Dare to live in the new Renault Kadjar

Meet the latest adventurous offering from Renault, the brand new Renault Kadjar. It’s a bold yet sporty and refined looking crossover vehicle, perfect for many needs. Today we look at what makes these Renault cars for sale stand out from the competition.

A Quick Overview of the Kadjar

You can discover and explore new and unfamiliar terrain with these crossover cars that combines a sporty, and sleek, look with a rugged and solid offering.

Its host of features including driving assistance, stop and start system and engines that help maximize fuel efficiency, mean that no matter the terrain and where you find yourself, the Renault Kadjar won’t disappoint.

You can find three modes for the 4×4 model, lock, auto and 2WD, all of which are perfect for a range of needs, from optimising fuel consumption, for unknown, rocky terrain to snow, and much more.

The Kadjar has come into a highly contested category, the SUV Crossover, and includes a quality build and value in a sleek offering, that have made it popular across the globe.

Intrigued? Read on to see more about the Renault Kadjar and why you would want to add it your collection.

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Renault Kadjar Models Available

There is a range of Kadjar’s for you to choose from. The Expression Turbo features Cruise Control, Rear Park Assist and much more, while the Kadjar Dynamique Turbo features USB and Hands-free Technology, as well as AUX input, 360° Auto Park Assist and a Rear Camera. The Kadjar Dynamique dCi 4×4 has many of the same features as the Dynamique Turbo but also features a 4×4 Diesel Drivetrain.
Exterior of the Kadjar

These Renault cars for sale comes in a range of colours to suit your needs, from Glacier White, Flame Red, Pearl Black to Cosmos Blue, Titanium Grey and many more.

renault kadjar crossover

Image Source: Renault South Africa Website.

The Kadjar is sleek and sporty, and features LED lights along with the standard daytime lights.

You can also choose between either 17-inch or 19-inch alloy wheel rims for these funky crossover cars, depending on where you plan to take it, on or off road, the Kadjar is suited to both and isn’t out of place on any winding paths, no matter where it may be.

A look at the Interior

The interior of these Renault cars is spacious, roomy and inviting. A host of special touches, including a panoramic sunroof, a multimedia system and increased storage capacity, mean for a comfortable ride, no matter how long the journey is.

The Renault Kadjar features a large interior with plush seats, chrome and topstitching accents throughout as well as a host of technology and features to ensure every ride is as smooth as possible.

The storage capacity includes a folding system that allows the boot to fold down and create a roomy, 60:40 split seat, so wherever you go and whatever you may need to take along with you, you can.

Interior Features and Technology in the Kadjar

Renault cars for sale are known for its safety features, as well as their high-end technological systems, and those included with the Renault Kadjar are no different.

You’ll find a 7-inch TFT colour screen digital dash inside your Kadjar and you’ll be able to track the usual specifications, including speed, rev counter as well as the advanced driving guides. The second 7-inch screen is a touch screen system used to control the range of multi-media, from photos and videos, to satellite navigation, eco driving and much more. You can also make use of the voice recognition to control and select music and make phone calls.

Park Assist

The various park assist options with these Renault cars mean that getting out of any tight spot, or parking lot, is a breeze. The self-parking system makes use of 360° Park Distance Control and rear cameras to estimate where and how to park, while the electric steering is then automated depending on the parking space.


The Renault Kadjar has a world-renowned 5-Star Euro NCAP safety rating and various safety measures to ensure a smooth drive. These include an Anti-Lock Braking System, Anti-Skid Technology, as well as an Emergency Brake Assist, when it is detected. This, coupled with the Electronic Stability Control helps with stability and possible loss of control.

These sporty crossover Renault cars also features a reinforced structure, a range of airbags for all passengers, anti-whiplash headrests as well as a speed limiter and hill start assist.

The blind spot detector helps detect objects in your blind spot and uses two sensors to help accurately pinpoint the objects. If found, an LED light turns on on the relevant door mirror.

renault kadjar headlights

Image Source: Renault South Africa Website.

All of the safety features packed into these crossover cars help with and are key in potentially dangerous situations or terrain.

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Engine Specifications and Performance

The Kadjar handles well on the road and on tough terrain, thanks to its various engine specifications and performance abilities. The Kadjar range of Renault cars features advanced, fuel efficient, engines. The Renault Energy TCe 130 Petrol and the Energy dCi 130 4×4 Diesel engines feature inspiration from the Formula 1 track and the various advanced systems lend themselves to a powerful drive.

All of the Kadjar models are powered by forced-induction turbo engines. The 1.2 turbo petrol-powered Dynamique comes in at 96kW with 205Nm of torque while the turbo-diesel Dynamique 1.6 dCi 4×4 comes in at 96kW and 320Nm of torque.

Across the range of models, the ECO mode function is standard and allows you to modify and lower the fuel consumption of your Kadjar by around -12%.


The Renault Kadjar has three modes. 2 Wheel Drive, with power at the front wheels, allowing for maximum fuel efficiency. The Auto mode is where the transmission ratio adapts to both the rear and front wheels to help with safety and traction. The Lock mode is ideal for when you are in tough or unexpected terrain, including mud, sand, soil and snow and it allows for 50/50 distribution between rear and front wheels to best optimise the conditions.

Pricing and Availability

As for its pricing and availability, the Renault Kadjar is available across South Africa and the various pricing specifications are as follows. You can get the Kadjar Expression 96kW Turbo for R364 900, the Kadjar Dynamique 96kW Turbo for R389 900 and the Kadjar Dynamique 1.6dCi for R454 900.

Each is ideal for a range of needs and with pricing that reflects that, you’ll find a Kadjar for your budget.

Comparing the Renault Kadjar to other Crossover Cars

So how do these Renault cars for sale compare to other cars and SUV’s in its class? It joins the likes of the Toyota Rav4, the Hyundai Tucson, as well as the Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai, the Ford Kuga to name a few.

kadjar renault for sale

Image Source: Renault South Africa Website.

All are impressive, and much loved, SUVs with a host of features and options that make them unique. The Renault Kadjar sets itself apart, along with the similarly built Nissan Qashqai in terms of engine, top speed and a host of technology and safety that make it something special.

The Renault design, quality, build and value offering make it a formidable offering in an equally formidable market segment.

Renault Kadjar Specifications

Now that you know which cars it compares to, the detailed specifications may just help in your buying decision. The key specifications of these crossover cars from Renault are:

Specifications of the Renault Kadjar for sale

Engine typeTurbo petrol engine
Peak power (kW96
Peak power rating (rpm)5500
Peak torque Nm CEE (Nm)205
Gearbox typeManual
Top speed (km/h)189

Want to get your hands on the Renault Kadjar? Start your search for the perfect crossover today. Auto Mart features a range of Renault cars for sale, each unique. Browse for stunning deals on Renault cars today!

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