Sleek, sexy and fun Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo has a reputation for excellence and the Alfa 4C is no exception. Its perfect design exudes confidence and superiority. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Alfa Romeo for sale is designed to fulfil your need for speed. If you are passionate about super cars and all things Alfa, the 4C will exceed your expectations.

alfa 4c

Alfa 4C’s Mesmerising Design

The Alfa Romeo is exalted as one of the most magnificent vehicles of all time. Since they were first produced in 1967 these beautiful vehicles have captured the attention of motorists across the globe. Every aspect of the vehicle’s design contributes to its remarkable performance.

The Alfa Romeo 4C continues this legacy of excellence. Its state-of-the-art technology sets it apart from the crowd. The exterior design of the 4C exemplifies harmony and sophistication. From start to finish each design element is incorporated to enhance the performance of this model.

design of the alfa romeo 4c

Image Source: Alfa Romeo South Africa Website.

Supercar enthusiasts can sit behind the car of their dreams with the Alfa 4C. Whether you are on the road or the track, you won’t be disappointed by the performance of this extraordinary vehicle. At the core of the vehicle’s design is its centrally mounted engine.

You can get a glimpse of the engine through the rear window. Each element of the car’s design centres round the impressive engine. At the back of the 4C the light clusters merge into strong back wings which contain the intercooler air intakes.

The dynamic sides extend to the faultless front profile. The headlights, grill and Alfa Romeo logo complete the eye-catching design of this model. The Alfa 4C embodies the essence of motorsport. Its aerodynamic design ensures that the vehicle maintains its grip while taking corners at fast speeds.

From the moment that you step into the Alfa Romeo 4C, the influence of motorsports is evident in its design. Every aspect of the interior design prioritises functionality. The interior of this model is designed to maximise performance.

alfa 4c centre console

Image Source: Alfa Romeo South Africa Website.

The distinctive body cell is constructed from bare carbon fibre. The vehicle boasts competition seats which support the driver so that they can maintain a racing posture. The reinforced seat structure is covered in unique lightweight padding as well as fabric.

Similar to those found in super cars, this model features a thermoformed shell dashboard. Each control is strategically placed to offer the driver maximum control. The instrument panel clearly displays important information.

To complete the athletic design of the Alfa 4C it has aluminium pedals as well as heel guards.

Innovative Technology in the Alfa Romeo 4C

The electronic systems are designed to maintain an optimal level of performance despite varying driving conditions. You can adjust the personality of your vehicle according to your mood. It is easy to switch between Natural, Dynamic and All weather modes according to your preferences.

The addition of the Alfa Race mode allows the driver to optimise the vehicle’s performance for racing conditions. This mode decreases input from the electronic systems which puts the driver in complete control. ESC and ASR are deactivated while the Q2 differential control system remains engaged.

alfa 4c interior

Image Source: Alfa Romeo South Africa Website.

While power is at the heart of the Alfa Romeo 4C’s epic performance, its advanced transmission system is vital to its racing capabilities. The transmission system allows the driver to control the immense engine power. The 4C boasts a TCT 6-speed transmission as well as a dual dry clutch.

This winning combination results in the prompt release of power without compromising on convenience. A highlight of these spunky super cars includes its launch control which makes it simple to execute standing starts. Cutting-edge scavenging technology increases torque at low engine speeds while increasing power.

4C’s Epic Performance

The turbocharger takes the performance of the 4C to the next level. The automatic cool-down system prevents damage to the turbocharger. The after-run pump keeps the hot oil circulating when the pump is switched off and only stops circulation once the oils has cooled down.

Equipped with a 1 750 cc turbocharged engine the Alfa 4C delivers an unparalleled performance. This model delivers 177 kW of power at 6 000 rpm. It can accelerate from o to 100 kilometres in an impressive 4.5 seconds with a maximum speed of 258 kph.

front of the alfa romeo 4c

Image Source: Alfa Romeo South Africa Website.

While the 4C doesn’t compromise on power, it conforms to the Euro 6 restrictions. The centrally mounted engine is typical of super cars as it provides optimal weight distribution. Rear wheel drive improves grip and allows fast cornering. This feature takes your driving experience to the next level.

If you want to put exceptional power at your fingertips, the Alfa Romeo 4C is a stunning option on offer. The 4C will captivate your attention from the moment that you lay eyes on it.

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Sleek, sexy and fun Alfa Romeo 4C
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Sleek, sexy and fun Alfa Romeo 4C
The Alfa Romeo has a reputation for excellence and the Alfa 4C is no exception. Its perfect design exudes confidence and superiority.
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