Luxury has a new name: Jeep Compass

Luxurious, elegant and powerful, the Jeep Compass delivers an exceptional ride. Its innovative design sets it apart from its competition. The Jeep Compass price includes awesome technology which enhances your driving experience. You can discover everything you need to know about these vehicles by reading our blog. Its premium interior offers high levels of comfort and convenience. If you want the freedom to explore in style, find Jeeps for sale on Auto Mart.

jeep compass taking on the road

Image source: Jeep South Africa website

Bold exterior of the Jeep Compass

As has come to be expected of Jeep cars, the Compass boasts an impressive exterior. Its exclusive design combines elegance with functionality. The distinctive features of the Compass are characteristic of the renowned Jeep brand. Its aerodynamic design contributes to its remarkable performance, and highlights of this model’s exterior include its seven-slot grille and its striking LED headlamps. Another reason to find a Jeep Compass for sale is its 18” alloy wheels.

Pearl White and Diamond Black body colours add subtle sophistication to its design, while Jazz Blue is a vibrant body colour option that maintains a sense of elegance. Another option is to buy a Pearl White or Granite Crystal model with a black rooftop. An eye-catching feature of its exterior design is its chrome DLO moulding, which extends around the rear glass. Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its design.

Another opportunity to customise your vehicle is presented in the selection of wheel designs. There are five designs available for this model. With so many colours and accessories to choose from, it’s easy to adjust your ride to meet your requirements. Whether you are commuting to work or exploring new terrain, the Jeep gets you where you need to be in style.

The Jeep Compass exclusive interior

The Jeep Compass boasts a luxurious interior that features high-quality materials. A variety of interior colours are available for the Compass so that you can customise your vehicle to match your personal style. The premium quality fabric looks good while offering you excellent durability. The advantage of traveling in a Compass is that you’ll reach your destination relaxed and ready to face any of the challenges life throws at you.

These vehicles boast exceptional comfort features which enhance your ride. Another advantage of finding a Jeep Compass for sale is its cutting-edge technology, which adds convenience to your journey. A highlight of these Jeep cars is their leather steering wheels, which enhance the exclusivity of their design. The driver can access important information at a glance thanks to the 7-inch instrument cluster. With the steering wheel switches, you can keep your focus on the road while adjusting the audio and voice settings.

interior of the jeep

Image source: Jeep South Africa website

The Uconnect™ 8.4 NAV System enables you to easily find your way when you are heading to a new destination. Apple CarPlay makes it possible for you to access your iPhone music and messages using Siri voice control. Another option is to use Android Auto™ to access to your hands-free voice control. The innovative technology makes it easy to stay connected wherever you go.

Exceptional performance with the Jeep Compass

Another reason to find Jeeps for sale is their powerful engines. The Jeep Compass price includes a choice of the 1.4L MultiAir II which delivers 126 kW of power or the 2.0 MultiJet II which delivers 104 kW of power. Highlights of these models are their Selec-Terrain® System and Automatic Transmission.

Not only is the Jeep Compass a capable ride, it also offers a wide selection of safety features. The active safety features are designed to support the driver in challenging situations while the passive features reduce the chance of serious injury if a collision takes place. There are over 70 safety features to choose from which help to protect the occupants of the vehicle. This vehicle’s all-terrain capabilities ensure that it won’t let you down when the going gets tough. This vehicle will get you through challenging terrain and bad weather conditions.

jeep compass

Image source: Jeep South Africa website

With so many benefits to finding Jeeps for sale, it is easy to see why these vehicles are so popular. Their off-road capabilities, as well as their bold design, set them apart from the crowd. The Jeep Compass is at home on the city streets as well as off-road exploring new terrain. From start to finish, every aspect of these vehicles exudes exclusivity.

Luxury has a new name: Jeep Compass
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Luxury has a new name: Jeep Compass
Luxurious, elegant and powerful, the Jeep Compass delivers an exceptional ride. Its innovative design sets it apart from its competition.
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