Enjoy the view in the new Ford B-Max

Not only stunning family cars, this Ford for sale is light, powerful and versatile, delivering a great driving experience. Though it might look small, the B-Max is spacious, nippy and great for the city streets.

It allows you the freedom to go, see and do and enjoy the view, wherever it may be.

Want to know more? You can find out all there is to know, from the interior, exterior, design, technology to its performance on the road and how it compares with other cars in its class.

Exterior of the Ford B-Max

The exterior of the Ford BMax is playful, sleek and offers more than just good looks. The aerodynamic shape was designed to help reduce both the fuel consumption and drag of the car. Making it more efficient, while easy on the eyes.

The design of the Ford Easy Access Door System is to allow easy access for all. The hinged doors open up as well as sliding doors on the rear, this means a shift in the structure of the car and allows you to pack it full, when on a trip, be it the grocery store, or a long journey.

The ease of use is further highlighted in the option to access the car from the sides and rear and makes loading and unloading a breeze.

b-max ford family cars

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

The glass roof means for a light and bright interior while the solar coating means it won’t heat up.

Interior of the Ford B-Max

As for the interior, you’ll find a spacious and comfortable range of quality details, including stitching and finishes to create a polished and clean look.

The centre console includes options for an AUX cable, USB and 12V powerpoint. While if you head to the back you’ll find enough space for all your needs.

b-max ford interior

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

The adjustable luggage compartments and load floor in this family Ford for sale mean that you can adjust and create space for almost everything you need.

The B-max Ford’s Performance

The Ford BMax offers a powerful performance on the road. This is thanks to 1.0L EcoBoost direct injection, turbocharger engine found under the hood. The EcoBoost engine offers 8% more power than the 1.6L TDCidiesel engine as well as 7% more torque compared to the 1.6L TiVCT petrol engine.

Always wanted to track your driving style and use it to help with fuel efficiency? With the Ford EcoMode system you can do just that. It tracks your gear changes, speed and driving behaviour.


Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

This, coupled with the gearshift indicator that allows you to save on fuel and maximise every moment by making use of a light to let you know when it’s best to change gears, are just some of the great features offered.

Speaking of saving fuel, you can save up to around 10% by using the stop and start mode – a stunning feature in these Ford cars for sale. The stop and start mode works by supplying power to the radio, fan and lights, while turning off the engine when you’re stuck in traffic, when are you ready to get back in the swing of things, the engine restarts. This process can allow you to save around 10% on your fuel consumption, giving a more fuel-efficient drive.

It’s this mix of power and great features that makes the B-Max Ford a pleasure to drive.

Technology in the Ford BMax

So much more than just economic family cars, the B-Max models from Ford also boast a range of technology options to make any and every trip easier.

You’ll find the voice-control system, MyKey features and Keyless entry are just some of the innovative additions that the B-Max offers.

b-max ford centre console

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

The SYNC voice-control system is just that, it allows you to activate, control and adjust your music player and control your phone through a series of voice commands. You can phone family and friends, have your incoming text messages read to you, answer calls and keep your eyes on the road.

You’re also able to control your music, through USB or the Sony audio system and control your playlists, based on artists or songs you want to hear.

Aside from music you can also choose how you’d like the temperature, warm, frosty, or somewhere in between, you can choose it all and make sure it’s the set temperature for the duration of your trip.

Controlling your music and the temperature aren’t the only things you can do in this Ford for sale, thanks to the Ford MyKey technology, each and every driver can have their own unique driving settings, tailored to individual needs and preferences. These are made up of the choices for the speed limit, volume control and driver assistant features. That means, however you drive, you can customise the experience.

ford cars for sale

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

If all that isn’t enough, or you simply aren’t a fan of keys, you can choose the keyless entry option. This allows you to enter, and start the Ford B-Max, all by making use of the remote key fob.

You’ll also love the automatic climate control, heated windscreen, tyre pressure monitoring system and all the bells and whistles that come with these Ford cars for sale.

Safety fit for family cars

The B-Max Ford boasts a 5-star NCAP safety rating and has a range of safety features for maximum protection.

These include the Intelligent Protection System which is made up of anti-locking braking system with emergency brake assist, an electronic stability programme as well as hill launch assist.

The electric power- assisted steering is only activated when needed, be it in city street or winding highways, it’ll automatically adjust and activate to help with lighter turns, depending on the situation.

safety features of the ford bmax

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.

The rear-view camera allows you to have another angle of the rear-view mirror. Once the option is selected, the display will show the feed from the camera in the central display, allowing you, and your passengers, to keep an eye on things.

These Ford cars for sale also feature a range of airbags for the driver and passengers, including airbags that rub through the length of the interior of the car.

With an emphasis on safety and features to boot, the Ford BMax has it all.

The B-Max’s Specifications

Interested in the Ford B-Max? With three five speed manual transmission models to choose from, here is an overview of some of this vehicle’s features, performance numbers and specifications:

Specifications of the Ford B-Max

B-Max Model1.0 Ecoboost Ambiente1.0 EcoBoost Trend1.0 EcoBoost Titanium
Engine Capacity998 cc998 cc998 cc
Bore & Stroke (mm)72 x 8272 x 8272 x 82
Power (kW a@ rpm)74 @ 6 00092 @ 6 00092 @ 6 000
Torque (Nm @ rpm)170 @1 400 – 4 000170 @1 400 – 4 500170 @1 400 – 4 500
Top Speed (in km/h)175189189
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)13.2 seconds11.2 seconds11.2 seconds
Combined Fuel Economy (l/100 km)

Some of the amazing features standard in these models include ABS, EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), HLA (Hill Launch Assist) and EBA (Electronic Brake Assist).

Ford B-Max Price

If you are interested in the Ford B-Max price, you will be happy to hear that these family cars are priced between R236,900 – R287,900 depending on the B-Max model and variant you choose.

ford cars for sale

Image Source: Ford South Africa Website.


The B-Max Ford stacks up well compared to other models in its class, including the Kia Venga and Nissan Note. The Fiesta based design and Eco-Boost engine is always a win with Ford.

Overall, it fares well with those in its class. The Ford BMax stands apart for a range of reasons including its streamlined look, running costs, versatility and performance.

Does the Ford B-Max sound like the perfect solution to your needs? Browse through the stunning deals on www.AutoMart.co.za to find a Ford for sale that will meet all of your family’s needs today! Your new car journey awaits.

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