Push the limits in a BMW M2 Coupe

Powerful, dynamic and sporty, the BMW M2 Coupe turns heads. Its excellent driving dynamics set it apart from the crowd. Every aspect of the M2 Coupe exudes confidence. If you want to make a bold impression, finding a BMW M2 for sale on Auto Mart is a great idea.

BMW has a reputation for manufacturing elite vehicles and this BMW Coupe for sale is no exception. BMW has a well established reputation for manufacturing high quality, high performance vehicles.

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With this reputation in mind you can be rest assured that you are getting the best when you find a BMW M2 Coupe for sale. The M2 BMW Coupe is the epitome of power. From its eye-catching exterior to its interior design every element of the M2 is captivating. Engineered to push the limits, the M2 offers an unparalleled ride.

If you want to take your driving experience to the next level, find a BMW M2 for sale. Read our informative blog to find out more.

Athletic Exterior of the BMW M2 Coupe

With its roots in the BMW M GmbH, the innovative BMW M2 Coupe has all the elements for success. Its design incorporates sporting prowess as well as the accuracy and driving dynamics that have come to be associated with the BMW M series.

Rear wheel drive adds to the appeal of the M2 Coupe. Distinctive back and front aprons improve air flow and contribute to the M2’s aerodynamic design. Its side sills and M gills add to the athletic design of the M2’s exterior.

bmw m2 coupe

Image Source: BMW M Power South Africa Website.

The M 19” double-spoke wheels take its athletic design to the next level. Not only does the M2 look the part, its M compound brakes and Blue Metallic brake callipers are reliable and effective even when the going gets tough.

Luxurious Interior of the M2 BMW

Congruent with the BMW M2 Coupe’s sporty performance and exterior design, its interior is both athletic and luxurious. Leather Dakota Black sports seats support the driver and enhance the M2 Coupe’s welcoming interior design.

The embossed M logo and Polar Blue stitching are distinctive characteristics of this BMW M series model. Another advantage of finding a BMW coupe for sale is its M leather steering wheel. The interior expertly combines luxury with functionality. 

Its comfortable design ensures that you get the most out of your BMW experience. Don’t forget to create your BMW Coupe Alert on Auto Mart!

bmw m series

Image Source: BMW M Power South Africa Website.

The M2’s Powerful Performance

The BMW M2 Coupe delivers a powerful performance. This impressive BMW Coupe is equipped with an M inline 6-cylinder engine which delivers a maximum power of 272 kW and a peak torque of 500 Nm. It has an engine capacity of 2979 cc.

Fast acceleration speeds enhance the experience of this exhilarating ride. The M2 BMW can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 4.3 seconds.

The strength of the M2 Coupe is evidence in it performance on the road. As well as fast acceleration speeds this vehicle has excellent handling around corners and it can reach speeds of 250 kph.

m2 bmw coupe

Image Source: BMW M Power South Africa Website.

Innovative technology such as Double-VANOS and High Precision Injection are highlights of this model. Its High-precision Injection and TwinScroll turbocharger further enhance its performance. State-of-the-art technology gives this model a fuel consumption of 8.5 litres per 100 km. Its CO2 emissions are 199 g/km.

ModelM2 BMW Coupe
Engine Capacity2 979 cc
Maximum Output272 kW @ 6 500 rpm
Maximum Torque500 Nm @ 1 400 – 5 560 rpm
Acceleration (0 -100 km/h)4.5 seconds | 4.3 seconds
Top Speed250 km/h
Urban Fuel Consumption11.6 l/ 100 km | 10.5 l/100km
Combined Fuel Consumption8.5 l/100 km | 7.9 l/100km

Variants available includes the 6 Speed Manual with a starting price of R 850 600 and the 7 Speed M-DCT with a starting price of R 906 600.

Innovative Technology

The M2 Coupe offers excellent traction and stability. Active M Differential supports the driver when switching lanes or taking corners. Uneven road surfaces are easier to manage with ActiveM Differential. M Dynamic Mode, which is part of the Dynamic Stability Control enhances the driving experience. DSC supports the driver by monitoring driving conditions and stabilising the car when accordingly while M Dynamic Mode offers room for wheel slip. If you are looking for an intuitive ride, the BMW M2 Coupe is the right choice. While this vehicle has an eye-catching design, it is practical too.

bmw coupe

Image Source: BMW M Power South Africa Website.

Not only does the M2 BMW look good, it feels good to drive too. Whether you are attending business meetings in the city or travelling longer distances, it is always a pleasure to sit behind the wheel this BMW Coupe.

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Push the limits in a BMW M2 Coupe
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Push the limits in a BMW M2 Coupe
Powerful, dynamic and sporty, the BMW M2 Coupe turns heads. With excellent driving dynamics, it most definitely stands out from the crowd.
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