Seductive and unforgettable: The Honda CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z 1.5 delivers an unparalleled driving experience. Its unique style and agile performance set it apart from the crowd. Equipped with Integrated Motor Assist hybrid engine technology, this Honda for sale on Auto Mart delivers a pleasurable ride. Not only is it a high performance vehicle, it is equipped with plenty of safety features too.

honda crz for sale

Honda cars for sale are popular across the globe. Their reliable performance and affordability add to their appeal. Honda’s slogan “The Power of Dreams” reflects their commitment to supporting the lifestyle of their clients. Honda’s extensive experience in the automotive industry and their commitment to continuous development allow them to offer motorists outstanding transportation solutions.

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A look at the exterior of the Honda CRZ

Designed in accordance with the notion of the “one-motion wedge” the Honda CR-Z combines a low bonnet with a wide stance. Its sporty good looks inspire confidence in drivers across South Africa. While the CR-Z has unique design features you will know that it is an authentic Honda vehicle from the moment that you set eyes on it.

Its sculpted exterior style and aerodynamic roofline are elements of its Honda heritage. Its alluring side profile is enhanced by its wraparound screen. The front windscreen is designed to offer the driver improved visibility which supports the driver and boosts the safety which this vehicle offers. The distinctive grille and wide headlights highlight the bold good looks of this model.

Another reason to find this particular Honda for sale on Auto Mart is its panoramic glass roof. You can enjoy the freedom of travelling with the roof open or use the sunshade for respite from the hotter weather during the summer months.

cr-z honda for sale

Interior of the Honda CR-Z

The interior of the Honda CRZ is the epitome of sophistication. Its ergonomical design ensures that the driver keeps their focus on the road. The S+ button takes the CR-Z’s performance to the next level. The CR-Z is equipped with a top-quality audio system which delivers the ultimate listening experience.

The seats are designed to offer an athletic driver position that also offers maximum comfort. Not only does the driver’s seat offer outstanding comfort, it also offers convenient access to the vehicle’s controls. Now you can buy a CR-Z which has a Continuously Variable Transmission. Operating at the perfect gear ratio, this model offers a better performance along with a decreased fuel consumption.

Technology and safety features in the CR-Z

When it comes to selecting Honda cars for sale, safety is an important consideration. The Honda CR-Z has both passive and active safety features. Hill Start Assist offers the driver support when taking off on an incline. Six airbags as well as progressive safety belts help to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

cr-z honda

The Honda CRZ also features active headrests, decreasing the chances of the vehicle’s occupants suffering from whiplash if a collision takes place. Vehicle Stability Assist prevents skidding and helps the driver to stay in control. Your vehicle is protected from theft by smart security systems.

A rolling code immobiliser prevents the engine from starting unless the transponder key corresponds with the engine code. The Vehicle Identification Number helps to trace and identify your vehicle if it is stolen.

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Performance and specifications of the Honda CRZ

Equipped with innovative technology the CR-Z delivers an extraordinary performance. There is an option between a manual and CVT version of this vehicle. Both models have a 1497 cm3 engine which deliver a combined power of 101 kW at 6600 rpm. The combined torque for both models is 190 Nm at 1000 – 2000 rpm.

honda crz

The manual 1.5 Honda CRZ has an acceleration speed of 9.4 seconds while the CVT model can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 9.9 seconds. The maximum speed for the manual model is 200 kph while it is 198 for the CVT version. The combined fuel consumption for the manual CR-Z is 5.2 litres per 100 kph while it is 4.9 litres per 100 km for the CVT models.

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