Fun, young and spunky Kia Picanto

Youthful, energetic and stylish, the all new Kia Picanto is a ride that everyone will enjoy. Its unique styling and exciting features set it apart from the crowd. Not only are these Kia cars awesome to drive, they also offer you excellent value for money. The Kia Picanto price starts at R134 995, making it an affordable ride. If you are looking for a ride that transforms your driving experience for the better, find a Kia Picanto for sale on Auto Mart.

Get behind the wheel of a Picanto and turn the city into your playground. Their compact design and agile performance make these vehicles perfect for navigating an urban environment. With their spacious interior, it’s easy to take friends along with you on your next adventure. Read our blog to learn more about the Kia Picanto specs.

Striking Exterior of the Picanto

The Picanto price gets you more than just a car. Whether you are heading off on a road trip or running errands in the city, the Picanto will get you to your destination in style. Its contemporary design and attractive features ensures that you always get noticed. With a variety of fun colours to choose from, you can add a personal flair to your vehicle. Body-coloured bumpers extend its striking lines without any interruptions.

The 1.2 SMART model is equipped with mudguards for extra protection. Its LED lights, daytime running lights, and fog lights increase visibility, and electric folding mirrors and a side mirror indicator are convenient features of the 1.2 SMART. The Kia Picanto has an overall length of 3 595mm, a width of 595mm and height of 495mm. Its wheelbase is 2 400mm and it has a minimum ground clearance of 151mm.

When you find a Picanto for sale, keeping up with the demands of urban living becomes easy. With over 44% High-Strength Steel, the composition of the Picanto is exceptionally rigid, and the vehicle’s vital stress areas have been hot-stamped for extra protection. These features increase the tensile strength of the Picanto’s body, therefore improving the protection that it offers to its occupants. Not only does it boost safety, it also enhances the vehicle’s performance on the road.

kia picanto front view

Image source: Kia South Africa website

The Kia Picanto’s Stylish Interior

Another reason to find a Picanto for sale is its aesthetically appealing interior. From its dashboard to its upholstery, every aspect of the Kia Picanto’s interior looks great. Its controls have a logical layout, making it easy to change the settings, and its spacious interior and modern design add to its appeal. While the Picanto is a compact car, its design hasn’t compromised on interior space. With plenty of headroom and legroom, you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Image source: Kia South Africa website

Tilt steering and adjustable headrests make it easy to change the interior settings of your Picanto for optimised comfort. The 1.2 SMART Kia Picanto price includes a 7-inch multimedia audio system with tweeter speakers as well as a leather steering wheel and leather combination upholstery. With the seat up, the cargo area capacity is 255l. With its 60:40 split seats, it’s easy to extend the storage space so that you can accommodate more luggage. Airbags help to protect the vehicle’s occupants if a collision takes place.

seats in the kia picanto

Image source: Kia South Africa website

The anti-lock braking system in these Kia cars is another great safety feature of this model. Air-conditioning maintains a pleasant temperature inside the cab while the power steering makes it easy to manoeuvre into tight parking spaces in the city. Remote control central locking, an alarm and immobiliser protect the vehicle from theft.

Kia Picanto Specifications

These Kia cars are equipped with reliable engines and transmissions, which give you the confidence to explore. Engine choices include an inline 4-cylinder 16 valve DOHC engine or an inline 3 cylinder 12 valve DOHC engine. For an overview of the Kia Picanto specs, take a look at the table below.

1.2 MT1.0 MT
Power61 kW @ 6 000 rpm49 kW @ 5 500 rpm
Torque122 Nm @ 4 000 rpm95Nm @ 3 750 rpm
Maximum speed170 kph155 kph

Now that you know more about the benefits of finding a Kia Picanto for sale, browse Auto Mart for exciting bargains. From its striking exterior to its comfortable interior, the Kia Picanto is an awesome ride.

Fun, young and spunky Kia Picanto
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Fun, young and spunky Kia Picanto
Youthful, energetic and stylish, the all new Kia Picanto is a ride that everyone will enjoy. Know what to expect when your find yours on Auto Mart.
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Auto Mart
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