Innovative and beautifully designed Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 is a trailblazing Volvo for sale that marks the modern day evolution of the cars produced by the brand. The car looks and feels elegant and exquisite and it has been built with technology features that make this the next generation of Volvo cars. You will feel a high level of excitement simply looking at the car and this is understandable given how beautiful the car is.

s90 volvo for sale

Image Source: Volvo South Africa Website.

Interior of the Volvo S90

Once you step into the new Volvo S90 you get greeted by pure sophistication. The seats have been arranged in a way that gives you more space and comfort. Volvo has introduced something they refer to as the CleanZone that ensures that your interior remains feeling clean and fresh.

This CleanZone feature is modelled after the freshness of Swedish air. Volvo tries to emulate this freshness by implementing a four zone climate control system that helps each passenger to individually control their own temperatures.

volvo s90 interior

Image Source: Volvo South Africa Website.

On top of this the system has an air filtering system that ensures that you are only breathing fresh clean air whenever the system is turned on. As every driver knows a clean and fresh feeling car is a very relaxing environment that allows for easier driving conditions.

In terms of the actual seats, these Volvo cars have Nappa leather upholstered seats and adjustable ambient lighting to give the interior a home like feel. The seats also come built with comfort seat padding to add to the vehicle’s comfort factor.

What is even more impressive is the rare wooden finish. The interior comes built with Nordic wood and an elegant leather steering wheel.

If you are one of those people who like listening to music while driving you will be happy to find out about the Sensus Connect in this Volvo for sale. With this feature you will be able to stream your favourite music from your Bluetooth, or through Wi-Fi tethering. You will also be able to use your centre display to access the internet and connect to your USB devices.

From a safety perspective you can expect to see features such as emergency brake assist, distance alert, adaptive cruise control, road edge detection and driver alert control. All these security features help make these Volvo cars safer by aiding you as the driver to avoid collisions with other objects or vehicles as a result of a driving mistake.

In addition to these features the Volvo S90 also features a rear collision mitigation feature which helps reduce the impact of a collision by sensing any potential collision and slowing the vehicle down to reduce the damage caused by the collision.

What is also worth taking note of is the pedestrian, cyclist and large animal detection option that will sound an audible alarm whenever it senses that you are about to collide with a pedestrian.

Volvo S90 Exterior

From the car’s exterior the Volvo S90 comes with 18 inch alloy wheels, full LED headlights, an option between 13 exterior colour options and a signature Volvo grille to finish off the vehicle’s classic design. If you are a technologist you will also be interested in the technology put into the new S90.

new volvo s90 side view

Image Source: Volvo South Africa Website.

These Volvo cars from the S90 range come built with satellite control and rear parking sensors to help you reverse and park your vehicle in an easier way. In addition to this the Volvo comes with a Drive- E driving option. This allows the vehicle to convert to a low fuel consumption vehicle with lower emissions while maintaining its high level of performance ensuring that you are driving an excellent, efficient vehicle.

You can also expect other features in this new Volvo like the active four – chassis that allows drivers to choose between four different driving models, the visual park assist 360 option that helps the driver park the vehicle by displaying information from the vehicle’s four hidden cameras.

Specifications of the S90 Volvo

When it comes to specifications the Volvo S90 is a beast on the road. Before you buy the vehicle you are given the choice between the diesel model with a D4 or D5 Geartronic engine and four wheel drive and the petrol model with the T5 or T6 Geartronic engine with full wheel drive.

To give you a more detailed overview of the new Volvo S90 models, we have drawn up a table comparing the specifications of each model.

SpecificationsD4 Geartronic FWDD5 Geartronic AWDT5 Geartronic FWDT6 Geartronic AWD
Engine Capacity1969 cc1969 cc1969 cc1969 cc
Maximum Output140 kW @ 4 250 rpm173 kW @ 4 000 rpm187 kW @ 5 500 rpm235 kW @ 5 700 rpm
Maximum Torque400 Nm @ 1 750 - 2500 rpm480 Nm @ 1 750 - 2250 rpm350 Nm @ 1 500 - 4800 rpm400 Nm @ 2 200 - 5400 rpm
Bore and Stroke82 mm x 93.2 mm82 mm x 93.2 mm82 mm x 93.2 mm82 mm x 93.2 mm
Top Speed230 km/h240 km/h 230 km/h250 km/h
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)8.2 seconds7.0 seconds6.8 seconds5.9 seconds
Combined fuel consumption4.4 litres / 100 km4.8 litres / 100 km6.5 litres / 100 km7.2 litres / 100 km

The S90 Volvo price starts at R 678 500.

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Innovative and beautifully designed Volvo S90
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Innovative and beautifully designed Volvo S90
The Volvo S90 is a trailblazing Volvo for sale that marks the modern day evolution of the cars produced by this luxury brand.
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