Affordability and Value in the Tata Indica

Good value for money is what most South Africans are concerned about when looking for a car in today’s economy. There are very few cars on the South African market that come close to the current Tata Indica for sale. In this Tata, you will find a wide range of features that most other car manufacturers will make you pay extra for. The Tata Indica is a breath of fresh air for those on a budget.

If you are on the lookout for a dependable vehicle, then the Indica is the perfect choice. This Tata for sale has great specifications and features with a very inexpensive price tag. If you are a student, have just started working or you just need an economical automobile, then you may have just discovered the ideal car. A small car with great value for money. Read a bit more on why the new Tata is such an amazing buy.


Styling in the Indica

The outside looks of the new Tata for sale haven’t really changed much since the vehicle’s introduction in 2008. This shouldn’t really concern you though as buying a Tata Indica is not about what’s on the outside, it’s about the features.

You get a much better feel for the car’s value on the inside. The interior is actually very comfortable and convenient. You get power steering so you can easily maneuver the Tata and control the drive. You get an air conditioner, a remote release for the boot and fuel cap which makes life much easier when your hands are full. The car is also highlighted with some funky design accents, like the printing on the center console and gear shifter cover.

In terms of entertainment, there is an optional CD front loader with a USB port and an internal antennae for the perfect radio signal.


Tata Indica engine choices

Tata motors has made two models available for the Indica. These are the Tata Indica LGI and the Indica LGI Sport, both use the same engine. These two models are almost identical with the exception of just a few extra design elements on the inside.

Both the Indica LGI and the Indica LGI Sport run off of 4 cylinder, 1.4 fuel injection motor that puts out 55 KW of power and 100 Nm of torque. That’s really not bad for a car priced under R120, 000. This engine is mated to a 5 + 1 Speed Manual Gearbox with Overdrive Ratio. An overdrive ratio means that the Indica has a higher gear than a normal transmission setup would, so, when you are slowing down at higher speeds, there is less wear and tear on the engine components.


Safety and peace of mind

Not only do you get a great car in the new Tata Indica for sale but it’s also safe. You get childproof locks on the rear entrance doors, a very handy warning triangle in the boot in case you break down, and an immobilizer-fuel cut-off for anti-theft purposes. If you get into an accident, then the car has side intrusion beams and crumple zones in the front, rear and sides of the Tata Indica.

For peace of mind, every Indica comes with a 3 Years/ 100 000 km warranty, a 2 Years / 45 000 km Roadside Assistance and lastly a 2 Years / 45 000km service plan.



Now here is where it gets interesting, you get everything we have just mentioned for R 113 995 (including VAT) for the LGi and R 117 995 (including VAT) for the LGi Sport. This means that you are getting value for money that very few other car manufacturers can match. The Indica is the answer for anyone seeking an affordable car with all the trimmings.


Find a bargain priced Tata Indica for sale

One of the best places to get yourself a new Tata is from Tata Springs in Gauteng who is one of the auto dealers on the Auto Mart website. Here are some of their brilliant deals:

  • Tata Indica 1.4 LXi 2008


  • Tata Vista 1.4 Ini Bounce 2015


  • Indica Vista 1.4 Ini 2010


  • An Indica Vista 1.4 Ignis eGo 2010


If you are looking for a pristine Tata Indica for sale, then Auto Mart is definitely the perfect place to shop! Visit today to find a Tata Indica that will meet your needs. If you have an Android enabled phone, then please download our FREE Android App to make your browsing experience even easier. You can get it on your mobile device from the Google Play Store!

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