Nissan 370z: A living legend with sharp styling and muscular performance

The Nissan 370z takes driving a sports car to a whole new level. Its powerful performance will take your breath away. Push your limits and get your adrenaline pumping by sitting behind the wheel of this athletic vehicle. From start to finish a trip in this legendary sports car is pure pleasure. Why not sell your old vehicle and look for a Nissan 370z for sale on Auto Mart? The Nissan 370z specs inspire awe in motorists world-wide.

When it comes to sports cars for sale, the Nissan 370z is a popular model across the globe. With the automotive company’s reputation for reliability, finding a Nissan for sale is a smart choice. The first generation, 240Z, was first manufactured in 1969. Since then this model has gone from strength to strength and upgrades have ensured that drivers are offered the latest technology. The fourth generation includes upgrades in performance, quality and styling.

The Exterior of the 370z Nissan for sale

With its striking exterior and cutting edge design, it is easy to see why the 370z is a coveted vehicle. There are plenty of reasons to find a Nissan 370z for sale and its attractive exterior is just one of them. Colour options include Pearl White, Vibrant Red and Diamond Black. Every inch is distinctive to the Z model and the Z badge adds the finishing touch to its exquisite frame. The 370z has an aggressive stance on the road. The frame of this fourth generation model is shorter, wider and lighter. The boomerang head lamps enhance the unique shape of the Nissan Z. While these headlamps are aesthetically appealing, they also play a vital role in improving visibility in adverse conditions. A convenient feature of the headlights is that they are activated automatically in lower lighting conditions. The daytime running lights accentuate the bold visual impact that the 370z creates. Every inch of the 370z has been analysed to insure that it offers maximum strength at a light weight. The rear hatch and doors are constructed from durable lightweight aluminium. The 19” Bridgestone tyres offer superior grip and safety.


A look at the Interior of the 370z

Once you enter the Nissan 370z all the focus is on you. Geared towards the driver, the interior design of the 370z puts you in charge as soon as you sit behind the steering wheel. All the information you need is clearly displayed and easy to access. With its excellent layout you can view key data at a glance. The 3-pod gauges offer a range of useful information including the engine temperature, time and battery charge. The leather-wrapped steering wheel adds a luxurious feel to the interior. The operations equipment includes a paddle shifter and switchgear. The sports seats enhance the athletic design of the 370z as well as offering the driver comfort and support. Cutaway areas near the top of the seat allow your arms to move without any restrictions. Cutaways in the seat cushions allow you the freedom to operate the pedals easily. Side-bolsters and anti-slip materials keep you secure in your seat. Additional security is offered by the knee pads. Door trim support is another comfort feature of the 370z’s interior.


Tech features and awesome goodies

Innovative technology keeps you connected and supports your busy lifestyle in the Nissan 370z. Knowledge is vital and the cutting-edge SATNAV system ensures that you are always ahead. The 7” touch screen offers excellent visibility and the system boasts voice recognition for 7 languages. With the high-definition 3D maps it is easy to find your way. Nav Traffic helps you to avoid congestion so that you can get to your destination relaxed and on time. The push button ignition takes the hassle out of starting your vehicle. This innovative button works with Nissan Intelligent Key to offer you an effortless start. Nissan Intelligent Key detects when you are near your vehicle and enables you to unlock the car by touching a button which is located on the handle.

Communication is easy with the Bluetooth system which features voice recognition. Now you can make important phone calls without lifting a finger off the steering wheel. Not only is this safer, it is also convenient. Calls are played through the stereo speaker system which offers a clear audio experience. USB integration enables you to play music off your iPod, MP3 player or flash drive. Not only is it easy to connect, the touch screen display allows you to control your audio experience. With music box you can create your own playlists and store them on the 9.3 gigabyte internal storage. Reversing is easy with the rear view monitor. This feature gives you clear visibility of any obstacles that are behind you.


While the Nissan 370z for sale is designed to give you a performance that’s fit for the racetrack, it is also designed to excel at day-to-day driving. The cargo area offers space for you to store important items and the optional cargo cover helps to keep your valuables hidden.

With the 370z’s awesome safety features you can enjoy your journey without having to worry. The state-of-the-art airbag system regulates the airbag inflation according to the extent of the impact. Pretensioners with sensors are part of the seatbelt’s excellent design. Active Head Restraints help protect the front passengers against whip lash. The Anti-lock brake system supports the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle in difficult situations. Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist are other active safety features of this model. Vehicle Dynamic control aids the driver in staying on track.


Nissan 370z Specs

The Nissan 370z specs offer a ride that is both powerful and responsive. Start up the engine and unleash the power of the 370z. Its VQ V6 engine is designed to get your heart racing. From its inception the Nissan Z has featured a 6-cylinder engine. The latest model boasts an awe inspiring 3.7 litre engine with Variable Event and Lift technology. The award winning V6 engine delivers 245 kW of power with a peak torque of 363 Nm. The superior suspension and Viscous Limited Slip Differential enable the driver to take corners with confidence. The cutting-edge Variable Valve Event and Lift technology offers a faster response time and a generous torque curve. This innovative technology also functions to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

For an overview of the Nissan 370z specs take a look at the following table.

Nissan 370z Coupe
Engine3.7 litre, DOHC
Displacement (cc)3696
Power (kW @ rpm)245 @ 7000
Fuel Consumption - highway (l/km)7.8

The 6-speed manual transmission is equipped with SynchroRev Match technology so that gear changes are smooth and effortless. If you opt for the 7-speed auto model you can switch between driver-selectable modes according to your needs. A combination of the engine position and strategic front axle placing creates a stable vehicle that can handle corners well.

Find a Nissan for sale on Auto Mart

If you are looking for a 370z for sale take a look at the vehicles which are listed on Auto Mart. Here are a few models to get you started.

  • Nissan 370z

You can find a 370z for sale on Auto Mart. This 2010 model has a mileage of 67942 km and it is priced at R 299,900. Extras include cruise control, ABS and Keyless Entry.


  • 2015 370z model

With its silver exterior and low mileage, this 370z is a great buy. It is a 2015 model and has a mileage of 5500 km. It has a 3.7 litre engine with RWD.


Convinced that you simply have to find a Nissan 370z for sale? Auto Mart is most definitely the place to browse, compare and buy. Find a Nissan for sale by browsing through our epic collection of amazing sports cars for sale.


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