The all new BMW 7 Series: Driving luxury

Amongst great anticipation from BMW fans, the all-new BMW 7 series was released in South Africa in early January 2016. A short teaser video gave South African motorists some idea of what to expect from the latest BMW for sale. After BMW engaged the interest of luxury car lovers world-wide, the expectations for the 7 series 2016 series are high. True to BMW’s motto “Sheer Driving Pleasure” the 7 series offers a luxurious ride. From its stylish exterior to its comfortable interior, the new BMW provides South African motorists with an exclusive ride.


BMW’s Reputation and the 7 Series

BMW has established a reputation for manufacturing innovative vehicles with leading automotive designs. The world renowned automotive company looks to the future to create vehicles which are equipped with state-of-the-art features. The German manufacturers are well-known for manufacturing trustworthy vehicles that meet the transportation needs of the local market. Over the years, BMW has become one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. With their commitment to producing luxury vehicles, they have gained loyal BMW customers.


If you are looking for great value-for-money, you can find a BMW for sale] online. The benefit of buying a used model is that you can afford a luxury vehicle which offers you extra features. There are plenty of second hand models to choose from. The BMW range extends from the 3-door hatch in the 1-series to the 7-series sedan. Other models in the BMW range include the 4-series Convertible, 6-series Gran Coupe and the Z4 Roadster. BMW has an Active Hybrid Range which includes the Active Hybrid 3 and Active Hybrid 7. If you find a model that is in good condition, a used BMW for sale is a great buy.

The 7 series was first manufactured in 1977 by BMW. As part of BMW’s luxury range, the 7-series typically showcases the latest technology in the automotive industry before it is introduced to the smaller cars in the BMW range. The exterior of the 7-series models are usually at the forefront of contemporary vehicle design.


Class and style in the BMW 7 Series

With its smooth lines and sleek design, the 7 series has an aesthetically appealing exterior. Its contemporary design is enhanced by its impressive front and rear lights. In accordance with BMW’s reputation for manufacturing luxury vehicles, the 7-series is a classy ride. If you want to make a bold impression on the city streets, consider buying a 7-series BMW. Whether you are looking for a comfortable ride for the commute to work or you want to make a good impression on potential clients, the 7-series is a great choice.


The BMW 7 series has an exquisite interior which is enhanced by its comfortable and attractive seating. The Ambient Lighting helps to create a relaxing atmosphere in the vehicle’s interior. With its Welcome Light Carpet, the interior of this model has an alluring design. Its Executive Lounge features leave no doubt that the 7-series provides motorists with the ultimate in luxury. Whether it’s to let in the summer sun or enjoy a cool winter breeze, the Panorama Glass Roof Sky Lounge adds to the appeal of this model. Not only does the glass roof let in more light, it also enhances the design of the car.


The 7 Series’ Relentless performance

With its outstanding driving dynamics, the BMW 7 Series for sale offers an impressive and efficient performance. Its innovative features include BMW Gesture Control and a BMW Display Key. Another highlight of this model is BMW eDrive technology with 49g CO2/km. In addition to BMW Touch Command, it also has a Remote Control Parking feature so that you can guide your vehicle into your garage while you are outside the car. Another highlight of this model is its cutting-edge carbon core technology which was inspired by the i8 supercar. The benefit of this technology is that it reduces the vehicle’s kerb weight by approximately 130 kgs.


In terms of engine selection, BMW 7 series buyers will have a choice of a massive eleven different engine variants. The engines come in both short base and long base wheel formats and are all joined to an eight speed Steptronic transmission and they are all limited at 205 KPH. Let’s take a closer look at the variants:

The BMW 7 Series for sale features the 750i xDrive and 750Li xDrive. These are both strapped to a 4.4-litre  engine that offers 330 kW and 650 Nm of torque from a TwinPower Turbo V8. These engine variants will get you from 0 – 100 km per hour in just 4.4 seconds.


Then we have 740i and 740Li variants that have a 3.0-litre TwinPower Turbo engine that gives off 240 kW and 450 Nm of torque. These will get you from 0 – 100 km per hour in just 5.5 seconds.

The 730d xDrive, 730Ld xDrive, 730d and 730Ld have a 3.0-litre TwinPower Turbo diesel variant that will produce 95 kW and 620 Nm of torque. This will rocket you to 100 kph in 5.8 seconds.


Lastly, we have BMW’s electric engine range that are being used in the BMW 740e, 740Le and 740Le xDrive plug-in hybrid variants. These are moved forward with the help of a 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo petrol engine that has been joined to a 70 kW electric motor and a 70 kW lithium-ion battery to keep the car running after the petrol engine has started it. You will get from 0 – 100 Kph in 5.5 seconds and you will do it with a low fuel consumption of just 2.1 L/100km. The electric engine alone will do 40 km at speeds of up to 120 Kph.


If you didn’t already have enough options when it comes to this BMW for sale, you get four driving modes for different conditions and requirements. There’s a sport mode for better handling, a comfort mode for a quiet ride, ECO PRO mode for the fuel saving conscious and Adaptive mode which makes the car automatically adjust on the fly.


Packed with technology

Standard with all the new BMW models is BMW Efficient Dynamics which reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption as well as its emissions. The technology also enhances the vehicle’s performance. Excellent energy management and a light frame contribute to the efficiency of BMW’s. The aerodynamic design of the exterior also enhances the vehicle’s performance. BMW combines tried and tested designs with innovative technology to produce top performing cars.


You won’t find a car in this class with more features than the new BMW 7 series. BMW has improved efficiency, comfort, aerodynamics and safety though the use of cutting edge technologies and attention to build quality. Laser light headlights have been used to completely destroy any insecurity you had about driving at night and then there’s the remote control parking that will safely position your BWM into the nearest parking space at the touch of a button. There is even a smartphone charger and a seven inch tablet display that allows the passengers control over the BMW infotainment system.

If you select the executive Lounge Package then you will get automatic air conditioning that has a four zone control so each person in the car can adjust the temperature to their own liking. The seats have a massage function and can literally be made to lie down horizontally because the seat can move a huge 90 mm forward.


While this new BMW offers a top of the range ride, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers tough competition. As a class leader, the S-class is one of the top vehicles globally. The 7-series 2016 is an exclusive vehicle which caters to the needs of South African professionals. Another option is to look for a used BMW for sale.


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