Make room for memories in the Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona is an absolutely fabulous family car that not only boasts spaciousness and luxury, but a modern design style as well. Whether you have a large family, or planning on growing yours, the Kia Sedona for sale is a definite must-consider. Available in seven and elven seater variations, the Kia Grand Sedona combines smart functionality with practicality to deliver a family oriented car that meets the high demands of space, luxury and fun set by any modern day family.

The Interior of the Kia Sedona

Boasting a beautifully designed interior, comfort is key, offering everything you need at your fingertips. The new Grand Sedona features a wide and slanted centre console, with horizontal highlights and a touch of luxury that is truly hard to resist. Modern and sophisticated in every way, this is so much more than a family car.


Image via Kia South Africa

With the SXL models in this Kia range featuring dual sunroofs, an awesome feature in these family vehicles are the second row ‘stand-up’ seat, allowing easy access for third row passengers. The Kia Grand Sedona also boasts the ability to ‘hide’ the fourth row of seats below the floorboards, giving space a new definition.

The SX and SXL models in the Sedona range features an independent three zone control, while SXL Kia Sedona for sale boasts the Integrated Memory System (IMS) allowing you to store two seating positions. These two models in the Sedona range also features an ECM rear view mirror which automatically dims in reaction to trailing headlights.

A large centre console comes standard in all Sedona models, allowing for the easy (and close at hand) storage of your tablet and other smart devices. The SX and SXL also boasts a number of awesome interior features that range to include a cooling glove box (great for keeping drinks and snacks chilled), sunshade blinds for the second and third rows and an automatic defog system.


Image via Kia South Africa.

SX and SXL models also have a Smart Key, allowing for your Power Sliding door to either be opened manually, or conveniently through the push of a button. The interior of these Sedona models also have a Sliding Door button, allowing for easy control from the inside. These models also boast a Push Button start and a Smart Key functionality that allows for the opening of the tailgate – hands-free.

The SXL and SX Kia Sedona models are equipped with HD rear-view cameras, giving you a full-colour view of what exactly is behind you.


Image via Kia South Africa

All models in this range are also equipped with folding and heated side mirrors, a USB charger outlet and a conversation mirror that allows you to talk to the passengers in the car without ever having to turn your head.

In terms of the steering wheel, you can enjoy all your key controls ranging to include your cruise control as well as your Bluetooth settings.


Image via Kia South Africa

The Kia Grand Sedona also has an Auto Light Control, allowing for your headlights to automatically adjust according to the influences of exterior lights (like oncoming traffic for example), and a 3.0 B Audi system which is an Apple compatible system.

Beautiful leather seats (with the exception of the EX models), a handy roof rack, a rear air conditioner and a floor console are only some of the awesome goodies you can expect to see.

A Strong Exterior and Safety Features

Just because it is a family car doesn’t mean that the Kia Sedona for sale isn’t beautiful. Offering so much on the inside, the exterior also beautifully matches up to high standards.


Image via Kia South Africa

With long and smooth exterior lines, the new Grand Sedona is as luxurious on the outside as it is on the inside. Featuring a powerful front look and a rear that you will not soon forget, the Sedona is beautifully finished off with finer details, like its Shark Fin antenna.

Modern in every way, the LED Positioning Lights and circular fog lamps are smooth and sophisticated. Adding a touch of sportiness to the models, the Sedona boasts aerodynamic lines and side mouldings that will most certainly make any family man or woman grin.


Image via Kia South Africa

With a rear spoiler featuring an LED Stop Lamp, the SX and SXL Kia for sale is also equipped with Aeroblade wipers.

Colours in which the Kia Sedona models are available include:

  • Aurora Black Pearl
  • Silky Beige
  • Clear White
  • Black Berry
  • Snow White Pearl
  • Formal Deep Blue
  • Bright Silver
  • Platinum Graphite
  • Titanium Brown

The frame of these models is also crafted from high strength steel, helping to enhance the car’s resistance to impact. Not only is this frame strong and rigid, it also features a reduction in weight and a reinforced collision structure. Safety is further enhanced by a high strength chassis.


