Get your adrenaline fix with a KTM Super Duke

The KTM Super Duke 1290 combines an exhilarating performance with luxurious comfort. Its dynamic handing capabilities enable the rider to achieve high speeds on a variety of paved road conditions. With a consistent performance this KTM for sale has an appeal that will get your heart racing.

As a bike of the year finalist, the KTM 1290 boasts innovative ergonomics and technology. The stamina of this bike means that you can push the limits on long distance trips. Its V-twin rocket engine sets it apart from the crowd. Refined, comfortable and fast, the KTM Super Duke is a great buy.

Distinctive Design of the Super Duke 1290

The durable frame of the KTM Superduke 1290 is constructed from high quality material. Both stable and light, the frame of these KTM Bikes enhances its performance.

The overall weight of this bike is 212 kilograms excluding fuel, and its beautiful swingarm is constructed from light alloy. The attention-to-detail is evident in its design. The back wheel has a 50 mm axel which is secured with a 60 mm wheel nut.

The KTM Super Duke 1290 is fitted with Pirelli Angel GTs which offer great grip and excellent steering. The performance of these athletic tires is enhanced by the sturdy alloy rims. These wheels decrease the weight of the bike while improving the ride dynamics. The trustworthy WP steering damper prevents kick-back.

ktm super duke 1290 for sale

Image Source: KTM South Africa Website.

The LED cornering lights enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Super Duke bikes as well as serving a functional purpose. Combined with the LED indicators, the cornering lights give the Super Duke a distinctive appearance, making it a great choice if you are looking for a KTM for sale.

All the necessary information is available at a glance on the Super Duke’s attractive dashboard. Vital information is displayed on the central LED screen and a second LCD screen provides additional data. The ergonomical design of the KTM 1290 adds to driver comfort. Other features of this model are its adjustable windshield, cruise control and heated grips.

Superior Safety of the KTM Super Duke 1290

Safety is an important consideration when you are buying a motorbike. The benefit of finding this KTM model is that it offers excellent braking. The innovative ABS system enhances the cornering capabilities of this bike.

With its class-leading braking system, the Super Duke comes to a halt safely even at intense lean angles. In addition to its stopping power, the front and back brakes are combined to offer maximum stability. This feature can be turned off or it can be switched to supermoto mode.

super duke 1290

Image Source: KTM South Africa Website.

Another safety feature of the KTM Super Duke is its Motorcycle Traction Control. The system functions to decrease slippage to the best proportions according to the ride mode as well as the lean angle. The “Street” mode and “Rain” mode offer different degrees of traction slip. “Sport” mode allows a degree of power slides. Not only does this system increase safety, it also boosts the driving pleasure.

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ATIR means that remembering to reboot the turn indicators is no longer an issue. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is simple to view on the display and the driver is notified if the pressure is low.

The available Motor Slip Regulation system stops the back wheel from drifting during fast gear downshifts as well as snappy throttle chopping. Hill Hold Control is another safety feature of the KTM Superduke 1290.

Exhilarating Performance

With its state-of-the-art WP semi-active suspension system, the KTM Superduke 1290 offers high levels of comfort. Not only does this system boost comfort levels, it also enhances the safety of this bike.

There are three modes to choose which include ‘Comfort’ and ‘Street’ options. A third choice is the ‘Sport’ mode. The Suspension Control Unit manages the dampening rates according to the terrain and rider. It also assesses the bike’s load and adjusts the suspension accordingly.

ktm super duke 1290

Image Source: KTM South Africa Website.

True to their reputation, finding a KTM for sale, puts power at your fingertips. This bike is suitable for cruising the city or competing with superbikes.

The powerful engine and light weight of this bike contribute to the versatility of the KTM Super Duke. From a relaxed cruise to an athletic ride, this bike offers you everything that you could want and more. Its 23 litre tank gives this bike incredible touring stamina.

Take a look at the table below for more of the KTM 1290 Super Duke specifications.

Specifications of the KTM Super Duke 1290

Engine2-cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement (cm3)1301
Power (kW)127
Ground Clearance (mm)140
Seat Height (mm)835

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