Renault Captur: Capture all life’s adventures

Higher, sleeker and more agile, the Renault Captur not only offers you the best performance yet, but a spectacular reason to find a Renault for sale on Auto Mart. Cut through city traffic or set off to an exciting destination with confidence in the new Renault Captur.

A look the Captur’s exterior

The Renault Captur price starts at R 222 900 and, with smooth lines, this vehicle boasts an elegant design. While care has been put into the aesthetic aspects of this model, it remains highly functional. Its bi-tone paintwork is designed to complement your unique personality. Its elevated ground clearance and large-diameter wheels make the Captur a great Crossover. Its sill guards and compact volume add to its dynamic capabilities. The Renault Captur price in South Africa is another advantage to owning one of these capable vehicles.

If you are looking for a Renault for sale there are plenty of reasons to choose a Captur. The exterior of the Renault Captur features 16” or 17” black diamond-cut alloy wheel rims. Chrome exterior finishes and body coloured door handles add to its aesthetic appeal. The Captur has both fog lights and daytime running lights. Choose a sophisticated Ivory White, Mercury Silver, Oyster Grey or Diamond Black model, or make a bold impression in a Pacific Blue or Sunset Orange vehicle.


Safety in the Captur

When it comes to safety features the new Renault Captur has an extensive range of both active and passive features. The Anti-lock braking system and Emergency Brake Assist support the driver in challenging situations. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) also helps to prevent collisions. In the event of an accident the driver and passenger front airbags also offer protection to the vehicle’s occupants. The cornering fog lights are another noteworthy safety feature of the new Captur.


The elegant interior of the Renault Captur

The elegant interior features shell shaped seats and two-tone fabric upholstery or leather upholstery. Highlights of the sleek interior are the leather steering wheel and gear lever knob. The rear parking distance control and card unlocking system with hands-free function are convenient features of this model. Other note-worthy features include the electric driver and front passenger windows, electric wing mirrors and heated rear screen. Climate control helps to regulate the temperature inside the cabin. Auto door locking is a useful measure against theft. The height adjustable driver’s seat and tinted windows are other features of this model. Highlights include the MediaNav 7” touch screen and integrated satellite navigation. The audio system consists of a radio with four speakers with Bluetooth and USB hands-free technology. Some Renault Captur models also feature a tyre pressure sensor.


Engine choices, power and performance

The two petrol turbo engine models offer class-leading driving pleasure. The Captur’s responsive handling and dynamic capabilities make these awesome vehicles a first choice for many South Africans. Not only is the Renault Captur a great ride, it also offers an efficient fuel economy and moderate CO2 emissions.

The 66W Turbo engine with Overboost contributes to the outstanding performance of the Captur. It offers an additional 4kW of power and 15 Nm of torque during rapid acceleration. Stop and Start helps to reduce fuel consumption as well as noise. This feature switches off the engine when the Captur comes to a standstill in neutral and automatically restarts it when it is time to go again. The 66kW Captur regulates acceleration and torque to offer drivers a smooth and economic ride. The 1.2l four cylinder Turbo engine delivers 88Kw of power without compromising on fuel efficiency. This model uses 5.4 L/110km and produces 125 g/km of CO2. Its 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox enhances its performance.

If you are looking for a Renault for sale you have a choice between the Expression 66 kW Turbo, Dynamique 66 kW Turbo EDC and Dynamique 88kW Turbo EDC.


Renault Captur accessories and styling

Motorists with a passion for sport should consider finding a Captur for sale. Roof bars, hang on bicycle carriers and tow bars are accessories which support an active lifestyle. A roof box is another handy accessory which is available for this model.

True to Renault’s slogan “Passion for Life” the new Renault Captur is designed to help you to make the most of every minute. Its styling and driving position display SUV attributes while its spacious interior incorporates the qualities of a MPV. Driving pleasure, which can be likened to that of a hatchback, further contributes to its urban/compact crossover status. Whether you are in the city or traveling to more remote locations, the Captur will meet all your requirements. With so many advantages to owning a Captur it is easy to see why South Africans are choosing to drive one of these awesome vehicles.

Interested in finding a Renault Captur of your own? Browse through Auto Mart’s awesome collection of vehicles and find the perfect Renault for sale today.

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