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Unfortunately the rate of car theft is high in South Africa which means that most people know how it feels to have their car stolen. After you have bought a car on Auto Mart make sure that you fit it with a security system. From car security systems to tracking devices, there are plenty of ways to protect your vehicle. You can find car accessories for sale on Auto Mart.

Car Accessories

Car Accessories to Protect Against Theft

Before you decide what security system is the best for your vehicle, it is a good idea to research the different options. Although these systems don’t guarantee that your vehicle won’t be stolen, they decrease the risk to your car. As an extra measure you may even decide to implement more than one system.


The security system that you choose to buy will depend on your security needs as well as your budget. If you live in an area with a high crime rate or your vehicle is a model that is targeted by professionals, you may want to consider buying an advanced security system.

A car immobiliser is a popular option as they are affordable and their visibility is a deterrent in itself. They are designed to limit the movement of the car. If you choose an immobiliser, it is advisable to include other safety precautions. A steering-wheel lock is another inexpensive device that stops thieves from driving your vehicle.


You can also buy a lock for your bonnet so that criminals can’t steal parts from your car. Tire locks fit over your car wheels and they are easily visible to potential thieves. Although tire locks are a good deterrent they are difficult to use and are therefore not suitable for vehicles that are used frequently.

However if you are storing your vehicle or leaving it for an extended period while you go on holiday, a tire lock may be a good option. Car alarms should be clearly visible to prevent criminals from targeting your car. Typically a car alarm consists of electronic sensors which activate a siren if your car is broken into. Tracking devices help you to recover your vehicle if it is stolen. Systems which have GPS tracking are connected to service providers who have high rates of recovering vehicles. Car tracker prices range from affordable options to expensive technology.


Security Companies Specialising in Car Alarms and Tracking Devices

Take a look at some of the companies that offer security options in South Africa. Altech Netstar is a renowned vehicle tracking and recovery company. With over 21 years of experience they have a high success rate when it comes to recovering stolen vehicles.

Netstar offers an extensive product range which caters to their client’s various needs. The locally designed anti-theft systems have proved their outstanding capabilities over time. This award winning company offers everything from basic phone-in SVR systems to comprehensive fleet management protection.

Tracker was founded in 1996 and since then it has grown into a leading stolen vehicle recovery provider. It offers solutions to the anti-theft protection needs of vehicles that belong to individuals or companies. Operating throughout Southern Africa, Tracker has established a reputation for excellence. Their product range includes Retrieve which is an affordable car tracking and recovery system. SkyTrack uses GPS tracking to locate your vehicle if it gets stolen.

Car accessories

Uniquely South African Solutions

With the high rate of car theft, innovative South Africans have come up with unique ways to protect their vehicles. A South African inventor developed and sold flamethrower kits for vehicles. The kits were designed to release flames from the side of the car to prevent hijackings. Before the authorities declared these unique vehicle accessories illegal it is reported that it was already fitted to thirty vehicles.

During 2010 the number of criminals who were targeting the Fortuner was high which caused concern among vehicle owners. One creative Fortuner driver decided to take the safety of their vehicle into their own hands. They fitted a microswitch to the vehicle which would sound an alarm when the bonnet was lifted. This DIY system stopped thieves from disabling the car alarm system.


A smart Citi Golf owner prevented thieves from targeting his car by fitting a safe over the car’s pedals. An inventor in Durban devised a solution to car theft that left car security system testers astounded. If a button in the cabin was pressed it would activate a sword which would cut the ankles off of the thief. Needless to say this security system was not approved for production.


Whether you are looking to upgrade, or if your vehicle was recently stolen, Auto Mart is one of the best places to shop for cars. From already installed car alarm systems, to car accessories that will ensure the safety of your vehicle, Auto Mart has it all. What are you waiting for? Visit or Download our Free Android App from the Google Play Store.

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