The daringly tough and updated Mitsubishi Outlander

The updated Mitsubishi Outlander is a great 4 wheel drive built to handle any terrain it is thrown in. With a price tag of R549 900, this Mitsubishi SUV does not come cheap. However, when you look at the car’s exterior, its performance and how easy it is to drive, the price seems justifiable. If you are in the market for a more affordable option, why not browse Auto Mart for deals on a Mitsubishi Outlander for sale.

Exterior Design of the updated Outlander

This Mitsubishi SUV has an appealing exterior. From a design perspective, the car does not look like your typical crossover vehicle. The new Outlander has been built with a brand new design referred to as the ‘Dynamic Shield’ design. According to Mitsubishi this design is a combination of protection and performance.

outlander mitsubishi suv for sale

Image Source: Mitsubishi South Africa Website.

The car comes built with dusk-sensing headlamps which come in handy when you are driving in places with low visibility. These lights serve the purpose of improving visibility and helping you see the road ahead of you clearly. The latest Mitsubishi Outlander also comes built with an electric tailgate that you can automatically open and close simply by pressing a button.

Mitsubishi Outlander’s Interior Design

The interior is also worth taking note of. The first thing you will notice in the car’s interior is the ergonomic dashboard. The dashboard has clearly been built to ensure that the car remains as comfortable and as easy to drive as possible.

You will find on the dashboard a multi-information display. This display allows you to view a lot of information about your vehicle including;

  • your vehicle’s fuel levels, your trip and total distance,
  • the average speed you drive your vehicle is moving at,
  • your vehicle’s current fuel consumption,
  • an indicator that notifies you when your car needs to be serviced and the outside temperature.

This is certainly a technological advancement and a very useful dashboard.

Inside the Mitsubishi SUV you will also find numerous technologies and design features that will undoubtedly wow you. The Outlander’s interior comes built with a climate control system, that helps regulate temperatures inside the vehicle ensuring that you have complete control over your car’s interior.

The steering wheel has a very intuitive grip and it also serves as a multi-functional steering wheel that puts you in greater control over your vehicle’s functionality. The interior of the updated Mitsubishi Outlander also comes built with an entertainment system that allows you to take control of your vehicle’s speakers, audio options and information features.

interior of the updated mitsubishi outlander

Image Source: Mitsubishi South Africa Website.

With this entertainment system you get a hands free voice control feature. This ensures that you can answer your phone and speak to your friends safely while driving without getting stopped by the police.

Performance and Safety of the updated Outlander

From a performance perspective, the Mitsubishi Outlander gives you high performance, low fuel efficiency, low carbon emission and enough versatility to operate in any terrain and weather condition. All this is done without compromising the vehicle’s performance ability. Here is a detailed breakdown of the updated Mitsubishi Outlander for sale specs:

Model Name2.4 MIVEC GLS Exceed 4WD CVT
Transmission6 - speed CVT
Engine Type2.4 litre 16 Valve DOHC MIVEC
Maximum Output123 kW @ 6 000 rpm
Maximum Torque222 Nm @ 4 100 rpm
Fuel Consumption8.2 litres / 100 km
Maximum Towing Capacity750 kg
Mitsubishi Outlander Price starting at: R 549 900

Safety was a huge priority in manufacturing the Mitsubishi SUV. The vehicle comes with some great safety features to keep you as safe as possible. The Outlander’s Anti-lock Braking System helps your car’s braking by stopping wheel lock and maintaining steering control if you are forced to brake suddenly.

An Electronic Brake Force Distribution has also been incorporated into the vehicle. This feature helps distribute your car’s braking force evenly to all your wheels in order to prevent the car from spinning when you brake suddenly. In addition to these braking features, the Mitsubishi Outlander also comes built with a Brake Assist System. This feature helps your braking system by distinguishing between your normal day-to-day braking and an emergency braking.

2017 mitsubishi outlander

Image Source: Mitsubishi South Africa Website.

As soon as the Brake Assist System detects that you have made an emergency brake, the system loads your brakes with hydraulic pressure in order to deliver more stopping power in a more effective way.

In the market for a Mitsubishi Outlander for sale? Browse for deals on Auto Mart and drive away in your dream Outlander in no time.

The daringly tough and updated Mitsubishi Outlander
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The daringly tough and updated Mitsubishi Outlander
The updated Mitsubishi Outlander is a 4 wheel drive built to handle any terrain flaunting a number of tech and design features.
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Auto Mart
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