The BMW X4 ‘exudes unadulterated self-confidence’

Distinctive, powerful and confident, the BMW X4 is a thrilling ride. Its robust design and superior capabilities give you the freedom to set off in whatever direction you choose. When the going gets tough the BMW X4 for sale is the vehicle that you want to be driving.

The X4 is designed to support your adventurous lifestyle while offering an amazing performance. In a bold move BMW leapt into unchartered territory by creating a vehicle that merges X-typical power with design elements of a classic coupe.

Read our informative review to learn more about the design, technology and specifications of this capable vehicle. But first, a quick look at BMW.

bmw x4

Image Source: BMW Website South Africa.

BMW and BMW Cars

True to their slogan ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ BMW has a reputation for manufacturing vehicles that deliver an enjoyable performance. Since the company was founded in 1916 BMW has developed a reputation for manufacturing high-performance, luxury vehicles.

With headquarters in Germany BMW has achieved success across the globe. As a leading luxury auto manufacturer BMW sells elegant vehicles which support modern lifestyles. With so many reasons to find a BMW for sale, it is easy to see why these vehicles are so popular.

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side view of the x4 bmw

Image Source: BMW Website South Africa.

Powerful Performance in the X4 BMW

Equipped with a BMW TwinPower Turbo engine, the BMW X4 delivers a high quality performance consistently. Sport steering as well as performance control both function to take the capabilities of this vehicle to the next level.

The BMW X4 price starts at R 729 074. For an overview of the X4 BMW, take a look at the following specifications table.

BMW X4 xDrive20ixDrive28ixDrive35ixDrive20dxDrive30d
Capacity (cc)1 9971 9972 9791 9952 993
Maximum Power135 kW @ 5 000 – 6 250 rpm180 kW @ 500 – 6500 rpm225 kW @ 5 800 – 6400 rpm140 kW @ 4 000 rpm190 kW @ 4 000 rpm
Maximum Torque270 Nm @ 1 250 – 4 500 rpm350 Nm @ 1 250 – 4 800 rpm400 Nm @ 1 200 rpm – 5 000 rpm400 Nm @ 1 750 – 2 500 rpm560 Nm @ 1 500 – 3 000 rpm
Top Speed 212 km/h232 km/h247 km/h212 km/h234 km/h
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)8.1 seconds6.4 seconds5.5 seconds8.0 seconds5.8 seconds
Combined Fuel Consumption6.9 litres / 100 km7.0 litres / 100 km8.3 litres / 100 km4.9 litres / 100 km5.7 litres / 100 km
BMW X4 Price (Excl. CO2 Emissions Tax)Starting at R 715 200Starting at R 782 200Starting at R 878 200Starting at R 721 200Starting at R 872 700

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X4’s Exuberant Exterior

The X4 BMW makes a bold statement on the road. Its dynamic lines and broad shoulders give the X4 a solid stance. This athletic coupe supports an active lifestyle. While the X4 has distinctive styling elements, it is clear that it is a BMW from the moment that you set eyes on it.

The available M Sport package boasts striking air inlets as well as available 20” M light alloy wheels. The adaptive LED headlights are both aesthetically appealing and functional. Various settings allow the driver to adapt the illumination according to lighting conditions.

bmw x4

Image Source: BMW Website South Africa.

The adaptive LED headlights increase safety when driving in low visibility conditions. To complete the exuberant good looks of the BMW X4 for sale, you can choose between a wide selection of colours. The Melbourne Red metallic X4 is impossible to miss.

BMW X4 Luxurious Interior

From the moment that you set foot inside BMW cars for sale, you will feel relaxed and in control. The BMW X4 is no different. Premium materials as well as attractive colours contribute to an aesthetically appealing interior design. The athletic leather steering wheel as well as the athletic design of the gear selector reflects the X4’s dynamic performance.

The flowing lines of the instrument panel and the expansive control display serve a functional purpose while forming an attractive stylistic element of the X4 BMW for sale. The spacious and uncluttered interior leaves plenty of room for passengers while creating a relaxing interior ambiance without distractions.

bmw x4 inetrior

Image Source: BMW Website South Africa.

While the back seat has the looks of a two-seater coupe it can accommodate three passengers. The Harman Kardon surround sound system delivers an incredible audio experience. The 16 speakers further enhance the top quality sound that the system produces. Optional extras mean that you can customise the interior to reflect your personal taste.

Some healthy competition

The upcoming Audi Q4 SUV is designed to be a competitor to the X5. As a German manufacturer in competition with BMW, Audi has plans to develop a Q4 SUV to rival the BMW X4. With Audi’s reputation for manufacturing elegant high performance vehicles the Q4 SUV can be expected to be tough competition for the X5 BMW for sale.

You can learn all about the BMW X5 by reading ‘The BMW X5 surpassing its own standards’ post on the Auto Mart blog.

Now that you know more about these amazing BMW cars for sale, why not find a stunning BMW X4 for sale on Auto Mart? Browse for great deals and create your X Series BMW alert on Auto Mart to get informed of the latest and greatest deals.

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