Mahindra Bolero: More than just a spacious multi-utility vehicle

South Africa has a long tradition of using the bakkie to build our nation, to the point where this type of vehicle has become a South African icon. There’s a new contender in town for the most value-for-money workhorse on the market, the Mahindra Bolero. The latest Mahindra Bolero for sale is tough, reliable and comes at a great price when compared to other bakkies for sale. With so many different variations and customization options, the Bolero is perfect for work or play. The Bolero is very easy to maintain, fuel economical and offers reliability and durability that is second to none.

We will start off by giving a brief overview of the Mahindra Bolero. Then we will go through the different Bolero models – the single cab variant, the Bolero Maxitruck Plus and then the Bolero double cab bakkies for sale.


Styling and comfort

The Bolero has been designed to be just as comfortable as it is powerful. When you step into the cab you will see soft-to-the-touch seating, luxurious armrests, an ergonomically designed gear shifter and an easy-to-read instrument cluster that has been designed to make using this vehicle as comfortable as possible.

Safety in the Bolero

The Bolero has a very low center of gravity with very wide radials that means that the vehicle is very stable and unlikely to roll. An anti-roll bar adds to the Bolero’s stability and extra thick, anti-corrosive, sheet metal has been used which will give you piece of mind in an impact situation.

All Mahindra Bolero models come with a 2 year 50 000 km warranty.



Anything that you can possibly think of can be transported in the Bolero. Sand, scaffolding and cargo of any variety can easily fit into the class leading load box that has a maximum capacity of one ton or 2520 m3. You can customize your load box to a dropside, loader or traditional bakkie bed setup for added functionality and ease of use. This vehicle has been built solidly to allow for heavy lifting.

Mahindra Bolero single cab bakkies for sale

The single cab is the entry point for the Mahindra Bolero. You get 74 kW of power which is said to be very efficiency on every type of terrain. This variant makes use of a 2.5 liter NEF turbo diesel engine which has the power to pull a load cleanly from 1000 rpm in just third gear, now that’s power. This type of Mahindra Bolero for sale has the biggest load box in its class. The load box can take 1 ton maximum weight with a capacity of 2520 m3. Then there’s the high ground clearance with a 6.75m turning radius so the vehicle is very maneuverable. Lastly, the Bolero makes use of a hydraulic clutch for effortless gear shifting.

This variant comes in four different models.

  1. Dropside 4×2: Has dropside storage doors on the back of the bakkie bed so the sides can be lowered to allow for a load that exceeds the width or length of the bakkie bed. This has a heater, vinyl seats and rubber flooring. Priced at R 149,995 including VAT with a 2 Year 50,000km warranty.
  2. Loader 4×2: Has fixed sides on the bakkie bed for added support and strength, but only the back of the bakkie bed can fold down for easy loading. This has a heater, vinyl seats and rubber flooring. Priced at R 149,995 including VAT with a 2 Year 50,000km warranty.
  3. Single Cab 4×2: This Mahindra for sale is the standard single cab Bolero. It has an air conditioner, fabric cloth seating and mat flooring. Priced at R 194,995 including VAT with a 2 Year 50,000km warranty.
  4. Single Cab 4×4: Exactly the same as the Single Cab 4×2 bakkies for sale but you have the added capability of turning on the truck’s 4×4 capabilities for extra off-road efficiency.


Bolero Maxitruck Plus

The Maxitruck is a ‘no frills’ version of the Bolero single cab bakkie. The Bolero Maxitruck Plus uses a M2DICR 2,5-litre turbodiesel engine which is designed to be rugged and very reliable. There’s an extended service life and incredible torque in the low gears. The engine utilizes a four cylinder, direct injection design that ensures you have more than enough power for heavy loads and the power is consistent, even at high operating temperatures and altitudes.

The engine here might not give off as much power as the single cab variant, but here you get massive amounts of torque and fuel efficiency. The average fuel consumption of the Maxitruck is just 7,0 liters/100 km in the combined cycle. In terms of power you will see an output of 46 kW at just 3 200 rpm. The torque peaks at 195 Nm from just 1 400 rpm, which can be sustained to 2 200 rpm. That’s an awful lot of torque across the board.

All of this power means that the Mahindra for sale can be loaded to the point of capacity while still operating at very efficient levels. The five speed gear box allows for the driver to efficiently get the most power out of the vehicle in the most cost effective way.


Mahindra Bolero double cab bakkies for sale

The double cab variant is essentially a double cab version of the Mahindra Bolero single cab bakkie. It uses the same engine and has the same power and performance. The only difference being the vehicle’s size. The double cab variant has a loadbox capacity of 2260mm x 1530mm x 730mm. This is perfect for big loads while still having the added versatility of the double cab seating space. You get higher ground clearance, a nice turning radius of 6.75m and a hydraulic clutch.

This model also comes in a 4×2 and a 4×4 variant.

4×2 Bolero double cab bakkie: Air-conditioning, heater, power steering, cloth seating and mat flooring. These bakkies for sale are priced at R 185,995 including VAT with a 2 Year 50,000km warranty.

4×4 double cab bakkie from Mahindra: Air-conditioning, heater, power steering, cloth seating and mat flooring. Priced at R 214,995 including VAT with a 2 Year 50,000km warranty.


Here are some great Mahindra Boleros for sale on Auto Mart

  • A 2015 2.5Di Maxitruck Plus


  • A Bolero SC Dropside 2013


  • Mahindra Bolero SC Loader 2013


  • A Bolero 2.5TD double cab 4×4 2015


Interested in a Mahindra Bolero for sale? Auto Mart offers great deals on all sorts of double and single cab bakkies for sale, so why not find your Mahindra Bolero on today?

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