Jaguar F Type: Engineered for high performance and responsive handling

If you were impressed by the Jaguar F Type R AWD prepare to be mind-blown by the SVR model. Read our informative blog to learn why finding a Jaguar F type for sale is an awesome decision.

A Short History of Jaguar and the F Type

Jaguar started manufacturing vehicles in 1935. The company was founded by Sir William Lyons. Since its first car the company has been exceeding the expectations of the automotive industry. The harmony between beauty and performance puts these vehicles far ahead of the crowd.

The F Type has its roots in the C,D and E-types. Its distinctive design makes it instantly recognisable. Strong, agile and seductive, the Jaguar has a wide reaching appeal. The automotive manufacturers focus on integrity, understanding and excellence which contribute to the company’s success.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

Specifications of the Jaguar F Type

The F-type has a powerful 5.0-litre engine which delivers 423 kW of power with 700 Nm or torque. It has a breath taking acceleration time of 0-100 kph in 3.7 seconds. If that’s not enough to impress you, this model can also reach a top speed of 322 kph.

While the SVR version is designed to be fast and powerful it is still suitable for everyday use.

Specifications of the F Type SVR

Power (kW)423
Torque (Nm)700
Acceleration ( 0 – kph) (s)3.7
Top Speed (kph)322

An Exterior and Interior Look at the F Type SVR

While the new Jaguar has an impressive performance, its exterior is just as appealing. With the larger intakes on its bumper and a ventilated bonnet, the F type Jaguar is distinctive from the R models. Its front splitter and active carbon-fibre wing contribute to its eye-catching exterior. The bespoke rear venture decreases the vehicle’s lift and drag.

The interior of the new Jaguar F-type for sale is similar to that of the R model. Despite their similarities the SVR has some defining qualities. It features Lozenge Quilt-pattern upholstery. The suede trimmed control panel complements the interior design. Another highlight of this model is its SVR steering wheel.


The SVR has upgraded dampers which contribute to its performance while its anti-role bars help protect the vehicle’s occupants. The lightweight 20-inch forge wheels contribute to this model’s impressive performance. It has an 8-speed manual transmission.

Other features of this model are its power-assisted steering and all-wheel drive system. A distinctive characteristic of the SVR is that it weighs 25 kgs less than the R AWD model. By choosing the CCM braking system you can benefit from an even lighter vehicle. The optional carbon fibre roof panel also reduces the weight of the car.

Jaguar F Type

Jaguar enthusiasts predict that the first Jaguar F type will be available locally later this year. The Jaguar F Type coupe is the model that will be available on the local market. The predicted Jaguar F Type price is R 2,134,100.

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