Honda CRV: A SUV ready to capture a lifetime of memories

Want the thrill of off-road adventures without forgoing the practicality of a smaller vehicle? The Honda CRV is a great fit. An amazing Honda SUV, it allows you to discover and capture a lifetime of memories. Today we take a closer look at why the Honda CRV for sale is such a stunningly adventurous vehicle.

honda cr-v

Image Source: Honda Website.

Honda CRV History

Compact and sporty, the Honda CRV range is a crossover sports utility vehicle that has been around since 1995, with various modifications and upgrades to elements of the SUV. The CRV is a mid-range, fitting in between the H-RV and Pilot models.

The CRV has a reputation for quality, reliability and stability and can be spotted on the many winding roads in South Africa. Renowned for its ability both on and off-road, the CRV can easily handle different terrain.

The fact that the CRV is ideal for different terrain, offers comfort and the best of both of a normal sedan. All of which makes it an SUV that is an ideal vehicle for many buyers.

honda crv

Want to know more? We have all the details on the interior and exterior features, technology inside and out, as well as the design and safety features that makes the Honda CR V such a sought after vehicle.

A Look at the CRV’s Exterior and Performance

The Honda CRV comes with a 2.0 i-VTEC petrol engine and six-speed manual transmission. With an engine that has 114 kW of power and 192 Nm of torque, it makes for a powerful drive.

You’ll also love the multi-function steering wheel and cruise control options, which allow you to adjust and explore any road, or path. The added benefit of the ECON button means that you can achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

The exterior and design perfectly complement what is going on under the hood of the Honda CRV for sale. With an eye catching grille, that has chrome accents, as well as a longer vehicle, makes it a sleek looking ride. While the 17-inch alloy wheels and front fog lights allow for a range of different terrain to be covered, in twilight or at night.

honda crv for sale

Image Source: Honda Website.

The design of curved edge mirrors on the doors is to try and help with blind spots you may encounter. While the parking sensors blend into the overall design.

You’re also able to transport a host of items, from bikes to surfboards with the roof rails, making it a handy feature for road trips.

The Interior of the CRV

The interior of this Honda SUV is no less as exciting as the exterior, with the clean lines and various safety features echoed throughout the inside.

The multi-functioning steering wheel is both ergonomically designed and offers a range of features that allow you to control various functions in the car, without your hands leaving the wheel. These include changing the menu and changing stations or the volume. All from the comfort of the wheel.

honda cr v interior

Image Source: Honda Website.

Aside from the ease of use of the multi-functioning wheel, you’ll find the multi-information display bright and easy to read. You can check your odometer and dual trip meters as well as fuel consumption range and temperature, which allow for peace of mind and the ability to quickly assess when to turn around and grab that jacket for that long trip.

You can also play your favourite music, thanks to the USB connectivity features of the Honda CRV for sale. It’s plug and play at it’s best and ideal for whatever mood may strike, from the city to the open road.

Other features you’ll love in this Honda SUV

The cruise control option comes as a standard and helps you drive more economically. Speaking of economical driving, the ECO button helps with fuel efficiency for all trips, long or short. It does this by adjusting the air conditioning, engine transmission and various features to ensure overall fuel efficiency.

crv for sale

Image Source: Honda Website.

The dual zone climate control is also a treat as you can adjust the temperature to suit varying needs and requests for both the driver and passengers.

Now, if you’re transporting items, the back seats can be folded, to allow for 1146 litre of boot space, which is perfect for picks ups, holidays and moving days. You’ll find the lever close to the passenger seat and easy to control.

When on-the-go, moving or getting around, safety is a paramount concern, and with a host of related features; the Honda CR V provides a safe and reliable ride.


You’ll find the usual antilock braking system alongside hill start and vehicle stability assist, ideal for whichever terrain you may end up, while the active headrest and range of airbags give you peace of mind.

Colour Choices

The Honda CRV also comes in eight signature colours, from Mountain Air Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, White Diamond Pearl, Basque Red Pearl II and many more. So whatever colour you’d like, you can get.

You can find different Honda CR V models available, each of which are suited to various needs, and all make a road trip that much more exciting.

honda cr-v

Image Source: Honda Website.

Other Honda CRV Models

There are four models available and while they share many similarities, there are a host of different features and options for each.

They all share the sleek and clean design, with chrome accents and a futuristic design that can be found in the details, from lights to the sensors and specially curved edges of the mirrors. You also find the fog lights, roof rails, multi-function steering wheel and other features in the various models. These not only look appealing but also help with safety and security.

The Elegance Honda CRV for sale comes in 2.0 and 2.4 litre options with five speed automatic transmissions, as well 17-inch alloy wheels and cruise control, which you’ll find standard.

You’ll also find a 140 kW engine and 220 Nm of torque, making it more powerful than the standard.

Other differences come in with the additions of a rear-view camera and front and back parking sensors, which help in any situation, no matter how tight the parking spot.

The Executive model comes in a 2.4 litre option, with five speed automatic transmission. You’ll find 18-inch alloy wheels, roof rails alongside a host of features that are unique to the model.

These features include Bi-HID headlights, a rear-parking camera, keyless door mirrors and a unique electric seat for the driver.

While each offer different capabilities, they all have the USB, CD and iPod audio systems, dual zone climate control and antilock braking system alongside hill start and vehicle stability assist. All are ideal for no matter where you may end up, from a road trip to a mountain adventure.

The table below provides a complete overview of the Honda CRV specs, from engine to exhaust system.

Specifications for the Honda CR V Models

Manual CRV ModelsAutomatic Honda CRV Models
Typei-VTEC, 16-valve, in-line 4i-VTEC, 16-valve, in-line 4
Displacement (cm3)19971997
Acceleration (from 0 – 100 km/h)10 seconds12.4 seconds
Torque (Nm @ r/min)192 / 4300192 / 4300
Power (kW @ r/min)114 / 6500114 / 6500
Maximum Speed (km / h)190 190
Bore and stroke (mm)81 x 96.981 x 96.9
Compression ratio10.6 : 110.6 : 1
CO2 emissions (g/km)182 - Euro2182 - Euro2
Combined Fuel Consumption (l / 100 km)7.7 litres7.6 litres
Honda CRV Price

If you are interested in buying this Honda SUV, you can expect a starting price of R 380 600 for the 2.0 Manual Comfort FWD model, the automatic model starting at R 395 600. The Honda CRV price for the 2.0 Elegance FWD model starts at R 432 200 for the manual transmission, moving up to a starting price of R 447 200 for the automatic 2.0 Elegance (FWD).

cr-v side view

Image Source: Honda Website.

The 2.4 Executive AWD Automatic has a starting price of R 557 000 while the 2.4 Exclusive AWD Automatic Honda CR V has a starting price of R 596 500.

Like the sound and intrigued by the versatility of the Honda CRV? It may just be the ideal SUV for you. Have a look at the deals listed on Auto Mart to find a Honda CRV for sale that will be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

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