Fiat Tipo Sedan and Hatch loaded with character

The Fiat Tipo has recently been released and we thought, let’s have a look at this gorgeous Italian car. Tons of great Fiat cars are advertised on Auto Mart, but today we are paying special attention to the Tipo, giving other Sedan cars and Hatchback cars on the market a run for their money.

The exterior of the Tipo Sedan

This Fiat Tipo is a great combination of style, multiple features and space. From the exterior, the car is very well designed. With it, you will find a car with a stylish grille built with integrated headlights. This helps create a stylish design like no other. You will find it hard to match this immaculate design in other Sedan cars.

tipo sedan

Image Source: Fiat South Africa Website.

From the sides, the car has wide opening doors that allow for easier access. Both driver and passengers will find this door design will give them easier access to the car’s interior. The Fiat Tipo knows no equal and amongst Sedan cars the Fiat Tipo stands tall. With the distinctive and visually appealing dynamic design, the Fiat Tipo will leave you breathless.

Another thing you will notice with the new Fiat Tipo is that it boasts of a premium, exquisite appearance. The chrome finishes on the door handles and the chrome finish on the lower window trim make the car look very expensive and classy. Of course this is not the case as the car is a very affordable but beautifully finished vehicle.

Having a look at the spacious interior of the Tipo Sedan

Internally, the car is equally impressive. The first thing you will notice when you step into the Fiat Tipo is that, unlike some Sedan cars, a lot of detail has been added to this car’s interior. Quite shockingly, despite the car’s relatively small size, the cabin looks and feels very spacey. You will definitely never be concerned about a lack of space with this Fiat Tipo.

The interior has been built with a very clean and fresh dashboard design. It looks very natural, almost as though it has been designed by Mother Nature herself. The car also has a brand new steering wheel. The steering wheel comes built with numerous features that allow you to easily control things like the radio. This is great for any driver who wants to have easy access to his or her radio.

fiat tipo sedan for sale

Image Source: Fiat South Africa Website.

One complaint, however, with the Tipo’s interior is that it has a plastic undertone. While it is well designed, you can see glimpses of plastic coating. This may reduce the interior’s appeal.

From a tech perspective, the car comes with a standard LCD screen, an AM/FM radio and Bluetooth and an optional 5 inch Uconnect touchscreen that gives you access to multimedia connectivity. As another add-on you can also choose to have your Fiat come with a TomTom 3D navigation system. This would be a vital addition for anyone who likes going on spur-of-the-moment road trips. This will serve as your virtual map ensuring that you never get lost again.

When it comes to power and performance, the Fiat Tipo is a tough competitor in its class. To give you a breakdown of this car’s performance here is a table overview of the car’s specifications:

1.4 Pop1.3 Easy1.4 Easy1.6 Easy Auto
Displacement cm cubed1368124813681598
Maximum power (kW @ r/min)70 @ 600070 @ 400070 @ 600081 @ 5500
Maximum torque (Nm @ r/min)127 @ 4500200 @ 1500127 @ 4500152 @ 4500
Transmission6 speed manual5 speed manual6 speed manual6 speed manual
Top Speed (km/h)185183185192
Acceleration 0-100km/h (s)11.511.811.511.2
Fuel consumption - combined (l/100km)
CO2 emissions- combined (g/km)141117141146

The features of the Hatchback Fiat Tipo

Amongst Hatchback cars, the Fiat Tipo, as with other Fiat cars stands out. Fiat cars are known to be affordable while being built with a number of great features. Much like the Sedan version, the Fiat Tipo is a formidable car amongst Hatchback cars. The exterior is classy with a large and spacious 440 litre capacity boot. There is a lot of leg room in this Fiat Tipo’s interior. Unlike many Hatchback cars you never have to worry about interior space. You will feel comfortable sitting in this luxury machine. The car comes built with 17 inch alloy wheels giving the car a sporty appearance.

From a comfort perspective, the car is an industry leader. The rear passenger seats can easily accommodate 5 adults. There is additional space to help you store things while you are travelling.

hatchback tipo sideview

Image Source: Fiat South Africa Website.

From a technology point of view, the car comes built with an Infotainment system that comes with Bluetooth capabilities, USB and AUX-in options allowing you to fully enjoy your driving experience while entertaining yourself and your passengers. The car also comes built with a rear view camera. This optional rear view camera has been integrated into the Fiat Tipo’s Audi system to give you greater visibility and allow you to drive, reverse and park with a full view of everything behind your car.

When it comes to comfort and safety, you can only expect the best with the Fiat Tipo. Much like other Hatchback cars, the Fiat Tipo comes built with two standard airbags, ABS, ESC and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to help you with your driving ability and to keep you as safe as possible in the event of your car experiencing any unexpected impact. Other features you can expect to find are predictive brake assist, stability control, anti-slip regulation and engine drag torque control, anti-roll, hill holder and traction control system.

From a performance perspective here is a breakdown of the features to expect with the Fiat Tipo:

1.4 Pop1.4 Easy1.4 Lounge1.6 Easy Auto
Displacement (cm cubed)1368136813681598
Maximum power (kW @ r/min)70 @ 600070 @ 600070 @ 600081 @ 5500
Maximum torque (Nm @ r/min)127 @ 4500127 @ 4500127 @ 4500152 @ 4500
Transmission6 speed manual6 speed manual6 speed manual6 speed auto
Top Speed (km/h)185185185192
Acceleration 0-100km/h (s)11.511.511.511.2
Fuel consumption- combined (l/100km)
CO2 emissions- combined (g/km)132132132146

Well we believe Fiat has outdone themselves with the Fiat Tipo. World class features and quality appreciated by many. Have a look at the hundreds of the Fiat cars advertised on Auto Mart.

Fiat Tipo Sedan and Hatch loaded with character
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Fiat Tipo Sedan and Hatch loaded with character
This Fiat Tipo is a great combination of style, multiple features and space. From the exterior, the car is very well designed.
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