ergonomic layout puts everything you need at your fingertips. The Giulia’s interior is crafted with distinctive Italian styling, which includes premium materials as well as exquisite workmanship. The interior blends wood, fabrics, leather and brushed aluminium to create an exclusive look and feel. The leather-wrapped steering wheel features a start button which adds convenience to driving an Alfa Giulia.

Alfa Giulia technology

From its infotainment system to its safety features, the Alfa Romeo Giulia boasts state-of-the-art technology. Unnecessary features have been eliminated to create a vehicle that is clear and convenient to operate. Its exceptional safety features put the Giulia at the forefront of new cars for sale on the local market. The Giulia’s exceptional performance combined with its safety features result in a ride that is relaxing and comfortable.

Highlights of its safety system include Forward Collision Warning as well as Lane Departure Warning. The driver is supported by Autonomous Emergency Braking which includes a pedestrian detection feature. With Cruise Control you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Blind Spot Monitoring is another feature available for this model. The Integrated Brake System is a unique feature which makes the Giulia stand out. This system is a new release on the international market and it is a culmination of stability control and a classic brake system. The result is weight optimisation as well as a decrease in brake pedal vibration. The system offers instant feedback and an impressive braking distance.

These Alfa Romeo cars boast a cutting-edge infotainment system with a 6.5” HD display. Other noteworthy features of the infotainment system include Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It’s easy to adjust the settings while maintaining your focus on the road by using the steering wheel switches. A highlight of the infotainment system is its intuitive Rotary Pad. It’s easy to find your way with the available Connect 3D Nav 8.8”. The innovative Harmon Kardon Sound Theatre System along with 14 speakers are another optional feature for this model.

the interior of the agiulia

Image source: Alfa Romeo website

Alfa Romeo Giulia engines

The Alfa Giulia is equipped with two turbo-charged aluminium engines, which offer an impressive performance without compromising on efficiency. The 2.0 petrol delivers a maximum power output of 147 kW and it has an 8-speed automatic transmission. With its rear-wheel-drive platform and optimal weight distribution, the Giulia delivers a thrilling ride. Its innovative suspension and premium power-to-weight ratio contribute to its exceptional ride quality. These Alfa Romeo cars represent a combination of athleticism and comfort to offer you the ultimate driving pleasure.

These are exceptional vehicles and owning one would be a dream. You can look for an Alfa Romeo Giulia for sale on Auto Mart as well as other new cars for sale. The cutting-edge Alfa Romeo Giulia is an exciting and luxurious ride.

Evoke the right emotions with the Alfa Romeo Giulia
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Evoke the right emotions with the Alfa Romeo Giulia
Turn heads with the powerful, exclusive, and stylish Alfa Romeo Giulia. Learn about this magnificent car on the Auto Mart blog.
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