Looking at champion Yamaha bikes: the YZF-R1 vs the YZF-R6

Known for its mix of powerful and sleek motorcycles, Yamaha is an industry leader providing the best mix of form and function. Yamaha bikes for sale are known for their rugged good looks and performance, delivering motorbikes that so many South Africans adore. Yamaha South Africa offers a wide range of stunning motorcycles and, today, we wanted to take a closer look at the Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6 for sale.


Image Source: Yamaha Motor Sports Website.

The Brand and Yamaha Bikes

The Yamaha Motor Company started production in Japan in 1955 and its motorcycles have become household names over the years due to their out-of-the-box thinking and willingness to innovate and take risks.

Today’s Yamaha bikes for sale came as a result of other business ventures, which lead to a background in lightweight metals, ideal for making both frames and parts for two and four wheel drives.

Now Yamaha produces the second largest amount of motorcycles in the world (Honda being first) and the Japanese brand is synonymous with an excellent blend of form and function.


Their wide range of motorcycles caters for entry-level riders to those more advanced, and their blend of form and function can be found both on and off the racetrack. With racing playing an important part in building the brand, there has been a host of riders taking home championship wins on road and dirt on Yamaha’s.

Not content with just bikes, Yamaha also had a hand in producing Formula 1 and Indy Car engines and worked with Toyota and Lexus on a range of engines.

Yamaha Bikes for sale South Africa can enjoy

The roots in racing can still be felt today, with a range of YZF bikes, the first that had a 4-stroke production engine. Yamaha still produces two-stroke MX engines, which can be found in their YZ85, YZ250 and YZ125 range.

Among the superbikes and sportbikes, the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6, are hugely popular the world over.

The Yamaha YZF-R1 was Yamaha’s first superbike and the YZF-R6 made its debut in 1999, as the super sport version of the popular bike. The first YZF-R6 had a 600cc production 4-stroke engine, a world first and was a leader in its category.


Image Source: Yamaha Racing South Africa Website.

Both the R6 and Yamaha R1 for sale include a ride-by-wire throttle as well as cutting edge designs, making them formidable on whichever surface they are taken for a spin on. That’s not to mention the design and technology used from championship machines, all expertly crafted into the two models.

Both the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 have been upgraded and had elements revised over the years and innovative influence can be felt across other Yamaha lines. These include the FJR1300A and FJR1300AE bikes, which feature ground breaking technology and designs.

The Yamaha R1

Interested in racing? Then the Yamaha YZF-R1 is just for you. Inspired by the MotoGP and YZR-M1 and making use of the best in cutting edge technology and design, it makes for a unique riding experience.

The superbike is something to behold and with its impressive range of features and functionality, the Yamaha YZF-R1 is the perfect addition for all of those who love racing.

It weighs in at 199kg, a factor that allows the Yamaha R1 to be agile and responsive on the track and features an aluminium Deltabox frame. The frame is lightweight and flexible, allowing for the best in balance and agility on the track.

MotoGP inspiration can be found in the crossplane-crankshaft, 4-cylinder valve, 998cc engine, making for high horsepower and optimum performance.

The assist and slipper clutch is used to ensure the best in downshifts and handles the powerful torque and four motor, this coupled with the 6-speed transmission, makes for a powerful ride.


Image Source: Yamaha Racing South Africa Website.

Other MotoGP inspiration can be found in the electronics package of the Yamaha R1 for sale, with various offerings allowing for control, ease of use and comfort. These include digital rider aids, which include wheel lift control, launch control and a unified braking system, among others, to provide the best ride and assistance.

If all the features aren’t enough, you can also choose to add on the Communication Control Unit, which allows you to download and analyse a range of data about your ride. The data logger, course mapping system and lap timing are just a few features of the unit, which can be accessed via your smartphone.

While the YZF-R1 is impressive, if you are more of a light-racing fan then the Yamaha YZF-R6 may be your top pick.

Looking at the Yamaha R6 for sale

The Yamaha YZF-R6 has taken its cues from the YZF-R1 and offers its own brand of racing benefits. The bike’s exterior is a sleek blend of minimal elements to make up an agile and leading bike.

