The Jaguar XE made for sport and luxury cars lovers

Elegant, efficient and elite, the Jaguar XE is the ride of a lifetime. With its confident stance and captivating good looks, the XE will steal your heart right from the start. Get behind the wheel to enjoy the power and agility that Jaguar cars have come to be renowned for. There is no doubt about it, this vehicle is pure perfection. Every aspect of the XE is authentically Jaguar. Its eye-catching design and unforgettable experience put it in a different league all together. The Jaguar XE price starts at R599 500. If you want to be noticed, find a Jaguar for sale on Auto Mart.

the badge used for the jaguar xe

Image source: Jaguar South African website

The Jaguar XE Distinctive Design

The aerodynamic design of the Jaguar 2017 model offers exceptional efficiency. Its optimized design improves stability, which enhances the overall driving experience. Another outcome of the XE’s aerodynamic exterior is its reduced drag coefficient, which is as low as Cd 0.28. The track inspired underbody as well as the diffuser have been designed to enhance the efficiency of the Jaguar XE. Even at a standstill, the XE is energetic and vibrant.

The iconic Jaguar name is imprinted on the distinctive chrome side vents. If that’s not enough, the XE is marked by the Jaguar loop which extends across the side window. The back of the vehicle has been crafted to maximise airflow. Attention-to-detail is evident in every aspect of the XE’s design and the chrome side vents accentuate its elegant style.

A harmonious appearance is achieved by the addition of chrome side arcs. The striking rear design features a well-proportioned overhang. The unique tail lights are both an aesthetically appealing and functional element of the XE.

the jaguar xe pure edition

Image source: Jaguar South African website

Premium Interior of the Jaguar XE

The interior of the Jaguar XE features comfortable low riding seats as well as a raised centre consol. Its sophisticated style is enhanced by the stepped facia. The ergonomic design of the cabin puts all the controls that you need within easy reach. The distinctive stepped facia adds to a sense of spaciousness.

As has come to be expected of Jaguar cars, the XE blends connectivity, power and style effortlessly. With a touch of the start button, your car will come to life. Top quality leather adds to the premium interior design of the Jaguar 2017 model. The contrast stitching is both robust and stylish. With a range of customisation options, you can personalise your vehicle to meet your unique requirements.

The interior lighting creates a welcoming interior in the cabin of the XE. The 455 litres of boot space offers plenty of room for luggage. Additional storage space is created by the overhead console, centre console and armrest cubby box. These convenient storage spaces make it easy to keep the interior of your vehicle organised.

the xe s from jaguar

Image source: Jaguar South African website

Jaguar 2017 Key Features


If you are looking for a Jaguar for sale, the XE S model is an excellent option. Highlights of this model include its 19”5 split-spoke alloy wheels and black radiator grille. The interior of the XE S features grained leather and suede cloth as well as a soft leather steering wheel. The price of the XE S starts at R1,047,000.

XE R-Sport

Key features of the XE R-Sport include 18” spoke alloy wheels as well as an 8-way manual leather sports seat. The leather steering wheel adds to the exclusive premium design of the XE R-Sport. Its exterior design boasts a black radiator grille as well as aluminium trim finishes. The Jaguar XE price for the R-sport model starts at R683 500. A bodykit is available for this model which includes an athletic front bumper as well as elongated body-coloured side sills. The boot lid spoiler is another highlight of this package.

XE Portfolio

The Jaguar XE Portfolio boasts 17” 7 split-spoke alloy wheels and a powered tailgate. The elegant interior offers you 10-way electric leather seats as well as premium carpet mats. Another note-worthy feature of this model is its aluminium trim finisher. The starting price of the XE Portfolio is R728 300.

XE Prestige

With its leather seats and athletic leather steering wheel, the XE Prestige is designed to exceed your expectations. The bi-function Xenon headlights enhance the elegant good looks of this model while increasing visibility. The aluminium trim finisher is also worth mentioning. The Prestige Jaguar XE price starts at R657 500.

xe prestige by jaguar

Image source: Jaguar South African website

XE Pure

When it comes to finding your dream Jaguar for sale, it is worth considering the XE Pure. This model is equipped with 17” alloy wheels. The 8-way manual leather seat is both stylish and incredibly comfortable. The leather steering wheel accentuates the exclusivity of the interior design. You can buy an XE Pure for R599 500.

Jaguar XE Specifications

The Jaguar cars in the XE range deliver a powerful performance. For an overview of the Jaguar 2017 models, take a look at the table below.

20d 2.0 Litre25t 2.0 LitreS 3.0 Litre V6
Capacity1 999 cc1 998 cc2 995 cc
Power132 kW @ 4 000 rpm183 kW @ 5 500 rpm280 kW @ 6 500 rpm
Torque430 Nm @ 1 750 – 2 500365 Nm @ 1 200 – 4 500450 Nm @ 3 500 - 5 000
0 – 100 kph
7.8 seconds6.3 seconds5.0 seconds
Top Speed231 kph250 kph250 kph
Fuel Consumption5.0 l/100km8.2 l/100km11.6 l/100km

From start to finish, every aspect of the Jaguar’s design exudes exclusivity. With its exceptional performance and eye-catching good looks, it is easy to see why so many motorists dream of finding a Jaguar for sale. The Jaguar XE is pure perfection.

The Jaguar XE made for sport and luxury cars lovers
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The Jaguar XE made for sport and luxury cars lovers
Elegant, efficient and elite, the Jaguar XE is the ride of a lifetime. With its confident stance and captivating good looks, the XE will steal your heart.
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Auto Mart
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