5 fuel saving tips for the budget conscious driver

No matter the time of year or economic climate, fuel saving tips always come in handy, for both the budget conscious driver and those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. With stunning fuel efficient cars on the market to choose from combined with some fuel economy tips, you are sure to be on your way to saving in no time.

While technology and innovation has come a long way in recent years in terms of fuel saving measures, there is a range of practices and lifestyle choices that help you get the biggest bang for your buck after filling up.

Using a Fuel Consumption Calculator

Before we give you some great ideas on how to save fuel, we wanted to give you some information on fuel consumption calculators. Making use of a fuel calculator and implementing some handy tips is the key.

how to save on fuel

If you are looking to implement some of the fuel saving tips below and reduce your impact, then a good fuel consumption calculator is just what you need.

Easy to use, these calculators allow you to track and measure, as well as work out your own vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Some of the popular fuel consumption calculators out there include:

  • The Drive South Africa fuel calculator. You can choose between a range of options of what you would like to track, from refills, litres, kilometres and Rands. It offers an easy to use and clean interface, as well as a range of inputs so you can customize exactly what you would like to track in terms of consumption and how each of the elements affect each other.
  • Another great option is Fuel Saver. It is another simple and easy-to-use option, where you can calculate fuel consumption and your costs based on the distance you drive to and from work, or any other location you’d like to keep a record of.

How to use a fuel consumption calculator

Being fuel efficient helps increase the amount of kilometres you can get out of every tank and is hugely useful to measure. Firstly you’ll need to fill up your tank and record the odometer reading.

Then when it’s time for your next fill up, fill the tank again, as well as record the latest odometer reading. Once you have these two readings, and have filled your tank, you can calculate your fuel consumption.

using a fuel calculator

You’ll need the difference between the two readings and to divide the number of litres you used to fill you tank by the distance travelled and multiply this by 100. You result is your consumption for the period.

An example is if your tank is 50 litres and the distance you travelled was 700km.

50 litres ÷ 700km = 0.0714
0.714 x 100 = 7.15 litres (l) per 100 km

This means your consumption is 7.15l/100km for that time period. Finding fuel efficient cars will also give you a better fuel economy, bring down the litres per 100 kilometres.

Fuel Saving Tips that will rock your world

If you are wondering how to save fuel, you have come to the right blog. The Auto Mart team has rounded up a selection of fuel saving tips that will stretch your budget. These tips can be applied to a range of car models and include the best general practices to get the most out of your car and fuel efficiency.

The extensive range of tips include points on idling, sticking to the speed limit, avoiding rush hour traffic and ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure. All of these are vital to saving fuel and decreasing your carbon footprint while you are at it.

Having good fuel consumption is all about maintaining your car, remembering and enforcing a range of measures to ensure that you can make the most of your mileage.

fuel consumption

Avoid Rush Hour

Avoiding rush hour is key as the time spent idling and stop starting wreaks havoc on your car’s fuel economy. In the case, timing is key, so figuring out a pattern and formula for getting to and from work is a huge fuel saving measure. If you can’t avoid rush hour, then there are other measures to help save fuel.

Start a Lift Club

A rush hour compromise is a lift club. If the type of work you do requires much traveling, then this option isn’t for you but if you, and colleagues, find yourselves traversing the same route to work and back, every day, then a lift club is the solution.

It saves you on both fuel and parking costs, wear and tear on your car, and as a bonus provides quality time with those you work with. You’ll also help contribute to a cleaner environment, which is another plus.

Looking for cars under R 200 000 that offers great fuel economy? Read our “Beat the Petrol Price with 6 Fuel Efficient Cars” for the lowdown on six cars that will make your money go a little further.

If you are in the market for a new car, browse through the deals on Auto Mart and create an alert!

considering fuel economy

Drive Smoothly

If you are wondering how to save fuel, switching up your driving style is another great contributing factor to help with fuel consumption. If you have the tendency to accelerate and rev high then you’re likely to be using more petrol than your more conservative counterparts.

Another important thing is that driving more smoothly, and slowly, will help with consumption and decrease your chances of picking a speeding fine.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Another great way to help with streamlining your fuel economy is the correct tyre pressure. While it may not seem like much, it has a profound effect on your car’s driving ability and resistance.

If your tyres are deflated it causes resistance which means you’ll be using more fuel for every kilometre you drive. You can check, and fill up your tyres at any petrol station across South Africa, all for free.

checking your tyre pressure

Find Fuel Discounts

Fuel discounts have become a hugely popular reward scheme with many service providers. From banks, like Standard Bank, to medical aid providers, like Discovery, you can either get points, or cash back, depending on your driving and fuel consumption.

It is worth it, if you have an account with the bank, or the medical aid provider. Also keep your eye on fuel prices – if you know that the fuel price is going down in a couple of days, try to hold out until then before filling up.

Other Fuel Saving Tips to keep the wheels turning

Turn on Cruise Control – If you have a cruise option in your car then you need to start making use of it. Cruise control helps with smooth braking and decelerating; something which can be costing you precious fuel.

Research Fuel Prices – Depending on which petrol station you go to, you can find a range of prices, this is more common with diesel, where the prices varies slightly more across the country.

consider fuel prices

Don’t Overload Your Car – The weight of a car, and what is inside, has a huge impact on fuel consumption, so if you are always carrying around heavy, and unnecessary goods, then now is the time to change that. Take stock and only keep what is necessary, at all times.

Maintain Your Car – While it might be the most obvious answer, looking after your car and ensuring all elements work correctly is vital in how to save fuel, and general costs. Service your car and ensure it is in suitable working condition, to help with guzzling fuel.

Now that you have these fuel saving tips down, why not start looking for more fuel efficient cars that won’t break the bank? Looking for an even easier way to brows for cars online? Download the Auto Mart Android App now!

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