The next level Chery Tiggo

In the market for affordable Chery cars? The Chery Tiggo for sale is a SUV well suited for everyday commuting, city traffic and an outdoor adventure.

Traditionally Chery and other Chinese car manufacturers have never done too well in South Africa as they have struggled with quality and reliability. The Chery has on numerous attempts tried to set these doubts aside by offering more reliable vehicles.

In 2008 five of their entry level cars were driven for 48 hours flat at a test facility with ice and snow. The Chery managed to perform very well during this test and as a result of this built quite a decent reputation for itself which in turn helped boost Chery South Africa’s reputation and sales.

chery tiggo for sale

Image Source: Chery South Africa Website.

This time around the Chery has built a crossover vehicle in the form of the Chery Tiggo. This vehicle has been primarily built as a family car but manages to also step in the SUV realm. The vehicle drives well both on road and off road. This versatility explains why the Tiggo is the highest selling Chery vehicle in South Africa and in a lot of countries. Despite this increasing popularity the Chery has managed to keep its Tiggo fairly well priced and affordable while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Interior and exterior design of the Chery Tiggo

From a design perspective the Chery Tiggo comes with a very sedated exterior. The vehicle features a very ordinary looking grille and boomerang headlights. None of these features really stand out. However, this is to be expected from a family vehicle. The colour-coded body panels are relatively impressive. The vehicle also comes built with 17 inch alloy rims, day-time running lights, LED lights and fog lights. All of which make the vehicle look a little more impressive.

The interior also appears to be very family oriented. The Tiggo comes with leather-trimmed seats that make the car a very comfortable option for someone looking to carry a lot of passengers. The interior also comes built with bluetooth capabilities to sync music on your smartphone or iPod to your car radio.

Technologies such as reverse park distance control have been incorporated into the vehicle to help simplify the parking process by alerting the driver of obstacles behind the vehicle while reversing. In addition to this, the Tiggo has also been built with power steering and power side mirrors. Both of which have been added to improve the drivability of the vehicle.

chery tiggo interior

Image Source: Chery South Africa Website.

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Safety and Tech in the Tiggo

The Chery Tiggo has been built with numerous safety features. The Tiggo comes built with electronic stability control helping make the vehicle more stable when taking tight turns and an altogether safer vehicle to drive. In addition to this feature, the Tiggo also comes with standard dual airbags which is to be expected from a family vehicle.

In terms of technology the vehicle seems to come with standard technology features. Air conditioning, power windows and electronically operated exterior mirrors are a few of these standard features that have been built into the vehicle.

One notable tech feature added to the vehicle is hill start assist. For anyone who has driven a manual transmission up a hill or steep stretch of road hill starting can present a challenge as it is very easy for your vehicle to roll back and possibly bump into the vehicle behind you.

side view of the chery tiggo

Image Source: Chery South Africa Website.

The hill start feature in these Chery cars detects road incline, engine torque, the brakes and any backward motion to ensure that the vehicle does not roll back when you are starting the vehicle up a hill.

Specification of the Chery Tiggo

As with most Chery cars, the Tiggo range comes with a few model options each with different specifications. The models offered are the Tiggo 1.6 VVT, the Tiggo 2.0 TXE and the Tiggo 2.0 TXE AT.

What is exciting to the local market is that Chery South Africa has managed to keep the prices well within the range of the South African car purchaser. Here is a breakdown of the specifications to expect from each model:

Chery Tiggo Model2.0 TXE2.0 TXE AT1.6 VVT
Capacity1 971 cc1 971 cc1 598 cc
Maximum Power95 kW95 kW93 kW
Maximum Torque178 Nm178 Nm160 Nm
Comparative Fuel Consumption / Combined fuel consumption9.9 litres / 100 kilometres8.9 litres / 100 kilometres8.6 litres / 100 kilometres
Chery Tiggo price starting at:R 199 995R 219 995R 239 995

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The next level Chery Tiggo - Auto Mart Blog
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In the market for affordable Chery cars? The Chery Tiggo for sale is a SUV well suited for everyday commuting, city traffic and an outdoor adventure.
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