The all new Toyota Innova – A legend reborn

Practical, reliable and spacious, the Toyota Innova is a great buy. Its rugged design and versatile capabilities make it part of a group of uniquely designed family cars. Whether you are taking the kids to school or setting off on a family holiday, you can be assured of a comfortable ride. With Toyota’s reputation for manufacturing trustworthy vehicles, it is easy to see why South African families are choosing the Innova as their preferred method of transportation. The dynamic design of the Innova is complemented by a range of accessories. If you choose to find a Toyota Innova for sale, you can be sure that you are purchasing a good motor package.

While SUVs are a favourite family vehicle, MPVs are a close second. Their spacious interiors and versatile features make them preferable to sedans and hatchbacks. Remember, you can sell your vehicle or find a Toyota for sale on Auto Mart.

A Quick look at the Innova and Toyota

The Innova is manufactured by Toyota which makes this vehicle a smart buy. The durable design of Toyota vehicles makes them easier to maintain. When it comes to family cars reliability and safety are two crucial factors to consider. Strong parts also translate into a more affordable maintenance plan and less time wasted on repair work. Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the reliable design of their vehicles.


The automotive manufacturer strives to produce distinctive cars that meet the transportation needs of their customers. They offer great value for money and balance affordability with performance. The Toyota brand is built on communication and respect with a strong emphasis on customer service.

Their excellent service is just one of the many reasons why it is advantageous to look for Toyota cars for sale. If you are trying to decide whether to find a Toyota Innova for sale, here is additional information to help you make up your mind.

The Toyota Innova Models

There are two models to choose from which include the 2.7 VVT-I 8 seater and the 2.7 VVT-I 7 seater. The difference between these models is their seating capacities and their price. The 2.7 VVT-I 8 seater has a starting price of R 304 800, while the 7 seater’s price starts at R 324 000. You can customise your vehicle by purchasing accessories. The model that you choose will depend on how much space you need. You will also need to take your budget into consideration.


Image via Toyota

The Toyota Innova has been in production on the international market from 2004 until present. It was first released in Indonesia. The first generation was produced from 2004 until 2015. During this period design adjustments were made to the car to increase its functionality. The second generation was first released internationally in 2015 and it is still available on the market. The Toyota Innova for sale currently is a second generation model.

Interior and Exterior Aspects of the Innova

The Innova has a practical exterior design which features a robust frame. This Toyota for sale is available in Glacier White, Chromium Silver and Dark Steel Mica. Other colour choices include Attitude Black and Silky Gold. The exterior design is complemented by colour coded door handles and bumper. The chrome front grille enhances the exterior style of this model.

Halogen headlights and headlamp levelling help to offer excellent illumination at night. Front fog lamps improve visibility during adverse weather conditions. The power side mirrors have an indicator which offers a clear signal to other motorists when you plan to turn.


Image via Toyota

The engine under cover and protector help to support the Innova’s durable design. Side protective mouldings help to prevent scratches. If you need to transport equipment or a trailer for extra luggage, then you can make use of the tow hook. This feature is especially handy if you have a full car of passengers and you still need to fit in all your luggage for a family holiday.

One of the major advantages of owning a Toyota Innova is its spacious interior. With plenty of room you won’t have to undergo the ordeal of squabbling children sitting close together in the back seat on longer trips. The roomy interior makes for pleasant driving conditions all round. If it’s your turn to car pool the kids to school owning an Innova is also advantageous.

As a commercial vehicle, the Innova offers plenty of space to be successfully used as a people mover. If you need to transport passengers from A to B, the Innova is an efficient mode of transport. It has a height of 1750 mm, length of 4585 mm and width of 1775 mm.


Image via Toyota

The eight seater has a two plus three plus three seating configuration while the seven seater has a two plus two plus three configuration. The comfortable seats offer support to the driver and passengers. With plenty of legroom and seats that can recline, the passengers in the second row are offered a relaxing journey in the Innova. For longer trips, this is a great feature for children who need to sleep along the way.

Not only does the interior of these Toyota cars for sale offer your family plenty of space, it also provides a relaxing environment for longer trips. With plenty of useful features, its practical layout makes adjusting the settings easy.

The welcoming ambiance in the cabin of the Innova is enhanced by its illuminated entry. Floor carpet trim, door trim and fabric seat trim enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Innova’s interior. The headrests and comfortable seating contribute to a pleasurable ride.

Additional convenience is provided by a footrest. For the hot summer months, the air-conditioner is an essential feature of this MPV. During winter you can make use of the heater.