Image via Kia South Africa

SX and SXL models are equipped with rear and front ultrasonic parking sensors (great in cases where you have a car full of kids) and Safety Power Windows for the first and second rows.

The Kia Sedona for sale is also equipped with a Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) – great when backing out of parking spaces – and offers an intelligent special awareness through good manoeuvrability and awesome tech features.

The new Kia Grand Sedona models also have a seven inch TFT LCD supervision cluster in the centre gauge display that provides on-demand useful information to the driver including stats on your average fuel consumption, your distance till empty and even the outside temperature.

Models are equipped with Hill-Start Assist (HAC), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and, coupled with the suspension of the Grand Sedona, the High Performance Damper (HPD) aiding in delivering a smooth ride, a more stable handling and responsive steering.

Equipped with a foot parking brake, an Impact Sensing Automatic Door Unlock and a total of six speakers, you won’t be able to resist the newest Sedona from Kia.

A look at the Engines, Models and Specs

With six models in the Kia Sedona range, you are sure to find a family car from Kia that will meet your every need. The options in this family range from Kia include the:

  • 2.2 CRDi SXL 7 Seater
  • 2.2 CRDi SX 7 Seater
  • 2.2 CRDi EX 11 Seater
  • 2.2 CRDi EX 7 Seater
  • 3.3 V6 SXL 7 Seater
  • 3.3 V6 SX 7 Seater

All the models available are equipped with Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS), Multi-Link rear suspension and MacPherson Strut front suspension. Front brakes are delivered in the form of a Ventilated Disc while rear brakes are Solid Discs.


Image via Kia South Africa

The 2.2 CRDi diesel is light in weight, features a very efficient turbocharger and makes use of a nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst (aiding to regulate the emissions). The 3.3 MPI engine is powerful, boasts a three stage variable intake system, but is also fuel efficient and quiet.

With a 2.2 CRDi and 3.3 V6 engine variations, you can expect the following:

 2.2 CRDi3.3 V6
Engine TypeIn-Line Four Cylinder, 16 Valve HLAV Configuration, 24 Valve DOHC
Displacement2 199 CC3 342 CC
Maximum Power147 kW199 kW
Maximum Torque440 Nm @ 1750 rpm – 2 750 rpm317.7 Nm @ 5 200 rpm
Automatic TransmissionSix Speed Automatic Transmission Six Speed Automatic Transmission
Top Speed190 kilometres per hour190 kilometres per hour
Acceleration (0 km/h to 100 km/h)13.6 seconds8.6 seconds
Combined CO2 Emissions208 grams per kilometre260 grams per kilometre
Fuel Tank Capacity80 litres80 litres
Fuel Supply SystemCRDi – Common Rail Direct InjectionMPI – Multi Point Injection

The Sedona models from Kia has a starting price of around R 509 995.

Great deals on a Kia Sedona for sale

In the market for a Kia for sale? Why not get a head start by checking out these awesome deals on Sedona models advertised on Auto Mart:

Kia Grand Sedona 3.3 v6 SXL

Priced at R 609 995, this 2015 Kia has 8 500 kilometres on the clock and boasts awesome goodies like a rear view camera, ESP, EBD, ABS and an MP3-CD system, to name but a few mentioned extras. This vehicle is for sale in Gauteng from Kia Silverlakes.


2.2 CRDi Sedona

A 2015 model, this Sedona has 3 000 kilometres on the clock and has gone through the 70 point check. Priced at R 469 900, this car is available in Pretoria from Kia Silverton.


2007 2.9 CRDi Sedona

Carrying a price tag of R 99 900, this 2007 Sedona model has 202 000 kilometres on the clock and is for sale from Levi Auto.

2007-2-9 -crdi-sedona

2006 Sedona 2.9 CRDi EX

With a price tag of R 129 500, this model has 146 000 kilometres on the clock, is gold in colour and is for sale from Inspecta Car Lifestyle Motors.


Looking for a truly epic family car that will not only accommodate your family but also give you a thrilling ride? Why not consider finding a tiptop Kia Sedona for sale. With great deals on various Kia Sedona models on, you will never have to shop anywhere else again…

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