New Nissan X-Trail open to adventure

Get the freedom to explore with the new Nissan X-trail. Adventurous, the Nissan XTrail for sale is prepared to face any obstacle without sacrificing on style and comfort.

The X-Trail’s Luxurious Interior

The spacious interior offers 7 seats so there is room to take your family and friends along with you. The seats slide forward which makes it easy to access the back rows. With a 50/50 split third row seat the Nissan X-Trail for sale has the flexibility to accommodate extra cargo.

The driver’s seat is designed to enhance comfort and decrease fatigue and, while the XTrail is designed to face tough terrain, the interior is pure luxury. That way you can stay comfortable even when you are tackling harsh off-road conditions.

nissan x-trail

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

Striking Exterior of the Nissan X-Trail

If you want to make a bold impression on the road, find an X-Trail for sale. Its sporty exterior and muscular good looks turn heads. Its aerodynamic design contributes to its powerful performance. Not only does the X-Trail have a superior design, it is also available in a variety of attractive colours. You can choose between red, military green or greyish blue. For a more subtle look you can opt for copper blaze or new silver.

The striking exterior design is accentuated by LED lights. In itself an attractive element of this Nissan’s design, these LED headlights are more than just good-looking, providing functionality to this vehicle. The LED lights help to keep the occupants safe by making the vehicle more visible to other drivers at night. LED headlights increase visibility in adverse weather conditions. The XTrail for sale boasts sculptured lines and muscular fenders, making this vehicle stand out from the crowd.

x-trail for sale

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

XTrail’s Intuitive Performance

The Nissan X-Trail for sale is designed to respond to varying driving conditions which affords you the confidence to tackle tough terrain. When facing a challenging situation the 4WD system increases the power to where it is required the most. The agile performance of the Nissan X-Trail inspires confidence in drivers no matter what the situation is.

With a variety of models to choose from, you can pick a vehicle which best meets your requirements. Your budget will also influence your choice of which Nissan Xtrail for sale to pick. To compare the specifications of each model, take a look at the table below.

Specifications of the Nissan X-Trail Models

2.0 XE1.6 DCI XE2.5 SE 4WD
Engine2.0 2WD1.6 DCI 2WD2.5 4WD
Displacement (cc)199715982488
Fuel Consumption l/100km8.35.18.3
Starting PriceR 354 900R381 900R 397 900
Cutting-Edge Technology and Safety

When you buy an Xtrail for sale, you are getting a vehicle that is packed with state-of-the-art technology. Busy modern day lifestyles create distractions but the XTrail is there to offer you extra support. Its Advanced Driver-Assist Display makes life easier. With caller ID and advanced navigation, you can rely on the X-Trail to help you keep up with your fast paced schedule. Another noteworthy system of the ADAD is its full colour 5” display.

Safety is a vital consideration when you are purchasing a vehicle. Once you find a Nissan Xtrail for sale you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are in safe hands. The Nissan Safety Shield defines the auto manufacturer’s approach to safety which emphasises the important role vehicles play in keeping people safe. Forward Collision Warning as well as Blind Spot Warning help to support the driver.

The Nissan X-Trail for sale is also equipped with Lane Departure Warning. If a collision occurs, the Nissan’s Zone Body Construction helps to protect the vehicle’s occupants. State-of-the-art seatbelts as well as airbags offer additional protection.

Convenient features of this model include push button ignition. This feature eliminates the hassle of searching for your keys. The dual zone climate control maintains a pleasant interior temperature despite the weather conditions outside.

X-Trail for sale on Auto Mart

Take a look at some of the great deals in Nissan XTrail models listed on Auto Mart.

Nissan X-Trail 2.5

You can find a Nissan X-Trail 2.5 for sale on Auto Mart. This 2012 model is priced at R 219 950. It has a mileage of 98000 km. This model has a white exterior and AWD. Highlights of this model are its panoramic sunroof and leather interior. It is in excellent condition.

nissan x-trail for sale on auto mart

Nissan X-Trail 1.6dCi

This 2015 model is priced at R 424, 995. It a mileage of 25144 km. This Xtrail for sale has a silver exterior and AWD. Highlights of this model are its ABS, immobiliser and alloy wheels.

1.6dci xtrail for sale

Looking for a Nissan X-Trail to take on your own adventure? Browse through the amazing deals listed on Auto Mart to find your next Nissan XTrail for sale.

New Nissan X-Trail open to adventure
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New Nissan X-Trail open to adventure
Get the freedom to explore. Adventurous, the Nissan X-Trail for sale is prepared to face any obstacle without sacrificing on style and comfort.
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