Experience amplified driving in the Volvo S60

Dynamic, comfortable and elegant, the Volvo S60 is a legendary ride. Designed to capture the attention of other motorists, the Volvo S60 for sale has a confident stance on the road. Its premiums safety features and state-of-the-art technology add to its appeal.

volvo s60 for sale

Image Source: Volvo South Africa Website.

The Volvo Brand

Founded in Sweden, Volvo manufactured its first vehicle in 1927 in Gothenburg. Since then the automotive manufacturer has enjoyed success on both the Swedish and international market. Their extensive experience in the industry as well as their commitment to innovation have resulted in the consistent production of quality cars.

Volvo cars are manufactured in Sweden, Belgium and China. Dedicated to safety and responsible business practices, a strong ethical code is at the core of the company. If you want to find a Volvo for sale, here is an overview of the S60 to get you started.

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Features in the Volvo S60

A convenient feature of the Volvo S60 is the Active High Beam which automatically adjusts itself to a low beam in the presence of oncoming vehicles. Another convenient feature of the Volvo S60 for sale is its Adaptive Cruise Control. This feature lets you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride without having to change your driving speed while overtaking.

For added convenience the S60 has Park Assist Pilot which guides your vehicle into parking spots effortlessly. With Sensus Connect you can keep up with your busy lifestyle. This feature offers USB, auxiliary and wireless connectivity. Sensus Navigation helps you to stay on track and reach your destination without getting lost. Its easy operation keeps you focused on the road.

Sensus Navigation takes the hassle out of traveling to new places. Another highlight of the S60 is its premium sound system which offers quality audio with enhanced bass.

Safety Features in the S60

When you purchase a Volvo for sale, you know that you are in safe hands. With Intellisafe, S60 drivers are provided with premium safety features. The innovative safety system supports the driver during emergency situations. Surround view technology allows the driver to have a clear view of any obstacles in the vicinity of the vehicle. This feature makes parking safer and easier.

Driver Alert Control keeps you focused on the road and if you are getting drowsy this feature warns you to stop for a break. The Rest Stop Guidance in the Volvo S60 offers suggestions on safe places to stop and rest. The Blind Spot Information System supports the driver during lane changing.

volvo s60 interior

Image Source: Volvo South Africa Website.

The Lane Keeping Aid in these Volvo cars detects if you are veering out of your lane unintentionally and helps to get you back on the right course. Not only do the safety features protect the vehicle’s occupants, but they also help to keep pedestrians safe. The City Safety technology in the Volvo S60 for sale senses pedestrians and brakes if a collision is imminent.

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Driving experience and performance

True to Volvo’s reputation for excellence, the S60 takes the driving experience to the next level. Superior suspension and responsive steering enhance the ride quality of this vehicle. With 3 driving modes it is easy to adapt your vehicle according to the terrain or the mood that you are in. If you are looking for a thrilling ride, consider finding a Volvo s60. Powerful and efficient, the S60 offers reduced emissions and an impressive fuel consumption.

With a variety of Volvo cars to choose from in this range, you are sure to find a S60 that matches your requirements. Fitted with Drive-E the S60 delivers responsive power while decreasing environmental impact and ownership costs.

volvo s60

Image Source: Volvo South Africa Website.

The T3 Geartronic has an impressive acceleration speed of 8.6 seconds with a top speed of 210 kph. The T4 Geartronic accelerates from standing to 100 kph in just 7.2 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 230 kph.

The D5 Geartronic has an acceleration speed of 6.4 seconds with a maximum speed of 230 kph. If you are looking for a Volvo for sale, the price starts at R 396 300. For an overview of the S60 specifications, take a look at the following table.

T3 GeartronicT4 GeartronicD5 Geartronic
ConfigurationTransverse 16 valveTransverse 16 valveTransverse 16 valve
Engine Capacity (cc)149819691969
Maximum Power (kW @ rpm)112 @ 5000140 @ 4700165 @ 4250
Maximum Torque (NM @ rpm)250 @ 1700-4000300 @ 1300-4000470 @ 1750 - 2500
Fuel SystemDirect fuel injectionDirect fuel injectionCommon rail direct injection

Now that you know more about the Volvo S60, you can take one of these premium vehicles for a test drive to experience their performance for yourself. Volvo’s reputation for reliability makes finding a second hand Volvo for sale a great choice.

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