The VW Touran that gives you choices

When it comes to VW 7 seater cars, the VW Touran is a great buy. Its versatility and functionality is complemented by comfort features. Useful accessories which are available for the Touran enable you to customise your vehicle. If you are looking for comfortable and safe transport for your family, the

The Volkswagen Brand

Volkswagen has an international reputation for manufacturing quality vehicles at affordable prices. The Volkswagen Group is a leading automobile manufacturer which ranks as the second largest in the world. Volkswagen Group is dedicated to providing the global market with safe, stylish and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Volkswagen Group South Africa was founded in 1946. As a German investment into the local economy, Volkswagen South Africa plays a vital role in technology transfer as well as skills development.

The South African subsidiary of the highly successful German automotive company upholds Volkswagen’s global standards for excellence.

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The VW Touran – A versatile MPV

At the heart of the VW Touran is its status as a multi-purpose vehicle. MPVs offer numerous advantages to families. These seven seater cars offer plenty of room to transport your family in comfort and style. The increased interior size is just one of the benefits of owning a Touran VW. This VW 7 seater also offers better off-road capabilities than smaller cars. Their larger size and safety features help to protect your loved ones.

While the Volkswagen Touran has a focus on practicality, it is also a fun ride. The Touran expertly combines functionality with pleasure, offering you and your loved ones a pleasurable ride. Using the innovative MQB platform, the Touran has expanded its size while decreasing its weight. It has an increased length of 130 mm and its wheelbase has been extended by 113 mm.

While its dimensions have increased the MPV has lost 62 kgs. The MQB platform can also be found in the Golf as well as the Passat. The increased interior space offers extra room for passengers as well as more storage space. Added storage room means that you can accommodate your family’s luggage on your next adventure.

Whether its school bags and groceries or sporting equipment, the Touran’s spacious interior is a handy characteristic of this MPV. Adding to its versatility, the VW Touran is equipped with a fold-flat seating system which is designed to create extra room for equipment that is difficult to transport in an ordinary car.

Not only does the spacious interior contribute to the comfort of the vehicle’s passengers, this MPV has an optional three-zone climate control system too. The climate control system allows you to keep the vehicle at a pleasant temperature when you are commuting in the city or exploring countryside roads.

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Features and tech in the Volkswagen Touran

An advantage of finding a Volkswagen Touran is its wide range of optional features. These added features give you the opportunity to customise your vehicle so it meets your requirements as well as those of your family.

Optional safety features include Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assist. The Front Assist with City Emergency Braking is another note-worthy safety feature which is available for this model. You can also benefit from adding Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert to your MPV.

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State-of-the-art technology takes the VW Touran to the next level. The electrically operated tailgate is a convenient feature of this MPV and it helps to support your busy lifestyle. The innovative infotainment system is another highlight of the Touran. The Touran boasts Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay offer excellent connectivity.

These seven seater cars from Volkswagen focus on economy and functionality however it still delivers an impressive performance. While its design is practical, it incorporates stylistic elements to give this MPV an attractive and confident exterior. If you are looking for added style you can opt for the R Line Exterior package which adds distinctive bumpers as well as stylish elements.

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Now that you know more about this MPV, you can find a VW Touran for sale and test its capabilities for yourself. Manufactured by VW, you can be rest assured that the Touran offers you great value for money as well as excellent reliability.

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The VW Touran that gives you choices
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The VW Touran that gives you choices
When it comes to VW 7 seater cars, the VW Touran is a great buy. Its versatility and functionality is complemented by comfort features.
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Auto Mart
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