Design your ride with the customisable BMW R Nine T

BMW bikes for sale are renowned for their trustworthy performance and the BMW R NineT is no exception. From its original BMW design to its ride quality, the R Nine T does not disappoint. The R NineT is an authentic motorcycle which boasts a puristic design with plenty of room for customisation.

bmw r9t

Image Source: BMW Motorrad South Africa Website.

Design and Style of the BMW R Nine T

The BMW R9T gives you the freedom to explore. It combines a sense of freedom with a design that exudes confidence and style. The R nineT BMW bikes have plenty of unique details and there is no doubting that it is a BMW bike.

The length of this bike is 2220 mm and it has a width of 890 mm. Its height is 1265 mm and it has a wheelbase of 1476 mm. The seat height is 785 mm. The weight of this bike with a full fuel tank is 222 kgs. Its permitted total weight is 430 kgs and it has a payload of 208 kgs.

r9t bmw bikes for sale

Image Source: BMW Motorrad South Africa Website.

The usable tank volume is 18 litres and it has a reserve of approximately 3 litres. The R NineT’s ride feel as well as its design complements your free and authentic lifestyle.

Instrument Panel and Safety Features

The simplistic instrument panel of this model makes important information clearly visible. This includes a speedometer as well as a rev counter. The multifunction display offers additional information.

Safety features include ABS which comes standard with these bikes. If you are in pursuit of a classical bike, which can be adapted to meet your requirements, then the R NineT is the ideal option for you.

Equipped with a two-cylinder 4-stroke flat twin engine, the BMW R NineT delivers a pleasurable ride. Its air/oil cooled engine has a capacity of 1170 ccm.

bmw r nine t design

This powerful bike has a maximum speed which exceeds 200 kph. The front of the bike features an upside down fork. A note-worthy component of the rear design is the BMW Motorrad Paralever. Take a look at a comparison of the specifications for the BMW bikes which are available in the R NineT range:

Nine TNine T ScramblerNine T Racer
Capacity (ccm)117011701170
Rated Output (kW @ rpm)81 @7 50081 @ 775081 @ 7750
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)119 @ 6000116 @ 6000116 @ 6000
Emission standardEU3EU4EU4
Maximum Speed (kph)Over 200Over 200Over 200
Fuel Consumption per 100km @ constant 90kph (l)

Customisation and Accessories for the BMW R9T

With plenty of options for customisation, the BMW R9T stands out from the crowd. The rear frame is removable and it offers room for 6 inch rims as well as other options. While there is plenty of space for your input, the R Nine T is a BMW bike to its core.

When it comes to finding BMW bikes for sale, there are plenty of accessories to choose from. You can buy a HP carbon mudguard to protect your R NineT bike. The mud guard can be customised to enhance its style and decrease its weight. This is a quality front wheel cover manufactured from CFRP.

Another option for your bike is the HP carbon engine cover. The tank bag comes with an attachment system. This practical accessory is made from water-repellent material. The main compartment is waterproof. The volume of this bag is 11 litres. The embossed BMW wordmark completes the stylish and practical design of this tank bag.

bmw r nine t carbon engine cover

Image Source: BMW Motorrad South Africa Website.

Another storage option is the rear bag which has an attachment system. The volume of this bag is 40 litres. Add to the good looks of your BMW R Nine T with an aluminium tail cover. Not only will this accessory enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bike, it also adds to the comfort of your ride.

Other accessories include kneepads, a silencer holder and LED side indicators.

Add a comfort pillion passenger seat to make room for an extra person on your bike. Its exclusive design looks good while offering comfortable seating for your passenger.

Another useful accessory is the safety bolt which is used to secure the oil filler neck. This functions to stop thieves from stealing the cap and prevents the addition of other substances into the oil system.

bmw r nine t for sale

Image Source: BMW Motorrad South Africa Website.

Another preventative measure against crime is the anti-theft alarm which provides both acoustic and visual warnings against potential thefts.

Interested in the R NineT BMW? Browse through the BMW bikes for sale on Auto Mart to find the bike that best matches your riding style and needs. Don’t forget to create your BMW Bikes Alert to get informed of all the latest deals listed on Auto Mart.

Design your ride with the customisable BMW R Nine T
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Design your ride with the customisable BMW R Nine T
The BMW R Nine T is an authentic motorcycle which boasts a puristic design that leaves plenty of room for customisation.
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