10 Most affordable cars in SA right now

There is a host of affordable cars for sale currently on the market in South Africa and if you’re looking for one either for your city running’s, budget or needs, learn more about these 10 options that will fit in with your lifestyle.

Datsun Go

First up is the Datsun Go, a sleek, little city car. It has strong lines, a distinct shape and has a range of features from low fatigue seat design, specialised air-conditioning vents, as well as airbags and 265 L of boot space; it packs a punch.

With its 1.2l petrol engine that provides 50 kW and with fuel consumption at just 5.2 l/ 100km, it’s cost effective, efficient and an ideal option if you’re a Datsun fan.

The Datsun Go for sale starts at R104,900 and the price varies depending on additions and accessories. Learn more about these affordable cars by reading our ‘Datsun Go: Tomorrow’s there for the taking’ post.

The Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is a familiar fixture on South African roads, for many reasons. The compact and easy driving car has a range of great features and makes for one of the best value-for-money cars out there.

These features include radio, MP3, USB and AUX capabilities, Bluetooth, power steering, as well as safety features including air bags, crumple zone and protection beams.

The 1.1-litre engine has a power output of 50kW at 5000 r/min and torque of 99Mn at 4500 rpm, while the 1.25-litre engine is slightly more powerful.

hyundai i10 for sale

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The i10 also has a sizeable 225-litre boot, meaning you can fit a substantial amount in the small space.

The Hyundai i10 for sale starts at R152,900 and varies according to the different models.

The VW up for sale

The fun and funky VW Up range is the latest offering from VW in the entry level segment. The 5-model range is ideal for a host of budgets and lifestyles and ideal for those in need of a small and nippy car.

The cars are tiny at 1.64 metres wide and 3.54 metres long the entry level Take Up! has a 5-star Euro NCAP rating. And while it doesn’t has a range of finishes, it is a great option from VW.

The Multi-Point-Injection engine has power output of 55kW @ 6200 r/min and torque of 95Nm @ 3,000 – 4,300 r/min. Safety features include ABS, front, curtain and side airbags, as well as Electronic Stability Control.

It also features 14″ Steel wheels and adjustable mirrors, a spacious interior, as well as the option of a radio, infotainment and navigation system.

It’s small, available in a range of colours and fits, exactly where you need it. The VW Up for sale start at R156,600.

Learn more about these spunky affordable cars for sale by reading our ‘The VW Up! Range of spunky little cars’ blog post.

Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark is a sporty, speedy and fun city car. With the choice of a range of colours and options to suit your needs, it is a formidable choice.

The 1.2-litre engine has an output of 60kW, an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 13.3 seconds as well as top speeds of 164km/h, making it a fast and nimble offering.

It has a range of features including Bluetooth connectivity, music streaming and ample space for all. It also features 5 seats, 2 airbags and 170-litres of cargo space, making it a great choice.

chevy spark

Image Source: Chevrolet South Africa Website.

With a starting price of R 137 400, the Chevrolet Spark for sale is one of the great affordable cars to choose from if you are looking for a well-known and trusted brand.

Honda Brio

The Honda Brio hatch 1.2 Trend is another popular option from Honda and offers great value for your money. The refreshed Brio has seen a host of new updates and looks, from a bolder design, new lights and 14 inch steel wheels as well as halogen headlamps and much more.

It also features a host of upgrades with entertainment options, and Bluetooth connectivity as a standard on the some of the Brio models.

As for the Brio 1.2 Trend, it features a 1.2-litre engine with an output of 65kW at 6000 r/min and 109Nm torque @ 4500 r/min, with the option of either a 5-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual transmission.

honda brio

Image Source: Honda South Africa Website.

The safety features include dual airbags, EBD, ABS and a 30 000Km or 2 year warranty. A great option when it comes to affordable cars in South Africa, the Brio has a starting price of R148 600.

Learn more about the Brio by reading our ‘A 360 look at the refreshed new Honda Brio post’.

Tata Indica

Produced in India, the Tata Indica has made a name for itself, providing an affordable option for over a decade. It offers great value for money and the reliable and comfortable drive makes it a popular option for many, which is why it is a top selling car in its segment.

The Indica LGi offers a range of convenience, entertainment and safety features, with its air conditioning, power steering and much more.

It features a 1.4 engine with an output of 55.2 kW @ 4500 r/min and 110Nm of torque at @ 3000 r/min, with fuel consumption at around 7.4-litres per 100KM.

tata indica for sale

Image Source: Tata South Africa Website.

Overall, it’s well-known, well-loved and a trusted and reliable name and car on the market. The LGi Tata Indica for sale has a starting price of R118 995.

