The hottest bakkies for sale now under 200K

If you are looking for bakkies for sale but want to keep that price under R 200 000, this is the blog post for you. Today we highlight both single and double cab bakkies for sale that have a starting price of under R 200 000.

Why a bakkie is so popular

A light delivery vehicle, or a bakkie, is a valuable vehicle to have. The long loadbox on the bakkie is ideal for transporting loads, large or small. The loadbox on the bakkie is a great space to have, making the bakkie as convenient as a small truck with the comfort and ease of a car.

car on the road

Both double and single cab bakkies for sale are equipped with a range of features that supplement the interior bakkie experience, matching and sometimes, surpassing features in a car. A bakkie is versatile and can be yours for under R200 000!

Choosing a Nissan Bakkie for under 200K

Nissan has been manufacturing bakkies for South Africa since 1932. The experience is clear in each and every bakkie that Nissan produces. Nissan’s bakkies are versatile in giving you a mix of utility and luxury all for a great low price.

The NP300 2.0 Base S/Cab

A 1 998cc engine capacity runs this petrol 2 wheel drive engine. A 1998cc engine is balanced out nicely by its 10 L/100km combined fuel consumption.

In terms of safety on the NP300 2.0 Base S/Cab, there is a seatbelt on the front seats as well as a 2×3 point plus lap belt to keep you safe on the road and off. The Nissan NP300 for sale is constructed with front crumple zones to bear the brunt of a crash from multiple angles in case of a collision.

The Nissan 2.0 Base S/Cab comes with power steering with PVC on the floors and seats for interior control and comfort.

nissan single cab bakkie

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

2.5 NP300 TDI Base S/Cab

The Nissan 2.5 TDI Base model uses diesel fuel to power the 2488cc engine, making it more powerful than the 2.0 Nissan NP 300. The engine in the Nissan 2.5 TDI Base model is a turbocharged direct injection that charges up the bakkie to handle many different terrains. Take the Nissan 2.5 TDI Base S/Cab out anywhere- it’s good for both the city and any dirt road.

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Nissan NP200

The Nissan NP200 for sale is a leader amongst high-quality bakkies for sale below R200 000. The NP200 has a large interior cab with storage and plenty of features. The load box on this bakkie has been enlarged since its earlier versions, with a flip-down tailgate that can hold up to 300kg for extra space for your large loads. Feel secure in the Nissan NP200 with Nissan Safety Shield technology to help you anticipate trouble on the road before it happens.

nissan np200

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

Mahindra bakkies under R 200K

Mahindra, an award winning brand in South Africa, offers a range of vehicles from Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) to trucks and bakkies. Most of Mahindra’s bakkies are available under R200 000 and offer great value for the price.

Mahindra Scorpio single cab loader 4×2

The 4×2 single cab Mahindra Scorpio for sale is a 2.2 litre 4-cylinder mHawk diesel engine powered workhorse. A two chain dive system makes acceleration easy even with a huge load on your bakkie. The Scorpio single cab loader also comes with an element of style and convenience.

With features like power steering, power windows, and powerful headlamps, driving the Scorpio is easy in all conditions no matter the time of day.

Mahindra Bolero Single Cab 4×2

The Bolero Single Cab from Mahindra is a 2.5 litre diesel engine that puts performance first. The single cab design gives more room for your load with a 2260mm x 1530mm x 730mm loadbox that can hold up to 1.1 tonne.

The versatility of the Bolero Single Cab 4×2 is another selling point – with high walls on the loadbox and panels that fold, you can carry not only a large load, but many different types of loads as well, making it great for your diverse needs.

bolero single cab bakkie

Image Source: Mahindra South Africa Website.

Bolero Double Cab

The double cab Mahindra Bolero for sale is a surprisingly powerful yet balanced bakkie with a 2.5 litre Turbo Diesel engine and a large loadbox, the Bolero Double Cab is a versatile bakkie to have. The Bolero shines on rugged roads.

The 74kW engine power with 238Nm of torque gives the Mahindra Bolero Double Cab an efficient work capacity. A hydraulic clutch reduces the stress of poor shifting while you carry large loads whether that be cargo or up to 5 members of your crew.

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bolero double cab bakkie

Image Source: Mahindra South Africa Website.

Tata bakkies for sale

Tata bakkies for sale are reliable- the company has been selling a wide range of vehicles for decades. With an international presence and over 9 million cars sold, Tata is a brand that strives to innovate across all of its vehicle ranges.

Tata Xenon Single Cab

These single cab bakkies for sale were created for a mix of work and play. The Xenon 3.0 litre engine is for serious work giving you 300Nm of torque controlled by a 5-speed synchromesh gearbox for smooth driving whether you are on or off the clock. The suspension of the Xenon Single Cab is reinforced with a double wishbone and torsion bar to increase the stability and carrying capacity, making it an efficient bakkie overall.

tata xenon

Image Source: Tata South Africa Website.

Tata Xenon Double Cab

The powerful Xenon Double Cab is the reliable and fuel efficient bakkie on the Tata 3.0 litre fleet. The load area on this vehicle is ribbed, making loading up your bakkie easier and gives you space to load more.

While the Xenon Double Cab is made to work, with a diesel powered engine and power steering to make controlling the vehicle easier than ever, the Xenon Double cab is also great on the inside for all passengers as well. The interior is fitted with great features such as a CD/MP3 player, power windows, and a remote immobiliser.

Bakkie ModelStarting Price EnginePowerFuel Consumption
Nissan NP300 2.0 Base S/CabR176,9001998cc84kW10 l/100km
Nissan NP300 2.5 TDI Base S/CabR197,9002488cc98kW8 l/100km
NP 200R159,9901598cc64kW8.1 l/100km
Mahindra Scorpio single cab loader 4x2R180,9952200cc47kW8.8 l/100km
Mahindra Bolero Single Cab 4x2R151,7502498cc47kW9.5 l/100km
Mahindra Bolero Double CabR199,1182498cc74kW9.5 l/100km
Tata Xenon Single CabR162,4952956cc84.5kW10 l/100km
Tata Xenon Double CabR199,9952956cc84.5kW10 l/100km

Whether you are looking for a single cab or double cab bakkies for sale, Auto Mart is the place to shop. With great deals on a range of bakkie brands, you are sure to pull away in your new ride in no time.

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