Fully loaded tech in the new Mercedes Benz E Class

Technology is rapidly advancing and the automotive industry is no exception. The latest E Class is one example of a vehicle which offers you state-of-the-art technology. The sophisticated technology in the new E Class offers both comfort and convenience. This car doesn’t only integrate with your smartphone, it also offers innovative safety solutions. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should find a Mercedes Benz E class for sale.


Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Website.

Design of the E Class Mercedes

The new Mercedes Benz E Class has an evocative exterior design. Its luxurious interior ensures that you get to your destination in style. Perfect for business, the E Class exudes power and success. The interior of this model is made from high quality materials which offer both exclusivity and durability. The incredible infotainment system is another highlight of this model. Intelligent, safe and comfortable, the E Class model is a great buy.

The Mercedes Benz E Class’ Tech Lowdown

If you are looking for a car that is packed full of the latest technology, then you should find a new E Class.

Park with an App

You can park the Mercedes Benz E Class with your smartphone. With this advanced feature it is easy to get into difficult parking spots. Usually you may find it too risky to try and get your car into a tight gap but with this latest feature you won’t have to worry anymore.

This app allows you to get out of your car and guide it into the parking spot by moving your thumb across your phone screen. Getting out is just as easy. The automated parking app is an excellent safety and convenience feature The Mercedes E Class will be the first executive sedan with this technology in South Africa, which will also be shortly available with the BMW 7 Series.

Self-Steering E Class

Another reason to find a Mercedes E Class for sale is that the latest models are able to steer themselves. It can even change lanes for you.

The Drive Pilot system will steer for you at speeds below 200 kph. Once you hit the highway just activate the system and the car will handle the steering for you. You can remove your hands from the steering wheel for 30 seconds after which the car will remind you to put your hands back.

You can continue without your hands on the wheel for a minute after which the car will assume that there is a problem and come to a halt with the hazards on.


Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Website.

Another impressive function of this feature is that it enables the car to switch lanes itself. Once the driver has activated the indicator the car will switch lanes when a safe opportunity is available.

Another handy capability of the Drive Pilot system in the E Class Mercedes is that it can detect road signs and adjust the vehicle’s speed accordingly. This reduces the risk of exceeding the speed limit and getting a fine.

The New E Class’ Safety

When it comes to safety the Mercedes Benz E Class for sale offers numerous advantages. The features of this model ensure that the car’s occupants are safer than ever before.

The new E Class is equipped with advanced safety features which include the crash safety systems. If the vehicle is hit from the side the front seat bolster will inflate so that the passengers are moved towards the centre. This decreases the force of the impact and reduces the chances of severe injuries.

When an impact occurs the audio system will release a static sound which helps to protect the occupant’s hearing. Passengers in the back will be kept even safer with airbags incorporated into the seatbelts.

Data about accidents is collected and shared via the vehicle’s cloud. The vehicle connects to the cloud with the purpose of sharing accident data. If you spot a collision on the roads you can help other Mercedes E Class drivers stay safe by sharing the warning. This helps drivers to stay alert and have warning of potential hazards. Information is also shared via the navigation system.


Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Website.

Once you are the lucky owner of a Mercedes Benz E Class you will be able to drive a vehicle that can detect objects 250 metres away. The long range radar is an amazing feature which allows the vehicle to take note of any potential hazards in the upcoming 250 metres.

The vehicle will first warn the driver of a potential collision before initiating breaking if an emergency situation occurs. If the driver needs to swerve the system will pick this manoeuvre up and increase the torque to the steering wheel. The boosted torque helps the driver to maintain control of the vehicle.

With so many reasons to find an E Class for sale it is easy to see why this model is coveted by motoring enthusiasts. Take an E Class for a test drive to experience this technology for yourself. Ready to find a stunning Mercedes Benz E Class for sale? Browse through the E Class models listed on Auto Mart today!

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