Youthfully fun and functional Audi Q2

Looking for that dream Audi for sale? Audi has been trying very hard to get the title of top luxury carmaker, releasing model after model of superior vehicles that have catapulted the brand into being one of the top luxury carmakers in the world. The Audi Q2 is no different.

The new Audi’s smallest Q is due to arrive on South African soil during the first quarter and its arrival is being awaited eagerly by a lot of Audi fans in South Africa. Expectations are very high and if the specifications and current reviews are anything to go by, the new Q2 Audi will not be a disappointment.

audi q2

Image Source: Audi South Africa Website.

Interior and Exterior Design of the Q2

When you look at Audi’s exterior the very first thing you will notice is that it does not look vastly different from the conventional SUV. While it is significantly smaller than most SUV cars on the market everything from the design to the shape gives off the impression that the Audi Q2 is a traditional SUV.

However, do not let this initial impression fool you. The new Q2 has been built as a crossover vehicle between a family car for families looking for a practical and large enough vehicle to travel with, and a SUV.

The exterior comes with a low roof that appears to merge towards the rear of the vehicle giving the Audi SUV a very sporty appearance. The car is quite compact, measuring at 1.51 metres in height and 1.79 metres in weight. This gives the car a total length of around 4.19 metres. This is a great size for a family vehicle, but pretty small for a SUV.

audi q2 interior

Image Source: Audi South Africa Website.

One exterior feature that stands out, and is expected with all modern Audi vehicles, is the signature Audi black grille. This together with its blacked out C-pillars and sporty front bumper makes the vehicle appear very masculine and athletic.

If the vehicle was a human, the Q2 would be a top Olympic gymnast; fairly small in size but possessing very lean muscle and power. It is no wonder that the Q2 Audi is such an attractive car, Audi has always excelled in building lean, powerful and beautifully cars.

The interior of these SUV cars are very impressive. Once you step into the wide opening doors that you would typically find in most SUVs you are greeted by a very spacious interior that clearly has enough room to cater comfortably for four passengers and a driver.

Although the seats are generally very comfortable you might not be too impressed with the feeling of being crammed you will get because of the vehicle’s size. If you are claustrophobic you will definitely feel slightly uncomfortable in this vehicle. However, aside from this minor issue the cabin is generally very well built.

The Audi Q2 comes with standard interior features such as a multifunctional steering wheel that is covered in a leather exterior, fully adjustable front seats with a black script cloth finish and standard floor mats. However, with the Q2 you have the option of building your own interior, which will cost you more.

For an extra fee you can request to get a milano leather or artificial leather combination finish for your seats. You can also choose to replace your standard interior mirror with a mirror that comes with an automatic anti-glare action and light and rain sensors.

You can choose to add an aluminium look to your Audi’s interior and you can opt for black cloth headlining for your interior roof. As stated these extra options will come with an extra payment.

Audi Q2 Tech Features

From a technological standpoint the Audi Q2 is quite impressive. The Q2 comes built with numerous features that you will find very useful and that make the car an easier vehicle to drive. The new Q2 comes built with an anti – theft alarm with a tow away protection function helping to make your vehicle more secure against theft.

You will definitely be intrigued by the driver information system on these SUV cars. This feature allows you to view the most important driving relevant information on a glass panel that is located right in the sight of the driver’s vision. You can expect to view information such as navigation data, the speed the vehicle is moving in and any warning messages that may arise while driving the vehicle.

audi q2 side view

Image Source: Audi South Africa Website.

For an additional fee you can also have Audi’s virtual cockpit added to your Q2 Audi. This is not too different from the virtual cockpit you would find in other models such as the R8 and the TT.

In terms of safety in these Audi SUV models features the Q2 comes built with a cruise control system and a speed limiter. In addition to this you will also find an auto release function and side and head airbags. If you want additional safety features for an extra cost you can request a parking assist feature, rear parking aid, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and Audi’s front pre-sense feature. These will all add to your driving experience and improve the safety of driving a Q2.

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Specifications of the Audi Q2

There are two main models in the Q2 Audi range coming to South Africa; the 6 speed 1.0 TFSI model and the 1.0 TFST S Tronic model. You can expect some differences in the Audi Q2 price depending on the model you choose to purchase. Here is detailed breakdown of what to expect with each model:

Q2 ModelPowerTorqueAcceleration (0 – 100 km/h)Top SpeedCombined Fuel ConsumptionAudi Q2 Price
1.0T FSI Manual85 kW200 Nm10.7 seconds194 km/h5.1 litres / 100 kmStarting at: R 434 500
1.0T FSI S Tronic85 kW200 Nm10.5 seconds194 km/h5.1 litres / 100 kmStarting at: R 453 000
1.0T FSI Manual Sport85 kW200 Nm10.5 seconds194 km/h5.1 litres / 100 kmStarting at: R 464 500
1.0T FSI S Tronic Sport85 kW200 Nm10.5 seconds194 km/h5.1 litres / 100 kmStarting at: R 483 000
1.4T FSI Manual Sport110 kW250 Nm8.5 seconds212 km/h5.5 litres / 100 kmStarting at: R 511 000
1.4T FSI S Tronic110 kW250 Nm8.5 seconds212 km/h212 km/h 5.2 litres / 100 kmStarting at: R 529 500
2.0TDi S Tronic Sport105 kW320 NmNot yet availableNot yet availableNot yet availableStarting at: R 565 000

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Youthfully fun and functional Audi Q2
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Youthfully fun and functional Audi Q2
From a technological standpoint the Audi Q2 is quite impressive. The Q2 comes built with numerous features that you will find very useful.
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