Ford Fiesta ST and ST 200: The Hot Hatchback Champion

Hotter and more powerful the new Ford Fiesta turns heads. Packed with power and finished with beautifully designed lines, this Ford Fiesta is truly something to write home about. If you are looking for a hot hatch that will undoubtedly turn heads, finding a Ford Fiesta ST for sale is a great move.

The Ford Fiesta ST’s Heritage

Since its release the Ford Fiesta ST has attracted fans among South African motorists. As a hot compact car it is a fun ride with an affordable price tag. With their fast performance and practical design, the ST model from Ford is an appealing option. It offers a balance between a fast car and a vehicle that can be used for daily errands in the city. Its competitors are the Volkswagen Polo GTI as well as the Renault Clio RS. The Ford Fiesta price is set at R 313 900 for the ST.

ford fiesta

A New Ford Fiesta ST – the ST200

Ford unveiled the latest ST model and while the ST is a popular compact vehicle, the ST200 offers motorists even more. The ST models are fitted with a 1.6 litre turbocharged engine which delivers 134 kW of power with a peak torque of 240 Nm. With a maximum power output of 147 kW and peak torque of 290 Nm, the ST200 puts even more power at your fingertips.

Another reason that people are looking for a ST200 Ford Fiesta for sale is its faster acceleration time. This model can go from 0 kph to 100 kph in 6.7 seconds which puts it 0.2 seconds ahead of the previous model.

The ST200’s upgraded suspension has increased its handling capabilities. The improved torque vectoring control as well as an upgraded front steering knuckle further contribute to the ST 200’s exceptional handling capabilities. The latest Ford Fiesta ST for sale also has 3-mode electronic stability control and distinctive spring and damper arrangement.


Another note-worthy feature which contributes to the ST 200’s performance is its rear twist-beam which offers better roll stiffness. This model’s centre of gravity has been decreased by 15mm. It has a faster steering ratio as well as a reduced steering arm. Its improved braking system boasts a bigger brake master cylinder as well as larger disc brakes.

The ST 200’s attractive exterior design is complemented by a premium Storm Grey paint colour combined with alloy wheels. Its red brake callipers add an extra touch of exclusivity. The interior is just as appealing with charcoal Retro upholstery with partial leather trims.

The contrasting silver stitching finishes off the eye catching interior design. Another highlight of the interior is the seatbelts which feature silver detailing. The scuff plates are illuminated which contributes to the good looks of the Ford Fiesta ST200.

Ford Fiesta ST200 interior

Unfortunately the ST200 is not confirmed to be launched in South Africa yet. Don’t despair as you can find another model Ford Fiesta on

Technical Specifications for the Ford Fiesta ST200

Max Power Output (kW)147
Max Torque (Nm)290
Acceleration Speed 0-100 kph (s)6.7

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