SA’s most famous scooter: SYM Scooters

Whether you are looking for a more fuel efficient way to get to work, a small motorcycle that can get you to and from the places you need to be, or looking to have some fun, there are a number of great reasons to look at scooters for sale. Today, the Auto Mart team takes a look at some of the different SYM scooters and the models South Africans can choose from. From taking a closer look at the Crox 125, to comparing the Fiddle II 150 with the Symphony 150, we also highlight some great deals on scooters for sale South Africa (and riders of any age) can enjoy.


A look at SYM

Embodying Sanyang’s touch of quality and human touch, SYM Scooters are a great option if you are in the market for a scooter for sale. Sanyang Motor Co. Ltd was founded in 1954 and boasts about being the sole international enterprise (in Taiwan) that manufactures not only automobiles but motorcycles as well.

Sanyang, of which SYM is a brand, makes use of advanced research and development in order to not only design motorcycles, but produce them as well, expanding into global markets and enabling SYM to become a well-known and trusted brand.


Some of the Scooter Ranges from SYM

SYM Scooters offer various options to choose from and the team here at Auto Mart wanted to take some time and look at what the Symphony, Fiddle II, Crox, X-Pro and Orbit ranges have to offer.


The Symphony range of SYM Scooters South Africa boasts a compact body design that promises a comfortable ride that is both safe and dynamic. Featuring a disc brake system that is described as ‘dynamic’, you can choose between the Symphony 150 and the Symphony 125.

Both models are single cylinder models measuring 2 000 millimetres in length and standing 1 125 millimetres in height. With a telescopic fork suspension in the front and an air cooling system, both of these scooters have a wheelbase of 1 330 millimetres and an overall width in 690 millimetres.


The Symphony 125 features a pipe under bone frame type, a Unit Swing rear suspension and an engine displacement of 124.6 cc. This scooter also has a fuel capacity of 4.8 litres (5.5 for the 2012 engines and younger) and are fitted with tubeless rear and front tyres.

Colours in which the 125 Symphony model is available include Red and White, with a starting price R 13 500.

The Symphony 150 scooter for sale also has a Unit Swing rear suspension, and a fuel capacity of 5.5 litres. With an engine displacement of 151 cc, these ponies deliver a maximum power of 7.7 kW at 7 500 rpm.

When purchasing a Symphony 150, you can choose between Silver and Grey, and it has a starting price of R 15 995.


Fiddle II

The Fiddle II range of scooters for sale from SYM has a stunning retro design combined with great tech to give you a stunning ride you will enjoy every second of.

Both the Fiddle II 125 and the 150 has an overall length of 1 870 millimetres and an overall height of 1 150 millimetres. Weighing in at 107 kilograms, both scooters have tubeless rear and front tyres and a wheelbase of 1 320 millimetres.

While the Fiddle II 125 has a starting price of R 15 250 and is available in your choice of either White or Red, the Fiddle 150 has a starting price of R 15 995 and available in your choice of Silver or Brown. Both scooters have a fuel capacity of 5.2 litres.

Both Fiddle II scooters have pipe underbone frames, Disc brakes in the front and Drum brakes in the rear. Equipped with air cooling systems and telescopic fork front suspension, the 125 and 150 Fiddle II scooter for sale has a width of 695 millimetres.

The Fiddle II 125 offers a displacement of 124.6 cc while the 150 model has an engine displacement of 149.5 cc.


Crox 125

Designed for the urban landscape, the Crox 125 is nothing short of sexy. Small and ideally suited for city use, these models from SYM Scooters South Africa are priced from R 14 995. Available in White or Blue, this scooter weighs in at 112 kilograms.

Like its siblings from the Symphony, this model features tubeless rear and front tyres, as well as a 5.2 litre fuel capacity. With a frame crafted from steel and an aluminium rear and front rim, this sexy city creation has a telescopic fork front suspension and a pipe underbone frame type.

These single cylinder SYM scooters have an S.O.H.C fuel control, an overall length of 1 895 millimetres and an overall width of 775 millimetres. Equipped with Disc brakes in the front, these models are also fitted with tubeless rear and front tyres.


X-Pro 125

Redesigning the Orbit II, the X-Pro 125 is like the utility model SYM Scooters South Africa has to offer. Taking into the consideration the needs a business might have, SYM created this beauty boasting two rear suspensions that support a load of up to forty kilograms.

