Balanced and uncompromising Ford Tourneo

If you are looking for fun and functional family cars, the Ford Tourneo for sale might just be the answer you were looking for.

With the Ford Tourneo Connect there is no reason to compromise. This capable vehicle allows you to balance your busy lifestyle with family commitments. Whether you are travelling to work or taking the kids to school, the Tourneo offers you everything that you want and more. Reliability has come to be associated with Ford cars and the Tourneo is no exception.

ford tourneo connect

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

Interior and Tech Features of the Tourneo

The interior of the Tourneo is highly functional and dynamic. Not only is the interior designed with functionality in mind, it is also comfortable. It is well-equipped with a range of useful features.

The luxurious interior design ensures that you and your family will enjoy every minute of the time that you spend in your Tourneo. The interior features standard cloth seats. Another reason to consider these Ford cars for sale includes its trip computer. The trip computer provides the driver with important data such as the average speed and outside temperature.

ford tourneo interior

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

Ford Tourneo Exterior

Bold, modern and dynamic, the Ford Tourneo is designed to exceed your expectations. At the core of its exterior is the Ford Kinetic Design. The aerodynamic exterior contributes to the excellent performance of this model.

Dual side load doors provide easy access to the interior of the vehicle. The rear cargo door liftgate is another convenient feature of the Tourneo. The gross vehicle mass of this model is 2405 kgs. It has a length of 4418 mm, height of 1862 mm and width of 2137 mm. The ground clearance of this model is 159 mm.

exterior of the ford tourneo connect

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

Intelligent Safety Features

You can rest easy knowing that your family are in good hands when you are travelling in a Tourneo. When it comes to family cars, safety is a priority. The Ford Tourneo Connect is equipped with a Traction Control System as well as Rollover Mitigation.

SOFIX child seat fixing points help to keep younger passengers secure. The Intelligent Protection System is designed to offer superior safety. Note-worthy safety features include the Anti-lock Braking System as well as Emergency Brake Assist.

Airbags offer protection if a collision takes place. The Electronic Stability Program supports the driver in challenging situations. ESP detects if the vehicle is deviating from its course and helps the driver to stay on track by adjusting the braking and engine power.

The functionality of ESP is enhanced by Load Adaptive Control. Trailer Sway Control decreases engine torque and adjusts the brakes to help the driver maintain control. Navigating an urban setting is easy in a Ford Tourneo.

ford tourneo side view

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

A warning sound is emitted to alert the driver to obstacles near the vehicle during parking. Hill Launch Assist is optional for this model. The Traction Control System adjusts the torque distribution if wheel slip occurs at low speeds. In recognition of its excellent safety features the Tourneo has achieved a 5-star safety rating from EURO NCAP.

Fuel Efficiency and Specifications

Not only does the Ford Tourneo Connect deliver an enjoyable ride, it is cost effective too. While it is fuel efficient, it does not compromise on power. The fuel efficiency of this model decreases running costs. Equipped with a cutting-edge 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine, the Tourneo is fun to drive.

In recognition of its excellence, the Tourneo engine has received numerous awards. While the engine is smaller than other engines, it offers the same performance with the benefit of increased efficiency.

The culmination of innovative technologies as well as cutting-edge features has resulted in exceptionally efficient Ford cars for sale. The decreased fuel emissions help to protect the environment. ECOnectic Technology includes EcoMode which helps to increase fuel efficiency.

eco boost ford engine

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

The Auto-Stop/Start function switches off the engine when the vehicle has come to halt and is in neutral gear. The engine automatically restarts when the driver wants to get going again. The advantage of the Auto-Stop/Start is that it reduces fuel consumption.

These Ford cars also boast a gearshift indicator monitoring relevant data in order to determine the best time for the driver to change gears. This feature contributes to fuel conservation.

There are three models available in the Ford Tourneo connect range including the 1.0 EcoBoost SWB Ambiente, Trend and Titanium. Tourneo prices start at R 318 900 for the Ambiente, R 328 900 for the Trend and R 398 900 for the Titanium.

Model1.0 EcoBoost SWB Ambiente, Trend and Titanium
Capacity998 cm3
Power74 kW @ 6 000 rpm
Torque170 Nm
Combined Fuel Consumption5.6 litres / 100 km
Top Speed165 km/h

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Balanced and uncompromising Ford Tourneo
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Balanced and uncompromising Ford Tourneo
If you are looking for fun and functional family cars, the Ford Tourneo for sale might just be the answer you were looking for.
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