The new Licence Renewal regulations in South Africa

New laws – more specifically Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations – have stepped in on the 1st of November, 2015, and we wanted to take a closer look at how it will affect licence renewal in the future.

New licence renewal regulations in SA

So, what does this new law entail? Simply put, you will now need to provide proof of residence when doing your car license renewal as well as your drivers licence renewal.

If you do not provide proof of residence and meet the other requirements set out when renewing your vehicle’s disc licence this November, the National Department of Transport can, according to Regulation 32A, refuse to issue your disc.

Do note that these proposed changes did appear in the Government Gazette in November of 2014.


What is needed for renewing your car and drivers licence?

With the new amendment in place, everyone (including juristic persons) will have to provide information when it comes to registering new vehicles, drivers licence renewal and car license renewal (simply put, this includes requests made to the licensing authorities as well as the Electronic National Administration Traffic Information System – eNaTIS ):

  1. Accompanied by proof of identification (like your ID book), you will need to provide full names, identification numbers, date of birth and, in the case of companies, a registration number for the business.
  2. You will need a utility account for your proof of residence and proof of postal address. Some news sources also reported that a retail store account or telephone account not older than three months can also be used. We suggest playing it safe and taking that utility bill instead.
  3. Should you not have a utility account with your name on it, you can use your partner’s utility account. You will need an affidavit stating that you do live with said partner.
  4. For those wishing to do a licence renewal but live in an informal settlement, you will be required to submit a letter with an official date stamp from the ward’s councillor, confirming that the given details are in fact your residential and postal address.

Along with this information, you will also be required to complete a NCP (which is a Notification of Change of Address or Particulars of Person or Organisation) form. Download the NCP Form here or visit the eNaTIS website.

Do note however, Regulation 59(2) and Regulation 25(7) do not allow the licensing department to withhold your car licence because of unpaid e-toll bills. According the Automobile Association (AA), legislation that would enable the Department of Transport to action this, has not yet been Gazetted.

This new amendment will allow the verification of your details on eNaTIS.


Why the new regulation?

One of the reasons given for these new regulations is that it will help to ensure that everyone registered on eNaTIS will receive their licence renewal notices and other communication from traffic departments “promptly and timeously”.

Failure to comply also means that you will not receive your renewal notices or other communications. This will also help eNaTIS to maintain accurate and complete information.

When can your car license renewal disc be withheld?

According to Justice Project South Africa (JPSA), it is within the rights of licensing officials to withhold your disc if:

If you have a vehicle registered in your name and there are penalties and outstanding fees.

If the vehicle you are renewing a licence for has issues in regard to roadworthiness. If this should happen, a roadworthy certificate can solve the problem.

If there has been a warrant of arrest issued against you.

If an Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Enforcement Order has been issued against you.


How to do a drivers licence renewal

Along with the new regulations, the steps involved in how to renew drivers license are pretty simple. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Complete the drivers licence renewal form DL1 .
  2. You will need identification. Your Green Barcoded ID will work beautifully.
  3. Have a certified copy of your ID ready. Ensure that it is of the best quality you could manage.
  4. Have four black and white photographs set and ready to go.
  5. Make sure you have the right amount of money with you. I personally would recommend cash – that way you can make a payment without running into any trouble.
  6. Once at the testing centre, you will have to do an eye test. You can also do this eye test at an optometrist and bring the relevant documentation along.

It is estimated that a drivers licence renewal can take between four and six weeks. Do note that if you only renew your licence after it has expired, you will also have to apply for a temporary licence. You will need to follow the same procedures as applying for a renewal. Temporary driver’s licences are valid for a period of six months and are issued on the same day.

Do note that if your licence has expired and you are applying for both a renewal and a temporary licence, to take everything in doubles to be on the safe side.

How to do a car license renewal

Renewing your car licence is a yearly thing and you are given a 21 day grace period should you fail to register your vehicle in time. You will need the following when doing the renewal:

  • An identity document. Again, your Green Barcoded ID works beautifully.
  • Bring along your renewal notice (MVL2). If you did not receive such a notice, you will need to complete an ALV (Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle) form. This form is available for download on the eNaTIS website as well.

In cases where the vehicle’s licence being renewed is registered in the name of a company, organisation or business, you will need to bring the following along with the items mentioned above:

  • A business certificate of the company in which the vehicle is registered.
  • The appropriate identification (Green Barcoded ID) of the proxy along with a letter of proxy.

Also note that doing a renewal for heavy or public transport vehicles, you will need to bring along a certificate of roadworthiness. Note that a licence for a bus must be renewed every six months.

If you are on the lookout for any documentation and forms needed to renew your car licence or driver’s licences, the eNaTIS website is a great place to start.


There you have it – everything you need to know about the new regulation that is in place and some useful info in regards to licence renewal procedures. Don’t forget to download and complete your drivers licence renewal form along with your NCP form beforehand.

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