Meet the game changing and electrifying BMW i3

Are you looking for a BMW for sale? See life differently with a view from the BMW i3. It is time to gain a new perspective by getting behind the wheel of an i3 BMW. Offering sustainability and zero C02 emissions this is a remarkable vehicle. The BMW i3 price includes a range of exciting features.

What this BMW Electric Car is all about

At the forefront of advancements in the automotive industry, the i3 BMW will catapult you straight into the future. Its innovative design puts it far ahead of other environmentally-conscious vehicles.

The exceptional BMW eDrive power train is both emission and noise free. You can stay linked up to the world with BMW ConnectedDrive.

When it comes to performance, the BMW for sale does not disappoint. The BMW electric car has an energy consumption of 12.9 kWh/100km and an electric range that reaches 160 km. With 250 Nm of torque this model can accelerate from 0 – 100 kph in 7.2 seconds.


Technical Specifications of the BMW i3

Acceleration (0-100 kph) (s) 7.2
CO2 emissions (g/km)0
BMW eDrive energy consumption (kWh/100km)12.9
Electric Range (km)Up to 160
Torque (Nm)250

The i3 BMW Design

The exclusive design of the BMW for sale exudes both sustainability and authenticity. Every detail is designed to embody the perfection that has come to be associated with the BMW brand. Although this model maintains a design that is distinctive to BMW it has a unique identity.

The dynamic exterior design features smooth lines and precise edges. The i3 BMW combines functionality with style effortlessly.

bmw i3

The Engine of the BMW i3

While the BMW i3 helps to save our environment with zero emissions, it also offers motorists a relaxing ride. The BMW eDrive is equipped with an electric motor which is powered by a lithium-ion high-voltage battery.

The smart usage of energy ensures that your i3 will get you to your destination with ease. Whether you are navigating the city streets or heading off on a road trip finding an i3 is a great choice.

As a general guideline the BMW needs to be charged every two to three days. The 130 – 160 km range makes this model suitable for daily usage. The optional Range Extender increases the range to 240 – 300 km.

The extender Rex takes petrol and it powers a generator which helps your vehicle to travel longer distances. Crafted from sustainable material, the BMW i3 interior boasts a free-standing steering column. The modern interior design creates a welcoming ambiance. The textile surface absorbs sounds which creates pleasing acoustics as well as playing a role in heat management.

The forward-thinking charging concept of the BMW offers you outstanding mobility. By connecting your vehicle to the wallbox or charging cable you can be on the move again quickly.

Charging stations offer you a way to recharge while on the move. With the wallbox you can conveniently charge your vehicle to eighty percent in less than three hours. The charging time depends on the electricity structure of your home.


A BMW electric car in this range has an updated battery which gives it the capacity to travel 230 km which is significantly higher than the 160 km of the previous model. The success of the i3 has been hindered by motorists’ fear that the battery will use up its charge and leave them stranded. The small optional petrol engine helps to reduce this fear.

With its dynamic design and excellent performance, it is easy to see why South Africans enjoy driving the i3. Find a BMW for sale on Auto Mart and don’t forget to download our Free Auto Mart Android App from the Google Play Store!

BMW i3

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