New Generation Smart ForTwo and ForFour

Are you looking for a Smart car for sale? The compact design of these vehicles makes them perfect for city residents. Whether you are running errands or visiting friends, the Smart ForTwo makes it easy to get around. The Smart ForFour is great for families. If you want to find small cars for sale, take a look at our blog to find out more.

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Image Source: Smart South Africa Website.

A New Generation of Small Cars

The new generation of Smart cars are now available in South Africa. While each model is equipped with a 999 cc engine, you can choose between the specifications of the passion, prime and proxy.

Smart cars have been available on the local market for years but they have not gained popularity yet. Two main reasons for their failure to break into the South African market are their price and practicality. The innovative ForTwo and ForFour aim to boost sales with a fresh design as well as better technology and specifications.

The Smart’s Funky New Exterior

Funky, modern and compact, the Smart ForTwo and ForFour offer an improved exterior. While the exterior design has evolved it has still maintained distinctive design elements such as the short overhangs which made it such awesome small cars to own.

fortwo smart car for sale

Image Source: Smart South Africa Website.

New design elements include curvaceous lines, distinctive colours and classy features. The large LED headlights add to the aesthetic appeal of these vehicles. The length of the ForTwo is 2.69m while the ForFour is 3.49m.

A Refreshed and Classy Interior

The interior of the new Smart cars are more subdued. Mesh covers the surface of the dashboard and the door-linings. Durable black plastic complements the interior design of these small cars for sale.

Motorists can choose to add some colour to the interior of their car to brighten it up. The Smart ForFour offers more space than you would expect. Its 185 litre boot can be extended to 975 litres. The extra space makes it a suitable family car. The larger ForFour has back doors that can open 85 degrees.

Smart Technology for Smart Cars

These small cars are equipped with a reasonable amount of technology. The technology that comes with your car depends on the specifications of the model that you choose. With cruise control you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Active seat belt-tensioners as well as crosswind assist are other features that are available with the latest Smart cars. An available safety feature of these cars is collision warning. The optional lane-keep assist also helps to keep the occupants of the vehicle safe.

A touch screen multimedia system is available for these cars. The navigation system is just one of the benefits of the optional multimedia. With plenty of connectivity options, the Smart cars support your busy modern day lifestyle. You can listen to all your favourite songs on the JBL sound system. If you are opting to find a Smart car for sale, these new generation beauties boast eight speakers in a ForTwo and twelve speakers in the ForFour. There is even a voice control system for added convenience.

Smart ForFour and ForTwo Performance

The Smart ForTwo and ForFour have a 999 cc engine which, combined with its light weight, delivers an adequate performance for a compact car. Its five-speed manual transmission delivers power to the back wheels which is unique for a compact city vehicle.

fortwo smart car for sale

Image Source: Smart South Africa Website.

The upgraded powertrain produces an appealing noise. Another reason to find a Smart Car for sale is its responsive handling and suspension. The double wishbone McPherson struts contribute to a pleasurable ride. Its light steering and small turning circles make it the ideal vehicle for city living.

For a comparison between the specifications of the ForTwo and ForFour, take a look at the table below.

Specifications of the New Generation Smart

Smart ForTwoSmart ForFour
Engine (cc)Three-cylinder 999Three-cylinder 999
Power (kW@rpm)52@600052@6000
Torque (Nm@rpm)91@285091@2850
Acceleration 0 – 100 kph (s)14.415.9
Top Speed (kph)151151
Fuel Consumption (l/100 km)4.14.2
CO2 Emission g/km9397
Starting PriceR 194 400R 199 400

If you are looking for agile, compact small cars, then the latest Smart cars are an awesome choice for you. The zippy performance of the Smart cars makes them appealing to city drivers. Once you own one of these funky beauties it will be easier to find parking in the city. The design of these vehicles complement busy modern lifestyles. Now that you know more about these new generation Smarts, why not browse Auto Mart for spectacular deals on a Smart car for sale?

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