The 2017 Mitsubishi ASX has personality

Fearless, adventurous and vibrant, the Mitsubishi ASX inspires confidence. Its charismatic personality and eye-catching design set it apart from the crowd. While the Mitsubishi ASX price starts at R 346 900, you can customise your vehicle by paying extra for additional features. The accessories offer you excellent value-for-money. From the Mitsubishi ASX specs to their prices, you can discover everything that you need to know by reading our blog. If you want the freedom to explore, find a Mitsubishi ASX for sale on Auto Mart.

front view of the asx by mitsubishi

Image source: Mitsubishi South African website

These SUV cars boast a spacious interior with plenty of room for luggage. While the ASX Mitsubishi is larger than regular passenger cars, its compact design provides outstanding fuel efficiency. Its agility makes it perfect for navigating urban settings and it is also at home on more adventurous terrain.

The Bold Design of the Mitsubishi ASX

The Mitsubishi ASX is a culmination of sophistication and functionality. Daytime running lamps add to its aesthetic appeal while improving the safety that this vehicle offers. Fog lamps function to increase visibility during adverse weather conditions. The GLS Mitsubishi SUV boasts a stunning panoramic roof so that you can enjoy a view of the night sky.

fog lights of the asx

Image source: Mitsubishi South African website

The GLX and GLS models feature a rear view camera which makes it easier and safer to navigate into tight parking spots. With a wide range of comfort and convenience features included in the Mitsubishi ASX prices, you get great value-for-money when you buy an ASX. The welcoming ambiance of the interior is complemented by a range of comfort features. With 442 litres of boot space, there is plenty of room for your luggage on your next road trip. If you need extra space, you can fold down the back seats to create an impressive 1193 litres of space.

A highlight of these SUV cars is their multi-function steering wheel, which allows you to adjust the Bluetooth and cruise control settings without taking your eyes off the road. The Keyless Operating System and Smart Key makes it easy to access your vehicle and start the engine from as far as 70cm away. The driver has easy access to a range of important information on the multi-information display which includes fuel consumption and travel speed data.

mitsubishi asx interior

Image source: Mitsubishi South African website

Mitsubishi ASX safety features

The ASX Mitsubishi is designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. Its cutting-edge safety features offer you peace of mind. Active safety features offer the driver additional support while passive safety features reduce the chances of a serious injury in an emergency situation. Additional protection is offered to the vehicle’s occupants by the 7-airbag system.
The state-of-the-art RISE body construction reduces the consequences of an impact from any direction. Other safety highlights of this Mitsubishi SUV include Side Impact Protection Bars as well as a Collapsible Steering Column. Both the Electronic Traction Control and Hills Start Assist support the driver in more challenging circumstances.

Mitsubishi ASX performance, engine and specifications

The ASX Mitsubishi is designed to exceed your expectations. With its cutting-edge technology and engaging ride quality, it is easy to see why finding a Mitsubishi ASX for sale is a popular option. If you are trying to find a vehicle that is more advanced than regular passenger cars but more refined than robust off-road vehicles, look no further than the Mitsubishi ASX. This SUV delivers a quiet and high-quality ride.

mitsubishi asx on the road

Image source: Mitsubishi South African website

When you buy an ASX, you can choose between a 5-speed manual and 6-speed CVT transmission. Highlights of the 2.0 litre engine include its lightweight aluminium block and cutting-edge valve timing system. The result of the innovative engine design is a responsive and fun ride. The Mitsubishi ASX prices starts at R364 900. If you want to learn more about the Mitsubishi ASX specs, take a look at the table below.

5-speed M/T GL5-speed M/T GLX6-speed CVT GL
Engine Type2.0L MIVEC2.0L MIVEC2.0L MIVEC
Torque197Nm @ 4 200rpm197Nm @ 4 200rpm197Nm @ 4 200rpm
Transmission5-speed Manual5-speed Manual6-speed CVT
Acceleration 0 – 100 kph9.6 seconds9.6 seconds11.5 seconds

Find a Mitsubishi ASX for sale and take it for a test drive to experience its exceptional capabilities for yourself. With the Mitsubishi ASX you will have the freedom to set off on a new adventure whenever you choose to. Every inch of the Mitsubishi SUV is designed to exceed your expectations.

The 2017 Mitsubishi ASX has personality
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The 2017 Mitsubishi ASX has personality
While the Mitsubishi ASX price starts at R 346 900, you can customise your vehicle by paying extra for additional features.
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