Explore the Indica from Tata by reading our ‘Affordability and Value in the Tata Indica’ post.

Suzuki Celerio

The Suzuki Celerio hatch was only launched last year but it’s great brand reputation, price and features has meant that it has done fairly well in the South African market.

While it may be small, it’s got a roomy feel and is ideal for daily commutes and drives across the city.

The engine type is a 1.0-litre, offering a power output of 50kW at 600 r/min with a torque peak of 90Nm at 3500 rpm, as well as 4.7 litres per 100km. Thanks to its Auto Gearshift feature you can switch between manual and automatic, depending on your needs.

suzuki celerio for sale

Image Source: Suzuki Auto South Africa Website.

The entry-level Celerio 1.0 GA 5MT comes in at R129 900 and increases according to the various other models available.

You can learn more about these affordable cars for sale by reading our ‘New kid on the block: The fun and compact Suzuki Celerio’ post.

Chery QQ3

The Chinese Chery QQ3 0.8 TE is a small and sturdy offering. It’s fun and funky features make it one to consider.

The metal model, with protection bars, as well as energy-absorbing bumpers mean it offers some unique features. It also includes ABS and EBD to help with braking and response times.

The speedy 1.1 TXE model has an output of 38kW and a reported fuel consumption of 6.3-litres per 100KM.

It also features air conditioning, a radio and CD player, as well as 190-litres of boot space, meaning you can fit a lot into the space car.

chery qq3

Image Source: Chery South Africa Website.

The Chery QQ3 has a starting price of R99 995, includes a 3-year or 100 000KM warranty and optional service plan.


The FAW V2 is a speedy hatch that is ideal for city life and makes our list of affordable cars to choose from in South Africa. It boats a range of features from LED brake lights, ABS, EBS and dual airbags to radio, MP3 options and much more.

The Chinese based FAW brand is known for their trucks, and this offering sees them take on the entry-level market in South Africa. The speedy, compact car has a host of entertainment, convenience and safety features that make it stand out.

faw v2 for sale

Image Source: Imperial Select South Africa Website.

The FAW V2 has a starting price of R 114,900, a 4 Cylinder 1.3-litre VCT-I engine, with an output of 67kW at 6000 r / min. It also comes with a 4 year service plan, or 45 000 KMs, as well as a 3 year factory warranty and 1 year of free roadside assistance.

Geely LC

The Geely is a Chinese produced nifty, car that has strong offerings with much of what you’ll find on a much more advanced model. This includes air bags, parking sensors, ABS and much more.

The rounded and eye catching shape of the Geely LC means you won’t miss it. Inspired by the panda, it has distinct design and colour features that mimic the animal, and make the car, something special.

The 1,3-litre petrol engine also packs a punch with an output of 63kW 6 000 r/min and 110Nm of torque at 5 200 r/min; with fuel consumption of around 6.9l per 100km.

The Geely LC also comes with radio with USB input and much more. This coupled with the 60/40 rear split seat, means for generous storage space.

geel lc

Image Source: Geely South Africa Website.

All this and with its five-star safety CN-CAP crash rating, electronic brake-force distribution and ABS, as well as airbags, make it a safe and appealing option.

The Geely comes in at R99 990, an unbeatable price across the range.

Specifications and Prices of Affordable Cars in South Africa

ModelPowerTorqueFuel ConsumptionStarting Price
Geely LC 1.363 kW @ 6000 rpm110 Nm @ 5200 rpm6.9 l / 100 kmR 99 990
Chery QQ3 0.8 TE38 kW70 Nm6.3 l / 100 kmR 99 995
Datsun Go Mid 50 kW @ 5000 rpm104 Nm @ 4000 rpm5.2 l / 100 kmR 104 900
Faw V2 1.
67 kW @ 6000 rpm120 Nm @ 4400 rpm6.5 l / 100 kmR 114 900
Tata Indica LGi55.2 kW @ 4500 rpm110 Nm @ 3000 rpm7.4 l / 100 kmR 118 995
Suzuki Celerio 1.0 GA 50 kW @ 6000 rpm90 Nm @ 3500 rpm4.7 l / 100 kmR 129 900
Chevrolet Spark60 kW @ 6400 rpm108 Nm @ 4800 rpm5.4 l / 100 kmR 137 400
Honda Brio 1.2 Trend Hatch65 kW @ 6000 rpm109 Nm @ 4500 rpm5.6 l / 100 kmR 148 600
Hyundai i10 (1.1 Motion Manual)50 kW @ 5500 rpm99 Nm @ 4500 rpm4.8 l / 100 kmR 152 900
VW Take Up!55 kW @ 6200 rpm95 Nm @ 3000 – 4300 rpm4.6 l / 100 kmR 156 600

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