Datsun GO line-up in SA

Want to know more about the new Datsun GO and the Datsun line-up available in South Africa? From a functional panel van to the spunky Datsun GO Remix, you are sure to find a GO for your needs. If you are in the market for an affordable Datsun GO for sale, don’t forget to check out the great deals listed on Auto Mart.

dastun line-up

Image Source: Datsun South Africa Facebook Page.

Datsun GO Plus

Starting at R 139 900, the GO Plus is focussed on family, providing great interior features well suited for the modern family. The GO+ features a quiet cabin with a reduced driving and wind noise, allowing you to do everything from enjoying your playlist, to spending some quality time with the family.

The GO+ has a docking station for your smartphone allowing for both a portrait and landscape view. With an auxiliary input, this docking station connects your phone to the two speakers in the front doors, allowing you to listen to music and have access to your smartphone’s functionality. The Datsun GO Plus also offers a USB input.

datsun go+ interior

Image Source: Datsun South Africa Website.

Moving to the front seats, you will find low-fatigue seats designed to keep you alert, comfortable and relaxed, especially on those long family road trips. A 360˚ A/C Ventilation system allows for a comfortable ride.

In terms of technology, you can enjoy features such as the ‘follow me home’ headlamps. A simple click of the indicator allows for 30 seconds while four clicks gives you up to 120 seconds of light. With long range headlamps, the GO+ also boasts wipers that intuitively adjust speeds depending on the rainfall.

Other features you will get in the interior in terms of tech include the Smart Meter which includes everything from a gearshift guide to a digital tachometer. With a digital display, you are able to see your fuel consumption as well as your distance to empty.

The design of this Datsun for sale is also noteworthy. While the exterior features a modern, D-Cut grille, distinctive headlights and a unique rear shoulder, the seating configurations are what truly screams family.

datsun go+

Image Source: Datsun South Africa Website.

With a 5 + 2 seating configuration and a boot space of 317 litres when the rear seats are folded down, the GO Plus flaunts functional storage compartments and a connected front seat.

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The Datsun Panel Van

In need of a smart panel van capable of carrying cargo in and around tight city streets? The Datsun Panel Van offers an affordable solution with a starting price of R 149 900.

With the signature GO front grille, headlights and rear shoulder, this Datsun for sale offers comfort features for the driver as well as the passenger, with the parking brake lever and gear lever finding a conveniently placed home.

Featuring an adequately high ground clearance and a stiffer suspension setup, the GO+ PV handles well on patchy and bumpy road surfaces. In terms of performance, you can expect power at low revolutions and lower levels of CO2 emissions.

panel van datsun for sale

Image Source: Datsun South Africa Website.

In terms of tech, the PV from Datsun boasts a Digital Tachometer, a gear shift guide and a docking station like seen with the Datsun GO Plus. Equipped with a driver airbag, air conditioner, halogen headlamps and a high mounted brake light, you can also expect to find those connected front seats, rear assist grips nifty storage compartments and spinal support seats in the front.

Because this is a panel van after all, the Datsun GO+ PV features a large loading rear door as well as large side doors to allow for comfortable loading. Able to seat two people, this van offers a luggage capacity of 818 litres, a fuel tank of 35 litres and has manual central locking.

Datsun GO Remix

Boasting special accessories and a modern style, the Datsun GO Remix is a stunning addition to Datsun’s line-up in South Africa. Starting at R 159 900, the GO Remix is an addition to the base models – the GO Mid and the GO Lux. If you would like to learn more about these base models, be sure to check out our Datsun Go: “Tomorrow’s there for the taking” post on the Auto Mart Blog.

The Remix has that distinctive GO front grille which is further enhanced with the aero kit. This aero kit also includes finishing touches for the sides as well as the rear of the vehicle, resulting in a spunky car that stands out.

Electronic side mirrors, fog lamps in the front as well as a spoiler for the rear roof are just some of the extra exterior features that add that Remix touch to the Datsun GO for sale. Also note the 15 inch alloy wheel and the special Remix version name plate.

To the interior, you will find great features such as the all new dark interior, a GO carpet set as well as a Blaupunkt Bluetooth CD, USB and radio. This new Datsun GO had a drive computer, speed sensitive power steering, air conditioning and the nifty ‘follow me home’ headlamp functionality.

datsun follow-me-home headlights

Image Source: Datsun South Africa Website.

You can also expect to find front power windows, an electronic fuel gauge and a 12V accessory socket. Manual central locking, speed sensitive wipers and child lock are some of the safety features offered by this Datsun.

Functional storage compartments, spinal support seats for the front, a seating capacity of five and an interior reading lamp are all standard features available in the Remix model.

Datsun GO Specifications

Each designed to meet different needs, the Datsun GO Specifications for the Remix, Panel Van and GO Plus models are more or less the same performance.

Datsun GO+ Lux AirbagGO+ Panel Van T (Lux)Datsun GO Remix T
EngineDOHC 12-Valve 3 Cylinders
EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
DOHC 12-Valve 3 Cylinders
EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
DOHC 12-Valve 3 Cylinders
EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
Transmission5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual
Displacement1 198 cc1 198 cc1 198 cc
Power50 Kw @ 5 000 rpm50 Kw @ 5 000 rpm50 Kw @ 5 000 rpm
Torque104 Nm @ 4 000 rpm104 Nm @ 4 000 rpm104 Nm @ 4 000 rpm
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)13.3 seconds13.3 seconds13.3 seconds
Top Speed161 km/h161 km/h161 km/h
Combined Fuel Consumption5.2 litres / 100 m5.2 litres / 100 m5.2 litres / 100 m
Datsun GO Price starting at: R 139 900R 149 900R 159 900

Looking for a Datsun GO for sale to meet your needs. With a range of functional models to choose from, you can find a Datsun for sale on Auto Mart that won’t break the bank.

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Datsun GO line-up in SA
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Datsun GO line-up in SA
Want to know more about the Datsun line-up in South Africa? From a functional panel van to the spunky Datsun GO Remix, there is a GO for your.
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