A single cylinder model, the X-Pro 125 has drum brakes in the rear and disc brakes in the front. Equipped with a four stroke engine and featuring an S.O.H.C fuel control, the X-Pro 125 has an overall width of 780 millimetres and a displacement of 124.6 cc.

Priced from R 16 995, this model scooter for sale comes in two colours – Grey and White – and has tubeless rear and front tyres. With a telescopic fork front suspension, Disc brakes in the front and Drum brakes in the rear, the X-Pro 125 has an overall width of 780 millimetres, a length of 1 125 millimetre and weight of 123 kilograms.

Having a fuel capacity of nine litres, these versatile scooters have steel frames, a unit swing rear suspension and a displacement of 124.6 cc.


Orbit II 125

Aimed at the younger generation of riders, these SYM Scooters South Africa has to offer are fun, hip and just plain spunky. Sporty in spirit and priced from R 12 995, these scooters are stylish and modern in every way.

Available in Black and Red, the Orbit II scooters for sale boasts a steel frame, a C.V.T transmission and a fuel capacity of 5.2 litres. With an air cooling system and a pipe underbone frame type, these models also have Disc brakes in the front and Drum brakes in the rear.

The Orbit II has a steel frame and an overall length of 1 905 millimetres. With an overall width of 690 millimetres and a telescopic fork front suspension, these scooters have a C.V.T transmission and tubeless rear and front tyres.

Equipped with Drum brakes in the rear and Disc brakes in the front, these spunky SYM Scooters have a wheelbase measuring in at 1 327 millimetres and a displacement of 124.6 cc.


How do these models compare

Because remembering all the numbers and scrolling around the page to properly compare each one of these models with each other is just not worth your time, we have compiled this specifications table to help you easily compare the different scooters for sale South Africa can choose from SYM’s extensive range.

Symphony 125Fiddle II 125Crox 125X-Pro 125Orbit II 125
Displacement124.6 cc124.6 cc124.6 cc124.6 cc124.6 cc
Weight (kg)109107112123100
Overall Length (mm)2 0001 8701 8951 9101 905
Overall Width (mm)690695775780690
Wheelbase (mm)1 3301 3201 3351 3251 327
Overall Height (mm)1 1251 1501 0951 1251 125
Fuel Capacity (litres)4.8 / 5.5 (for the newer models)

For the larger engine models from SYM Scooters:

Symphony 150Fiddle II 150
Displacement151 cc149.5 cc
Overall Length (mm)2 0001 870
Overall Width (mm)690695
Wheelbase (mm)1 3301 320
Overall Height (mm)1 1251 150
Fuel Capacity5.55.2

Great Deals on Scooters for sale on Auto Mart

On the lookout for great bargains on scooters for sale? Well, you have come to the right place. The team took some time to highlight some of the different brands of scooters currently listed on Auto Mart:

  • Honda PCX 125

With a price tag of R 16 000, the owner is looking to upgrade to a bigger model. Boasting a 5.9 litre tank, electric starter and an Idle Stop Switch. With cast aluminium wheels and a combined brake system (Disc brakes in the front and Drum brakes in the rear), this scooter for sale is equipped with a SOHC four stroke, two valve engine. This scooter 2012 model gas 11 000 kilometres on the clock.


  • Yamaha BWS 100 Scooter

Priced at R 12 000, this 2007 model has 4 254 kilometres on the clock and is for sale in Pretoria.


  • Big Boy Zooka 150

Carrying a price tag of R 7 000, this 2012 model is for sale in Gauteng and has a total of 4 283 kilometres on the clock. White in colour, this model is a stunning one and great if you are looking for a scooter at a bargain price.

Scooters for sale

  • Jonway Adventure R3 Scooter

Boasting a low mileage, this 2008 Jonway R3 scooter is well looked after and features tyres that are in good condition.


  • Gomoto 150 cc Scooter

A 2014 Gomoto 150 cc scooter is available on Auto Mart for R 8 000. With only 2 000 kilometres on the clock, this scooter is red and still in good condition.


Now that you have seen the different types of scooters for sale on Auto Mart, why not browse through our entire collection. With over 70 different scooters to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect scooter for sale. What are you waiting for – find your next amazing ride today!

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