Image via Toyota

The RDS Audio system in this Toyota for sale allows you to keep your family entertained with your favourite CDs or by tuning in to the radio. On longer trips you can play audio books via the six speaker sound system. Bluetooth is a standard feature for this model.

The Multi-Informational display provides the driver with useful information. The standard digital clock displays the time and the dashboard also features a fuel level warning, Optitron speedometer and water temperature metre.

To help prevent the battery from going flat the Innova is equipped with a light reminder warning so that you don’t leave the lights on when the car is switched off. This model also has a door ajar warning. To support your busy lifestyle, the Toyota Innova has a 12V power socket so that you can recharge your devices while on the move.


Image via Toyota

Power steering makes it easier to navigate the city streets and negotiate the vehicle into tight parking spots. At the touch of a button the driver can open or close the windows. With the conveniently located steering wheel switches you can keep your hands safely on the wheel and still adjust the audio system, telephone and information display.

The comfortable interior offers plenty of room for storage. Cupholders, door pockets and a centre console box provide space for smaller items. You can store valuable items in the lockable glovebox to protect them from theft. The coat hook provides a place for you to hang work shirts to prevent them from creasing.

The 60:40 2nd row seats can be folded down to offer additional luggage space. Smokers can make use of the astray and cigarette lighter which comes standard with this model. A key reminder warning is a handy feature of this model.

Performance, Safety and Accessories for your Innova

When it comes to performance, the Toyota Innova for sale is designed to meet your needs. The Toyota Innova has a 2TR-FE engine with a 2694 cm3 displacement and a compression ratio of 9:6:1.

The 2.7L Inline 4 engine delivers 118KW with a peak torque of 241 Nm. With a front stabiliser, double wishbone front suspension and multilink 4-link coil back suspension the Innova offers drivers a smooth ride. It has a manual five-speed transmission. The Innova has a top speed of 180 kph. Its fuel consumption is 11.2 l/100km with CO2 emissions of 265 g/km.


Image via Toyota

Safety is a vital consideration when you are choosing a family vehicle. As you will be transporting precious cargo it is important to have adequate safety measures. The Innova is equipped with both passive and active safety features. Anti-Lock Braking system offers the driver extra support. The Toyota Innova comes with child lock and height adjustable seat belts. If a collision occurs the airbags help to protect the vehicle’s occupants. The anti-theft system includes an alarm and immobiliser. Power door lock makes it easy to secure your vehicle.

With a variety of accessories to choose from it is easy to customise your ride. Depending on your unique requirements you can choose to add interior and exterior accessories. Alloy 15” wheels are an optional extra for this model. You can also choose to add an exhaust tip finisher or a chrome mirror cover.


Image via Toyota

Parking sensors help to prevent scrapes and bumps when you are trying to manoeuvre into a tight spot. Add seat covers to the inside of your vehicle for extra protection against wear and tear. A boot mat and carpet set also help to protect the interior of your vehicle. You can buy a 100 micron or 150 micron safety film kit. Other useful accessories include a fixed towbar and wheel lock nuts.

Find a Toyota Innova for sale today

Take a look at Auto Mart to find used Toyota cars for sale. Here are a few options to get you started.

2015 Innova Model for sale

You can find a Toyota Innova for sale on Auto Mart. This 2015 model is priced at R 265 900. It has a mileage of 3057 km. The 2015 Innova has a 2.7 l petrol engine with a manual transmission and RWD. Highlights include power steering, an audio system and air-conditioning. The vehicle is for sale in Mpumalanga.


2011 Innova

This Toyota for sale has a price tag of R 179 900. It is an eight seater model with a mileage of 61400 km. This 2011 model has a gold exterior. It has a 2.7 L petrol engine with a manual transmission and AWD. Highlights of this model are its electric widows, adjustable seats and air-conditioning. It also features ABS.


Innova for sale in the Western Cape

A 2.7 Innova can be found in the Western Cape. This 2015 model is priced at R 259 899. It offers space for 7 people in the car. This model has a mileage of 7500 km. It has air-conditioning, power steering and electric windows.


When you are looking at family cars, there are plenty of factors to consider. The criteria that you use to select your vehicle will depend on the unique requirements of your family. While small families may fit in a sedan, larger families will need an MPV.

While the requirements differ from family to family, it is convenient to own a safe and trustworthy vehicle so that you can get your family to their destination without any hassles. Comfort and convenience features are an invaluable asset. With the high costs involved in raising a family, value-for-money is also vital and these Innova Toyota cars for sale might just meet your requirements. Take a Toyota Innova for a test drive, check if it ticks all your boxes and find an awesome deal on a Toyota Innova for sale on

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