Edgier 11th Generation Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade

Powerful and stylish, the Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade is the stuff that dreams are made of. These awe-inspiring bikes are designed to captivate your attention. As has come to be expected of this auto manufacturer, finding FireBlade Honda bikes for sale offers you the advantage of owning a reliable and robust ride.

The latest Honda CBR1000RR is designed to give you the ultimate control over your riding experience. Selectable traction control and wheelie control are just some of the awesome features that the 2017 model offers. This iconic bike combines power with ride quality to deliver a class-leading performance. If you are looking for an unforgettable ride, find a Honda CBR1000RR for sale on Auto Mart.

honda fireblade cbr1000rr

Image Source: Honda Motors South Africa Website.

Evolution of the Honda CBR1000RR

The history of the renowned Honda FireBlade spans over 25 years. The first Honda CBR for sale dates back to 1992. This state-of-the-art motorbike was renowned for its power and weight. Its athletic handling and motor put it a cut above the rest. The first FireBlade was designed by Tadao Baba with impressive innovations which included redesigned conventional forks as well as lighter front wheels. The next model was released in 1994 with the forks receiving the addition of compression adjustment.

This model was altered slightly by switching the twin round headlights with foxeye units. An exciting addition to this model was the Urban Tiger paint scheme. Room was created for the U-lock beneath the seat. In 1996 the FireBlade was upgraded to offer a more laid relaxed seating position as well as improved chassis. The bigger bore resulted in an engine with an improved capacity of 918.5cc. Testimony to its success the 1996 model received recognition when Phillip McCallen secured first place in the Production TTs.

1998 - 1999 honda fireblade

Image Source: Honda Motors South Africa Website.

Next up for the Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade was the 1998 model. The pistons on this model featured a coating which functioned to reduce friction. The clocks were also changed. Improvements to the chassis and swingarm increased stability. Major changes were made to the Honda CBR1000RR in 2000. Highlights of this model included a new 929cc motor as well as fuel-injection. Also note-worthy was a release of Honda’s cutting-edge variable exhaust control system.

The 2002 FireBlade featured an improved engine capacity as well as upgraded fuel-injection. A highlight of the 2004 FireBlade is its Unit Pro-Link swingarm while the 2006 model offered new pistons and better acceleration. The next release in 2008 showcased substantial improvements such as titanium valves. Forged pistons and monoblock brakes added to this model’s remarkable performance.

2006/2007 honda cbr1000rr fireblade

Image Source: Honda Motors South Africa Website.

The 2010 FireBlade offered minor styling changes while the 2012 variation boasted Showa Big Piston forks as well as an LCD dash. The 2014 FireBlade featured Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes. Other note-worthy changes included the addition of cylinder head porters as well as new exhaust headers.

11th Generation Honda FireBlade

The 2017 Honda FireBlade boasts a range of awesome features which function to give you complete control over your bike. A highlight of the latest FireBlade is the selectable traction control which boasts an impressive nine levels. Also note-worthy is the wheelie and stoppie control which can be deactivated as required. Other features include selectable engine braking as well as slipper clutch. While these features have tamed the FireBlade, adrenaline-junkies will be pleased to note that this bike still has a wild streak.

With a more robust crankshaft and the addition of new conrods, the latest model doesn’t disappoint. The 2017 model also features new pistons, valves and cams. Other changes include a higher compression ratio as well as throttle bodies that have increased 2mm in size. If you are looking for a bike that has quality at the heart of its design, finding a Honda CBR for sale is an excellent choice.

Honda’s attention-to detail is clear in every aspect of the bike’s design. Every part of the FireBlade has been reviewed in order to reduce its weight. Evidence of Honda’s focus on reducing the weight of the bike include frame castings with thinner walls as well as shorter bolts. Aluminium has been substituted for steel and magnesium has taken the place of aluminium. Likewise, stainless steel has been replaced by titanium.

According to Honda, the FireBlade is breaking new ground by being the first production bike to have a titanium fuel tank. The Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade boasts a colour LCD display which offers Street, Circuit and Mechanic mode. An important safety feature of this bike is its upgraded ABS. When it comes to finding Honda bikes for sale in South Africa, it is easy to see why the FireBlade is a firm favourite.

Specifications of the Honda CBR1000RR

The Honda CBR1000RR is equipped with a liquid-cool transverse four engine. It has a six-speed gearbox and electric starting. For an overview of the Honda FireBlade specifications, take a look at the table below.

Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade
Displacement999 cc
Power141 kW @ 13 000 rpm
Torque116 Nm @ 11 000 rpm
Bore x Stroke76 x 55 mm
Starting PriceR 240 000

Now that you know more about this epic bike, find a Honda CBR1000RR for sale on Auto Mart. The Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade will take your riding experience to the next level.

Edgier 11th Generation Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade
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Edgier 11th Generation Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade
Powerful and stylish, the 11the generation Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade is the stuff that dreams are made of.
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Auto Mart
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