Thanks to its strong but lightweight aluminium Deltabox Frame and swingarm, the bike Yamaha R6 for sale provides MotoGP inspired balance, positioning and handling.

The YZF-R6 is a leading bike in the 600cc category and it features a DOHC liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine making it a powerful addition to any collection.

It also features the YCC-I, Yamaha Chip Controlled-Intake, which adjusts the length of the intake funnels and allows for maximum performance. Alongside it is the YCC-T, Yamaha Chip Controlled-Throttle, which controls the throttle for even and responsive power to the bike.

As the YZF-R6 is geared towards racing, the combination of the fully adjustable front forks helps with both damping and rebound damping, which may occur. You can also adjust the ride height of the bike for optimum performance.

If racing is what you are after the racing style slipper clutch and transmission are added bonuses with these Yamaha bikes for sale. The slipper clutch allows for a smoother downshift, resulting easy manoeuvring around tricky corners, while the 5-speed transmission allows for heightened acceleration.


Image Source: Yamaha Racing South Africa Website.

With digital and analog instrumentation, including a lap timer, digital speedometer, kilometers on-reserve function, an odometer, along with a water temp gauge and many more, you can see and understand all aspects of the bike.

Overall, the YZF-R6 offers speed, comfort and control, while enjoying anything from the racetrack to the winding roads.

Want to learn more about the Yamaha YZF-R1 and Yamaha YZF-R1? Then each of their specs is sure to help with the decision when it comes to buying one.

Comparing the Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6

While both bikes are truly awesome in their own right, we wanted to give you a comparison between the two bikes for sale South Africa can expect to see on the roads:

The Yamaha R1 vs the Yamaha R6

Yamaha YZF-R1Yamaha YZF-R6
Engine typeliquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder, 4-valvesliquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder, 4-valves
Compression ratio13.0 : 113.1 : 1
Bore x stroke79.0 mm x 50.9 mm67.0 mm x 42.5 mm
Maximum Torque112.4 Nm (11.5 kg-m) @ 11,500 rpm65.7 Nm (6.7 kg-m) @ 10,500 rpm
Maximum power147.1 kW (200.0PS) @ 13,500 rpm91.0 kW (123.7PS) @ 14,500 rpm
Clutch TypeWet, Multiple DiscWet, multiple-disc coil spring
CarburettorFuel InjectionElectronic Fuel Injection
Starter systemElectricElectric
Ignition systemTCI (digital)TCI (digital)
Transmission systemConstant Mesh, 6-speedConstant Mesh, 6-speed
FrameAluminium DeltaboxAluminium Deltabox
Final transmissionChainChain
Front travel120 mm115 mm
Front suspension systemTelescopic forks, Ø 43 mmUpside-down telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm
Rear suspension systemSwingarm, (link suspension)Swingarm, (link suspension), Monoshock
Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)199 kg189 kg
Oil tank capacity3.9 litres3.4 litres
Fuel tank capacity17 litres17 litres
Which Yamaha Bikes are best suited for you?

The YZF-R1 is best suited to those who want a 998cc powerful racing experience, with maximum output and an advanced ride, while the Yamaha R6 for sale, offers a distinctive 600cc ride. Either are suitable for road and track and each have their unique offerings.

Yamaha R1 for sale is a heady mix of MotoGP and superbike production making it a sought after bike. With advanced controls, ease of use and optimum performance, the R1 has it all.


Image Source: Yamaha Racing South Africa Website.

The R6 is no less impressive, with its design suited for road and track, and having been the championship bike for many races in the 600cc category. All proving how flexible the bike’s uses can be.

Choosing the perfect Yamaha bikes for sale aren’t easy and depends on the situations you would most likely use the bike in. For road racing, trip to track turnarounds, both the R1 and R6 have distinct benefits.

Interested in seeing what either of these Yamaha Bikes can do? Find a great deal on either a Yamaha R1 or Yamaha R6 for sale by visiting www.AutoMart.co.za.

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