The electrifying BMW i8 and BMW i3

Whether you are a fan of all electric cars or want to go the hybrid route, BMW has two sexy models on offer. A bit on the pricier scale of things, BMW cars have always been able to make an impact, the BMW i8 and i3 models following boldly in their elders’ footsteps. If you are in the market for a BMW for sale, dig your teeth into these sexy offerings.

For anyone interested in hybrid cars, the BMW i3 and the i8 are two great cars that you may want to have a look at. These cars are on the higher end in terms of price, however looking at the cars you will understand why they come with high price tags.

bmw i8

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

From an aesthetic perspective the cars look amazing. The i8 in particular looks like something from the future. This beautifully built car looks like a super – car that was built in the future. The i3 looks a bit less futuristic. It is clear that with the i8 and the i3 BMW did not just want to build stunning hybrid and electric cars, but they wanted to redefine what these modern cars look like and they did this very well.

The BMW i8

The BMW i8 for sale is a hybrid monster with the capability of delivering up to 266 kW and 570 Nm. The car has been built using lightweight carbon, this ensures that the car can deliver great speeds, control and turning power. The aerodynamic design only serves to make the car sportier. From the exterior the car has been designed for the future.

BMW followed a unique design philosophy with this car, prioritizing bold sportiness. What makes the car a definite head turner is the focus on precise lines, very vocal surfaces and a beautiful stream – flow design. The car comes with daytime running lights, designed with a jaw dropping U shape. The LED lights further accentuate the design.

You will definitely appreciate this BMW Hybrid car’s long wheelbase making the car appear very low and giving the car better grip on the road. A lot of layering has been done on the i8. There is a lot of line and surface overlapping on the car giving the car a very powerful stance. You almost feel intimidated just looking at the car. The car also comes built with scissor doors. The doors swing upwards giving the car angelic wings when it is open.

When it comes to the interior, stepping into the BMW i8 feels like stepping into the future. The interior design is not overwhelmingly complicated, but you will notice that everything seems to have been built of very light carbon material. While this makes the car weigh very little it also gives the interior an unforgettable visual appeal.

There is a centre console that comes with a lot of technological feature such as iDrive Controller and the now famous eDrive technology. Once you choose the eDrive option your i8 BMW hybrid immediately transforms into an electric vehicle capable of delivering respectable torque and a driving experience that is unlike any other sports car in the market. With the electric motor option you can expect a fairly simple charging process.

exterior of the bmw i8

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

The BMW i8 comes built with charging mobility, this means that you will be able to charge your vehicle in almost any place. You can choose to charge it overnight in the comfort of your home or at a nearby charging station. When it comes to technology expect only the best from the i8.

These hybrid cars from BMW also comes with an I ConnectedDrive solutions option, this lets you easily connect any of your devices, like your smartphone or smart – watch with the i8.

ModelBMW i8
BMW eDrive Maximum Output96 kW
BMW eDrive Maximum Output / Engine speed75 kW @ 4 800 rpm
BMW eDrive Maximum Torque250 Nm
Engine Capacity1 499 cc
Engine Maximum Output170 kW @ 5 800 rpm
Engine Maximum Torque320 Nm @ 3 700 rpm
Top Speed, Combined (Restricted)250 km/h
Top Speed, Electric (Restricted)120 km/h
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)4.4 seconds
Combined Fuel Consumption2.1 litres / 100 km
CO2 Emissions 49 g/km

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The BMW i3

The BMW i3 for sale is not as futuristic as the i8 however it is certainly a maverick it the BMW series. This electric vehicle is very spacious and manages to deliver the driving agility that has become synonymous with BMW vehicles.

When you look at the car’s exterior the first thing that you will notice is the vehicle’s stream lined design and a ‘black band’ that seems to run over the cars roof to the rear, adding to the vehicle’s visual appeal. The i3 BMW electric car also comes built with 19inch wheels that stop the car from rolling and help ensure that the car remains as efficient as possible. By looking at the front of the car you can immediately tell that this is a BMW.

The i3 comes with the signature BMW grille, U- shaped daytime running lights and clear LED headlights. The rear is also worth taking note of, it comes with U- shaped rear taillights and the sophisticated look that you can expect from such a pioneer vehicle.

This BMW car also boasts a comfortable interior. Everything inside was designed using what is known as the LifeDrive architecture. Unlike most cars, the i3 does not have a centre tunnel. This has been removed to give the car more interior space and making it easier for someone sitting on the driver’s seat to switch sides with the front passenger.

bmw i3

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

Much like the i8, the BMW i3 can be charged anywhere. In fact the i3 BMW electric car comes with fast charge cables that make it possible to charge up to 80% of the battery in just under 3 hours which is certainly an amazing feet. Safety is a key priority with the i3.

The vehicle comes with a lot of features such as; Driver Assist, Driving Assist Plus and Park Assist to make the car an easier vehicle to drive and improving the general safety of the vehicle. The BMW i3 has also been built using carbon fibre material which has been proven to be outstanding protection to passengers in the event of a collision.

BMW i3
Rated Power125 kW
Rated Torque250 Nm
Top Speed150 km/h
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)7.2 seconds

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