Embrace cruiser culture and Italian beauty on a Ducati Diavel

If you are considering finding a Ducati for sale, stand out from the crowd on a Ducati Diavel. The distinctive Diavel design makes a bold impression on the city streets. The cutting-edge design of Ducati bikes complements their thrilling performance. If you are looking for a powerful bike with everyday usability, the Diavel and Ducati xDiavel are definitely worth considering.

The Ducati Diavel

The Ducati Diavel is designed to impress. Its muscular frame and dominant stance inspire confidence in Ducati riders. Lateral radiators enhance the athletic good looks of this model. To finish off the aesthetically appealing and functional design of the Ducati Diavel for sale you’ll spot a huge 240 section back tire.

ducati diavel for sale

Image Source: Ducati Website.

True to the brand name, these Ducati bikes exhibit a combination of passion and authenticity that offers riders a unique experience. A full-LED headlight complements its exterior design while increasing visibility at night.

Standard equipment that comes with the Ducati Diavel includes riding modes as well as power modes. The Ducati safety pack includes ABS as well as DTC. The LCD display provides easy access to vital data such as speed and rpm. The rider can also see the time and coolant temperature at a glance.

Another useful feature of this bike is its warning lights. These lights are activated for turn signals, ABS status and fuel reserve. The TFT colour display, which is mounted on the tank, offers information on the air temperature, scheduled maintenance and fuel consumption.

Another reason to find a Ducati Diavel for sale is its exhilarating performance. At the heart of this motorbike is its Testrastretta 11° L-Twin engine. Inspired by the legendary Ducati Corse engine, the Testrastretta 11° puts power at your fingertips. The liquid-cooled 1198.4 cc engine delivers 119 kW of power with 130.5Nm of torque. This bike has electronic fuel injection.

ducati bikes for sale

Image Source: Ducati Website.

While the engine offers riders the power of a Superbike, it delivers a smoother ride. This combination of power with comfort, offers riders an enjoyable ride. The Ducati Diavel is a force to be reckoned with as well as a bike that is pleasant to ride on a daily basis. Its specifications provide better fuel economy as well as decreased exhaust emissions.

Innovative technology further enhances the performance of these Ducati bikes. The Ride-by-Wire system enhances the ridability of this bike by offering the most suitable amount of power for the selected riding mode. The large exhaust pipes feature a 58mm cross-section that functions to increase power and efficiency. The slipper clutch is designed to offer a light feel as well as convenience during stopping and starting in traffic.

Looking at the Ducati XDiavel

The Ducati XDiavel is a fearless and legendary bike which joins the world of cruisers with exceptional power. Based on the values that have come to be expected of Ducati bikes the XDiavel fuses comfort with power to offer riders a relaxing ride.

Fitted with a Testastretta DVT 1262 engine the Ducati for sale is ideal for long trips at slow speeds as well as high performance pursuits. The benefit of opting for a Ducati XDaviel is that although these bikes bring together comfort and power, they make no compromises in their performance or design. The liquid-cooled L-twin 1262cc engine delivers 114,7 kW of power with 128,9 Nm of torque.

Equipment for this model includes Ducati Traction Control which enhances the performance and safety of the XDiavel. The rider can adjust the levels accordingly to accommodate riders with varying skill levels. Level eight is ideal for beginner riders who are facing challenging road conditions while level one is suited to expert riders. The electronic key offers the convenience of a hands-free start-up.

ducati xdiavel

Image Source: Ducati Website.

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Specifications of these Ducati Bikes

For an overview of the Diavel and Ducati XDiavel specifications, take a look at the following specifications table.

Specifications of the Ducati Diavel and the Ducati xDiavel

DiavelDucati xDiavel
Displacement (cc)1198.41262
Maximum Power (kW @ rpm)119 @ 9250114,7 @ 9500
Torque (Nm @ rpm)130.5 @ 8000128,9 Nm @ 5000
Dry Weight (kgs)210220
Seat Height (mm)770775
Wheelbase (mm)15801615

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