Audi R8: A captivating design with supreme performance

Are you looking for an Audi R8 for sale? Owning an Audi sports car is a dream for speed fanatics. If you are looking for power and precision, you will be blown away when you get behind the wheel of the Audi.


Image Source: Audi South Africa Website.

While the Audi R8 price is a bit high its exclusivity adds to its appeal. Whether you are thinking about buying a R8 or just dreaming of what it would be like to own this sports car, keep reading…

With its state-of-the-art design the Audi R8 offers a breath-taking performance as well as fuel efficiency. Stretching past the limitations of what is possible, Audi offers sports car enthusiasts the exhilarating R8. The new Audi R8 is the epitome of the automotive manufacturer’s quest for perfection. While the R8 embodies everything Audi it also incorporates design elements which are distinctive to the R8.

The R8’s Bold Exterior

The sports car’s athletic exterior design makes finding an Audi R8 for sale a popular choice. If you want to make your presence felt on the road, then this is the car for you. Its precise and muscular design contribute to its bold good looks. When you set eyes on the R8 there is no mistaking its connection to the world of motor racing.


Image Source: Audi South Africa Website.

You’ll find the iconic four rings on the bonnet of the vehicle. The stylish and functional air inlets complement the side of the car. The LED headlights define the R8’s appearance even further. This feature offers excellent visibility at night while enhancing the exterior design of the R8. The Audi R8 v10 engine can be highlighted by switching on the optional lighting.

Luxurious Interior

Once you step foot into the cockpit of the new Audi R8 you will find its ergonomical design and stylish features captivating. Designed with the driver in mind you will have everything that you need at your fingertips.


Image Source: Audi South Africa Website.

If the athletic exterior didn’t have you convinced, its sport seats and shift paddles leave no room for doubt. While there is a focus on functionality the high quality finishes ensure that the R8 offers drivers a luxurious ride. You can take it one step further with the optional leather upholstery.


Image Source: Audi South Africa Website.

With plenty of opportunities for customisation you can make sure that your Audi R8 meets your every need. The storage space contributes to the everyday usability of this vehicle. There is 100 litres of storage space under the bonnet and an additional 90 litres behind the seats.

Irresistible Power offered by the Audi R8

Not only is the Audi R8 aesthetically appealing it also delivers a captivating performance. If its power that you are after, this is the vehicle for you. Once you get behind the wheel the R8’s racing genes are undisputable.

While the R8 delivers incredible power it also offers exceptional control. Take a look at an overview of the specifications for the V8 and Audi R8 V10 Coupe models.

Performance and Specifications of the Audi R8

R8 V8 CoupeR8 V10 Coupe
Displacement (cc)41635204
Max Power (kW @ rpm)316 @ 7900386 @ 8000
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)430 @ 4500-6000530 @ 6500
Acceleration 0-100kph (s)4.63.9
Top Speed (kph)302316

Once you have gained insight into the advantages of owning an Audi you can take one of these incredible cars for a test drive to experience its performance for yourself. Already looking for an Audi R8 for sale? Browse through the classified ads on Auto Mart to find a great deal on your next Audi sports car.

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