New Aston Martin DB11 Soon to Grace SA Shores

Powerful, sophisticated and fast, the Aston Martin is like no other car. Once you lay eyes on an Aston Martin DB11 it is easy to see why it is one of the most distinctive cars on the road. Whether you are looking for an Aston Martin for sale or you are just wondering what all the hype is about keep reading to find out more.


Image Source: Aston Martin Website.

007 and Aston Martin

As the vehicle best known for its association with James Bond, the Aston Martin is the dream car of many South Africans. Bond first drove one in ‘Goldfinger’ during 1964. Since the early days of James Bond’s adventures movie goers could see the jaw dropping performance of these now iconic cars. While the DB5 was the first model to appear in the Bond films it was certainly not the last.

Bond’s iconic relationship with Aston Martin has extended over 50 years and 11 films. More recently Bond drove one of the stunning models from this brand both in ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Skyfall’.

The brand itself has made a distinctive impact on popular culture across the globe and South Africa is no exception. As James Bond’s car of choice it is easy to see why finding an Aston Martin for sale is the dream of many South Africans.

The new Aston Martin left motoring enthusiasts in awe at this year’s Geneva Show. The DB11 is the most note-worthy model since the release of the DB9. It is expected that the first Aston Martin DB11 will reach South African shores later this year. The DB11 offers increased versatility, power and fuel efficiency.

The DB11’s sexy exterior

The eye-catching exterior of the Aston Martin DB11 never fails to turn heads. While there is no doubt that the DB11’s frame is aesthetically appealing it also offers superior functionality. The bonded aluminium structure offers increased strength and decreased weight.


Image Source: Aston Martin Website.

While it is clear that the DB11 is an Aston Martin the moment that you lay eyes on it there has been modifications to its exterior.

Its aerodynamic design ensures that the airflow is managed efficiently. The “Curlicues” reduce pressure in the wheel arches which functions to decrease front-end lift. At the back of the vehicle the AeroBlade decreases rear-end lift.

A luxurious interior to leave you breathless

As soon as you step foot into the Aston Martin DB11 its comfort and convenient functions will ensure that you can enjoy the ride of your life. Its exclusive interior design boasts quality materials and innovative technology.

With a 12-inch TFT LCD display it is easy to view the instrument panel. The 8-inch TFT screen in the centre of the dashboard offers you plenty of entertainment options. The state-of-the-art navigation system ensures that you won’t get lost when you are visiting new areas.


Image Source: Aston Martin Website.

You can change the settings of the audio system with a smart rotary control. An optional touchpad is available for this model. The innovative auto-park assist makes it easy to manoeuvre the vehicle into challenging parking spots.

The camera in the Aston Martin for sale increases visibility and it can be controlled by using the infotainment system.

A DB11’s roaring heartbeat

This new Aston Martin will get your heart racing. Powered by a 5.2 twin-turbocharged V12 engine it delivers superior power. The entire engine was developed by Aston Martin ensuring that it upholds the auto manufacture’s high standards of quality.

With three modes to choose from drivers can select the setting that best suits their requirements. There is a choice between GT, Sport and Sport Plus modes which the driver can switch between to suit their needs. These modes enhance the response of the engine.

The new Aston Martin has an 8-speed automatic ZF transmission. Another impressive feature of this model is its electric power steering which helps the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle with ease. The Torque-Vectoring-by-braking system is another factor which contributes to the extraordinary performance of this supercar.

Specifications of the Aston Martin DB11

Engine5.2 litre, turbocharged, V12
Max Power (kW)447
Torque (Nm)700
Top Speed (kph)322
Acceleration 0-100 kph (s)3.9

The exclusivity of the DB11 is increased by its limited availability. With only 6 units being sent to South Africa these vehicles were made available to pre-existing Aston Martin clients first. If you weren’t one of the lucky few to get your hands on a DB11, you can still find a model from the previous generation.


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