Chevrolet Captiva: Designed with power and comfort

Are you looking for the perfect family car? Do you need a vehicle with more space? If you’re looking for a family vehicle that’s great to drive, consider finding a Chevrolet Captiva for sale. Keep reading to find out why the Chevrolet Captiva is the choice of families across South Africa.


Image Source: Chevrolet South Africa Website.

The Captiva’s Updates

The revered Chevy Captiva is better than ever with its exterior and interior updates. While it maintains its well-known and loved features, new elements ensure that it is up-to-date with modern trends. The latest additions keep the Captiva for sale in line with the needs of motorists.

South Africans have been buying the Chev Captiva since 2007 and the vehicle has maintained its reputation for excellence. From the first model to the latest release there have been updates which include new engines as well as an all-wheel drive variation.

Interior and Exterior Features

One reason to find a Chevrolet Captiva for sale is its spacious interior. As a seven-seater SUV it offers plenty of room for your family. Make the commute to school pleasant by travelling in a vehicle that offers superior room and comfort.

Great for car pools, the Chevy Captiva makes getting your kids to school easy. The third row of seats can be tucked away to offer extra room. There is plenty of boot space to accommodate everything that your family needs whether it is groceries, school bags or sports equipment. If you fold the passenger seats you can use the back of the car as a load bay.


Image Source: Chevrolet South Africa Website.

On the outside of the Captiva you will notice changes to the grill. Another advantage of finding the latest Captiva for sale is its 18-inch alloy running wheels. The exterior of the new model features daytime running lights.

From the moment that you step into a Captiva you will be captivated by its comfortable and convenient design. The highlight of this model is the MyLink entertainment system. The layout of the system makes it convenient to operate.


Image Source: Chevrolet South Africa Website.

Now you can also use Apple CarPlay in the Casptiva. The advantage of this feature is that your phone screen is magnified onto the car’s 7-inch screen. The leather steering wheel complements the upmarket interior design. You’ll also notice improvements to the dashboard and instrument cluster.

Safety in the Chevrolet Captiva

When you are choosing a car to transport your family in, safety is a vital consideration. With a 5-Star Euro NCAP rating the Captiva is a safe ride. The protection that is offered to the vehicle’s occupants is just another reason to find a Chevrolet Captiva for sale.

The Braking Assist System and Hill Start Assist are two safety features of this model. Hill Descent control and Electronic Stability Control offer additional protection. You can get a better grip with Traction Control Systems.

Performance, Engine and Price

The Captiva for sale delivers a smooth and powerful performance. It is perfect for cruising on highways. If you are planning a road trip with your family and friends, the Captiva offers you an enjoyable ride.


Image Source: Chevrolet South Africa Website.

The Chevrolet Captiva price starts at R396 600 for the 2.4 LT FWD M/T. The same engine with automatic transmission will set you back R 415 500. You will pay R 431 300 for the 2.2 D LT FWD A/T Captiva. An advantage of buying a 2016 model is that it comes with the Chevrolet Complete Care Package.

When you buy the Chev Captiva you will have a choice between two engines. The options include a petrol or diesel engine and the choice between automatic or manual transmission will also influence your purchase.


Image Source: Chevrolet South Africa Website.

While the petrol engine comes with a choice between manual or automatic the diesel engine only offers an automatic transmission. An advantage of the diesel engine is that it has a lower fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km when compared to the petrol engine’s 8.8 L/100km consumption.

Take a look at the specifications for the petrol and diesel engines.

Performance and Specifications of the Chevrolet Captiva

Max. Power (kW)123135
Torque (Nm)230400
TransmissionSix-speed manual/automaticSix-speed automatic
Fuel Consumption (L/100km)8.87.8

Now that you know more about the Chevrolet Captiva you can decide whether it is the right vehicle for you and your family. Its spacious interior and safety features are two factors which contribute to its appeal as a family car. Find a Chevrolet Captiva for sale on Auto Mart and begin your new journey today.

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